Monday, March 12, 2007

The Bachelor - Episode 3

This post is going to be long and that's because the ladies really put their backs into this question. I think their personalities come through from this point on. The Bachelor asked:

If you had to spend an entire weekend indoors with the bachelor, how would you make it interesting? Whatwould you do and say to make sure that neither of you gets bored?

Bachelorette 1

Bachelorette 2

Bachelor boy, I don’t know much about you – your favourite sports, your favourite food, your hobbies, or what kind of music you like (I blog from a silent workplace, so I can’t even listen to the special Bachelor sound-bytes). So I can only hope that you’ll like what I have planned for you this weekend. I’m flexible though – we can mix it up a bit. I should mention first that the weekend will be spent at my very fictional but also very beautiful and luxurious chalet in the Swiss Alps – perfect for weekend getaways. I should also mention that there is no way on earth you will get bored with such great company – and since you seem like a pretty interesting person yourself, I’m sure I won’t get bored either. And now for the play-by-play…

Friday evening & night:

It’s the end of a busy week, so I’m guessing you want to unwind, put your feet up and relax. (I know I do). I’ve got just the thing for you – an intimate dinner by candlelight for two. What’s your flava (tell me, what’s your flava)? Italian? Chinese? Moroccan? Thai? Japanese? Whatever you desire, the table will be laid accordingly. There’ll also be great music playing in the background.

We’ll have a leisurely meal with great conversation and your choice of wine (what do you think of Chardonnay?), then we’ll load up the dish-washer (only takes a minute), after which (wineglasses in hand) we’ll stretch out in front of the fire, listen to the music, dance (did I mention that I love to dance?), share memories and just talk (about family, friends, politics, life, whatever), get to know each other better…

We could also play a few games if you’re up for it. There’s ‘Battle of the Sexes’, in which we’ll each try to win supremacy for our gender, or there’s ‘Dirty Minds’ (a lot of fun), or how about good old ‘Spin the Bottle’? There’s also that role-play, dress-up game where each we get to guess who the other person is, based on costumes and accents. Always good for a laugh. There are also a few, shall we say, risqué, games that will be kept under wraps for now – I’m not gonna play all my cards at once.

Saturday morning:

After all the activity of Friday night, Saturday is a good day to sleep in and wake up slowly – and on this Saturday we’ll wake up to a sumptuous, lazy breakfast in bed. English? Continental? Nigerian? (Ogi ati Moin-Moin LOL) Again, your choice.

After a very relaxed breakfast, it’s time for the next activity. Can you guess what it is? Here are a few clues… tight, short, sexy clothes, movements that remind you of just how… emm… flexible the human body is, muscles tightening and rippling, lots of opportunities to move in close to each other under the pretext of ‘spotting’ your partner… and emm… sweat! Followed by an invigorating, yet relaxing shower? Yep, it’s a Saturday morning work-out session in my well-equipped personal gym. Did you know that, in addition to all the other benefits; vigorous exercise produces amazing levels of endorphins, giving you a natural high? And you know what happens to inhibitions when you get high… ok I’m really trying very hard to entice you with this idea, but if even after all this toasting, working out is not your thing, we’ll simply pick up where we left off yesterday night (the games – oh, and did I mention that I’ve got an indoor bowling alley?). By the way, just to see if I can sway you, you should probably know that I give a really great post-workout massage…

Saturday afternoon:

Ok, so I know a lot of guys are into the beautiful game, and you might very well be one of them… I’m also aware that a lot of big games are played on Saturdays – so this might be a good time for you to ask your closest buddies over for some football-watching fun. Now I’m not the biggest footie fan in the world, but I always enjoy watching ecstatic and/or anxious and/or sad soccer fans, so I’ll enjoy it too, in my own warped way. I’ll also be busy keeping you and your boys plied with drinks and snacks (I am the hostess, after all), and I’ll be rooting for the underdog to win each match (cos I always do). Ok – if you’re not into football, or you really don’t want the guys intruding on our special little weekend, there’s a plan B: we watch our sports of choice together (I choose tennis and athletics – and no, the fact that both sports feature scantily-dressed, extremely fit men exerting themselves to the point of exhaustion has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. I will only have eyes for YOU).

Saturday evening & night:

It’s movie night! You get to choose the first movie, I get to choose the second. If we aren’t too tired afterwards, we draw straws on who gets to pick the third. We get to critique each other’s choices, and the better critique wins a very special treat (again, not gonna spill all the beans just yet). As we watch, we share giant tubs of popcorn, and our favourite drinks. And if that doesn’t hit the spot for you, we can order in.

Sunday morning & afternoon:

Now I personally like to do church early on Sunday mornings – do you? Since we can’t go out, we could catch an online or TV service. Suitably inspired by the service (oh, and by the way, if you’re not into church, you can catch an extra hour of sleep while I catch the service), it’s time to move on to the next item on the agenda – brunch. A delicious, decadent meal just for the two of us.

I know you’re very family-oriented, so this would also be a good time to call the parents and siblings and have those loving Sunday conversations. Then after brunch, we relax in the living room, where we gist some more, laugh and read, with music playing in the background. You get to read some of your favourite passages from the books you love to me, and I get to read to you too. Sounds mundane, perhaps, but believe me, there is no better way to experience the power of words. At some point, I fancy an afternoon nap curled up together on the sofa. What do you think?

Sunday evening & night:

Time to wind waaay down in preparation for another busy week ahead. So we go for a dip in my warm indoor pool. (I hope you can swim, but if not, no worries, I have those floating bed-like thingamajigs) The pool has a glass roof, so we float lazily on the water and watch the sun set together, with, as usual, beautiful music in the background. As night falls, we linger by the pool and watch the moon and the stars – magical. We spend a little time sipping mojitos and getting all our kinks worked out by the jets in the tiny little jacuzzi. Then we shower and go straight to bed, looking forward to the next weekend.

Bachelorette 3


We (Bachelor and I) would make a date for Friday nite @ his place...maybe about 7pm. I will get back from work, take a shower and shave/wax off every hair on my body (except my scalp). It wouldn't be a long shower; it'd just be a shower to wash off the dirt & sweat off my body, preparing me for the even better shower. I will order his favorite take out (since I wouldn't be in the mood to cook). Assuming this happens in the winter, I would wear a matching bra & thong in his favorite color, and I'll wear a thigh-length coat with black knee-length boots to his house. When I come in to his house, I'll immediately start my fun @ the door...where I will unbutton my coat for his viewing pleasure and do a strip tease to PCD Buttons.

It takes no genius to figure out what happens after he sees what lies beneath my coat. After that, we'll take a long milk bath where we'd get naughty & make bubbles. Of course, we'd have to take another shower after that. When we've exhausted our physical strength, we'll replenish with the food and wine I brought along.

From there, we will play a game we both enjoy - like twister. It's gonna be good, clean fun...with a twist of sexiness, maybe. But the point of the game would be for us to be friends and drop romance for a minute. We'll have ourselves in a twist and we'll fall out laughing. We'll gist about us and everyone else. We'll leave romance and all the pressure and be friends. Best friends.

Before we know it, it's time to go to bed. When we go into the bedroom, I'll groom my man. I'll clip his toe nails and clean the wax out of his ears. Then I'll give him a massage with one of those massage oils that warm on contact,while soft sensual music plays in the background. Do you need details of what goes on after the massage?

That's all for Friday.


I'll wake up and make some kinda big breakfast for us - something we both like. He'll keep me company while I cook in the kitchen. I'll tease him about the funny sounds he made last night. We'll laugh and eat.

When our food digests, we'll both clean the house up. I'll do the kitchen and bathroom; he'll vacuum the living room and bedrooms and he'll take out the trash. When we're done with cleaning, we'll take a nice, hot shower together, after which we may or may not get naughty. We'll watch the home video we made on his last birthday (not porn please!). We'll reminise on old times.

I'll have him read to me one of his favorite poetry books.

We might play another game, but a challenging one like Scrabble.

We'll have a small simple candlelit dinner, after which we'll do a little dancing.

We'll go to bed at the end of the night.


We'll go to Church wearing matching colors (ex: I might have a orange shirt while he'll have an orange tie.). We'll listen to the gospel and occasionally act like kids and pinch each other. After Church, we'll come home and I'll cook us some rice and stew (classic Naija sunday lunch meal).
After we have had our rest, we'll play a guessing game,where he'll guess what gifts,I bought for him.Then I'll give him his gifts. (I spoil my man,I do not wait for special events only)

Then in the evening, I'll return to the reality of my home.

Bachelorette 4

Lazy weekends as I like to call them would be spent making love a gazillion and gabillion times over, reading the paper while passing it (I love the funnies and gossip section) to each other, making food from scratch and eating it to our hearts delight, making love, watching a good movie, talking about the movie and poking fun and the funny bits and when our eyes bleed from all that movie watching, reading to you (there is something romantic when partners read to each other) at night we can watch the stars and other planets through the lens of the trusty telescope.

Bachelorette 5

I could say we'll spend most of the weekend in bed, on the couch, on the floor, wherever works. We'll take breathers here and there, watch TV, ofcourse we'll have to eat and get back to work cos I'm insatiable like that - LOL!!!

Seriously, I think this is the most difficult question so far:

Friday evening - Meet up at yours or mine, order some food and just relax and watch TV, keep ourselveves entertained. Go to bed and ummm - I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Saturday - I usually wake up early but I'm sure we'll be asleep till noon because of the night before. We'll take a shower together and it would be nice if you helped wash my hair, that is such a turn on. What we do right after the shower depends on the mood we are in, if you know what I mean.

I'd really enjoy watching you cook for me, I think it's HOT when a man cooks. We'll eat, then watch some TV or DVDs all cuddled up. This will be a very lazy day - we'll spend the rest of it just chilling and you know what.

Sunday - This question is really hard!
We'll have a lie-in, get out of bed late, shower. I'll cook you breakfast - Pancakes
I've always wanted to play Twister, it'll be fun for us to try that out. Why waste an opportunity to be intertwined? Whoever wins get a 'favour', something different.
If you have any other ideas for games, we'll try them out and spend the rest of the day being silly, eating and just having a good time.
When it's time for me to leave, you'll walk me to my taxi, just as I'm stepping into the taxi, I'll turn around, kiss you until you get really excited, stop, smile and say goodbye.

This was a really difficult question, wow!

Bachelorette 6

I would certainly buy loads of ingredients! And cook loads, get loads of supplies of you know what since we will be locked indoors heheh :P - well it's me and my man! Don't hate jo. Ermm loads of dvds, music, just set the ambience for a fun weekend but not put too much effort because that can backfire - I have had times when the guy pulled a sickie and hereI was making jacket potato from scratch and planning a 3-course dinner.

All in all, he will be guaranteed a GREAT time - I can be homely/motherly too, as I am a first born - so he will be well taken care of :o)

Bachelorette 7

Well, because it takes two to tango. I'll find out what his interests are, and then work with that. I would use this time to get to know him a lil' better, and vice versa. Since he is highly intelligent and well-read, I would find out what his views are on certain things, pick his brain a bit, so to speak, and if possible, learn something new from him and hopefully, him from me. Knowledge is a never ending process.

Also because he is adventurous and loves to have fun, I would try to make the atmosphere playful; come up with silly games, lol..even games from my childhood, like, hmm, table soccer, musical chairs..Spin the bottle, truth or dare...e.t.c ..; if im lucky enough to have access to electronic games as well, i.e, PS2, even a final fantasy and pro-evolution soccer fan..if he's interested in video games, we could play a round or two, depending on his interest level. Because im a music buff, and I love to dance, if we have access to music, I'll spin a record or two, show off my skills, and hopefully, he'll do the same.. I love to cook as well, so, in between all this, I'll whip up a few delicacies...They say the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach. Im a very spontaneous person, so, all in all, we'll just play it by ear and see how the weekend goes.

Hopefully, our auras will match up and we won't strangle ourselves or butt heads before the weekend is over.

Mystery Lady:

I am a fly by the cuff kind of girl so i will not have an hour by hour plan of what we will get up to but i have some general ideas. Movies are a go. Cuddled up on the couch or even wrapped up in blankets on the carpeted floor. Slow love making in the middle of a movie or hot hot sex in the kitchen. Whatever we feel like. Reading magazines or books in total silence, with my feet on your lap. Sometimes words are a distraction. Total silence but in total bliss knowing that you are there with me. Board games - maybe. I prefer to make up my own games with very naughty rewards. Naughty not sexual. Showers together, cooking together (i think there is something so intimate about a couple cooking together - there has to be a rythmn going or they just get in each other's way), massages, lots of I love yous. And some role playing with appropriate accessories (figure that one out). My type of weekend.


LondonBuki said...

Hmmm... interesting!

Bachelorette 1! Where are you???

DiAmOnD hawk said...

na wa for this Bachelorette 1 o... abeg she's disqualified jare... maybe she's meeting up with another guy we dont even know sef...all this late coming is very unbecoming of the person we want...Bachelor #1 i hereby revote ALL my votes... :-)

my goodnesss... #2... na wa still not done reading... i like how u inserted the lyrics for the song "tell me what your flava"...hmmm im kinda liking that cuz i also think in songs...but u know u have to match ur wine with the meal sha...

Dirty minds kwa?... abeg this cannot be Jaycee otherwise I will BEAT HER!!!!!

bach3...MEN.....u coulda saved the details of the shower o....i think bach3 is more "mistress" not feeling her at


bach5...i know what i mean???? abegggyyyy ANSWER THE QUESTION DIRECT JO...

bach6...what's up with introducing another guy in the answer...hmmm...NOTHING FOR YOU O long story...thank you for that!!!! abeg im feeling your own o jare...LET ME GO VOTE FOR YOU...

FOR THE BACHELOR: abeg...these ladies have some more work to do although till TODAY i was feeling bach5...
BACH5...did i not tell u to come to my office? u missed ur appointment and see what happened!!!!!!

i would like to hear from the in...can they respond in the comments to the comments?....of course they will use "other" and put their bach#....

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i meant i revoKe my previous votes for u...abeg Uzo..can u reset it? lol...
it's all good but for real...bach1 seems like she's got other interests or is that she's waiting for the others to respond and then.... hmmmmm

Olawunmi said...

whew!! [fanning self]

this is hawt!!

LondonBuki said...

@Inspector HAwkins I hope, for your sake, you are not a bachelorette! This one that you are analysing and all! LOL!!!

Bachelorette 1 is too busy for the show jare... and she was the favourite o. Maybe her internet is down.

I can tell what country some of them are in...

Diamond, what did you want bachelorette 5 to say? I think she's being a lady jare!

The Bachelorette(6?) that talked about another man... I don't know about that!

Some of the answers are LONG!!!

P.S. Please, let the bachelorettes defend themselves Uzo... I want to see what they have to say...

DiAmOnD hawk said...

me? a bachelorette? with all this sex? are you kidding me...definitely NOT.... but then again... maybe my alter ego is there... lol

okay fine... I voted for Bach5...but why isnt anyone voting for #6...abeg step ur game up o

Bachelorette 1 said...

Apologies people. I was under the impression this question was for later and had spent time coming up with the perfect answer for another question. There is no other man o! I only have eyes for the bachelor ;-)

I have now sent in my response and I promise that I didn't read any of the other answers before hand.

diamond said...

okay fine bach1...let me vote for you in anticipation of your wonderful answer...dont let me come back and have to revoke it again o

LondonBuki said...

Ok o... Bachelorette 1... we are waiting.

Noni Moss said...

I was going to wait for Bach 1's answer before commenting but in the mean time ...

Wasnt Bach 2 the church church one - how far with all the sexing? Infact - all you Bach's how far with that?

LondonBuki said...

Noni o!!!! LOL!!!

"All the sexing?"

If they are spending a whole weekend together, I am assuming the Bachelorette and Bachelor are in a relationship?

Sleeping in the same bed and all leads to 'sexing' most of the time(please note I did not say ALL the time).

Let us see what Bachelorette 1 says.

Diamond said...

abi o Noni...all this sexing... im sure the bachelor likes it... odikwa dangerous

Uzo said...

I will break my vow of silence and say this: OH COME ON WITH ALL THE PRUDISH BEHAVIOR. LOL

You ladies are acting like the freaky dicky is not a part of your vocabularies. If its consensual, then sex is great.....These ladies want that to be a part of their fantasies then so be it....Ah Ah....No frontin' here please

Now i retreat back into my world of silence.....

Miguel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miguel said...

wow...ok I expected certain answers from the other lets just say the sex talk doesnt shock me one bit...they've remained true to themselves...kudos... Bachelorette 2....Wow! your response was a shocker! You remind me of John Kerry...the flip flopper... you seem to have some kind of identity crisis going on... where do you stand? First its God, Church, spiritual, next it's okay if bachelor doesnt want to go to church? sex? na wa ooo...Kai...walahi think I kept boosting your i feel like Adedibu( a stark illiterate backing the wrong horse)...kai...ok who do i back now...i need someone consistent...

LondonBuki said...

LOL @ Miguel!!! You are hilarious!

With your dancing man!

Uzo said...

I will break my vow of silence here again: If your personal beliefs are on the no sex route, i have nothing but respect for you. However, as these ladies are doing me and all of blogsville a favor, i ask that you keep your comments, opinions about this matter to yourselves.

Miguel, i read your blog and its good. Diamond, you know i love you but i ask you guys most respectfully to stop with the commenting on sex - its propriety, the consistency of our bachelorettes, flip flopping etc. I ask this very very very respectfully. I assume your concerns with the sex matter have to do with religion? Remember: Judge not.

Please, these ladies were nice enough to take time out of their lives to do this for me. As much as i appreciate comments, i will draw a line here.


Soul said...

Bachelorette 2
I think your opening statement was probably intended as a 'place my cards on the table, I don't know nothing about you', instead it came across as a little bit of a downer.
You keep stating all these thing you don't know about the bachelor.. it seemed almost apologetic, almost implying that you would not be able to show him a good time.
But then you lifted things up by your fictious place in the Swiss Alps.
A lil bit of arrogance (I'm not knocking that, just observing) by the proclamation that Bachelor Boy won't get bored by such great company that is where you set yourself up as a standard.. only the bachelor can decide if your words alluded to you being as interesting as you espouse to be.
Too much guessing in your responses, How about a little bit more decisive here.. maybe surprise him..
Remember this is about you making things interesting for him. This is the place where you have plan 1a, plan 1b, plan 1c and plan 1d even before you get to plan 2 and 2a.
The workout session
It's like you are trying to build up this event, so you can say.. 'ohh look at you guys .. dirty minds'.. I dunno.. a lil bit childish there I think.

I think it's nice that you accomodate the fact that the bachelor might like to start his Sunday differently from you, good on you! Not forcing your beliefs down his throat

Ahh I think I finally get what's bugging me about this response, the tone.
The tone is apologetic and a little bit indecisive.
i have no doubt that you are fun to be around, this post just comes across as if yyou never really make the suggestions on what to do to have fun. So even though you might be the life and soul of a party, you will not be the one to ever suggest having a party.

Noni Moss said...

Ok I respect your views Uzo but I dont agree wuth your point. By asking about their views or commenting about how much sex is involved, I dont see that as necessarily an attack on them personally.

We all udnerstand that is a game and no-one is taking it seriously. I'm sure the girls writing this are doing so tongue-in-cheek and writing out wild fantasies or makign up a character in their head. I dont see anythign wrong in Miguel's comment about consistency. I would even go as far as to say - i dont see it as judgemental - it's more questioning. It's not like anyone is saying the bachelorettes are whores or they are all freakydicky, depserate women for doing this. All we are doing is questioning their responses.

The fact is by putting up responses and writing "revealing" answers - the bachelorettes are leaving themselves open to comment and reviews. First it was about the appearance, now it's about their answers. I think its justifiable - else you should have disabled commentary from everyone except the bachelor and your nominated reviewers.

But again - your blog, your game, your rules.

Soul said...

Bachelorette 3

All the hair on your body??. Won't that make you look like a child in the 'adult department'?. hmmm... completely bald. I dunno there's got to be at least a little landing strip.. but you never know Mr.Bachelor might like it.
I like the fact that you are taking your freak to him.. that's exactly how it should be... Meet hima t the door in nothing but the sexiest lingerie set and a pair of 'fyuck me boots' ahh ahh the bachelorettes are starting to open up!
okay I can't resist this bit.
"we'll take a long milk bath where we'd get naughty & make bubbles".. erm what type lol.. are you talking about releasing gas? lol.. okay I'm just joking.

But dang.. you are putting this man to work on a Saturday.. either you are that confident about your friday night sexcapades or you think he is your husband and you want him to do chores.
Damn and it started so well.. until the matching colours for church.. what the hell is that for!!. And the 'act like kids + pinching in church'.. WTF!.

Soul said...

Bachelorette 4

Oh gosh, yes the bachelorettes are opening up. Hallelujah!.

Short and too the point, but It would be nice for you to suggest that your funky asses get out of bed for a minute lol. And a lil more different activity, but it's kinda cool..

Uzo said...

I would ordinarily not intervene and Noni i hear what you are saying but i am receiving different vibes. People take this personally and it was never my intention to have feelings hurt and that appears to be what is happening. Comments are great, dont get me wrong but once again with this issue - hmm....

Soul said...

Bachelorette 5

Nice one.. you actually suggested that you are insatiable in bed..
You see this is what I was saying when I looked at that avatar and read your very first response
It's like there's soo much there..

anyway, I liked this, But.. you were short on other activities.. just like number four above.
I like the little tease at the end, cos it's like you left the bachelor wanting for more..

LondonBuki said...

Soul oh! You are FUNNY!!! Please continue.

Uzo & Noni - I was actually going to say something about this (sex) but I didn't want people thinking I was a bachelorette.

To the Bachelorettes: You are making this FUN!

Noni Moss said...

LB - why are you trying to hide? we all know which one of them you are.

Great commentary Soul! Where's Snazzy's?

Soul said...

Bachelorette 6
Haba.. I know tey say the way to a man's heart is his stomach, but dang which type of food s are you cooking..
If you feed our bachelor boy too mucha nd he starts sleeping.. noo nooky for you oh and he would probably leave feeling inadequate.. not good..
But then again.. men eat like bloody vultures.. so this plan might work in your favour.

What did confuse me though, was what what else you are buying loadsa supplies for?..
Adult toys?, you know.. vibrators, plugs, 'man ring', benwa balls, handcuffs, lube, condoms? or plenty of toothpicks for him to pick his teeth. lol..

oh and please never Never mention having been previously stood up when you are trying to attract another man.
Men are funny animals.. they always want to be witht eh woman who everyone else wants.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i certainly dont see it as a personal attack...this is fun jare... but if the bachelorettes are feeling a bit down...then I will hold my opinion...

bachelorette 2 abeg pour some wine for uzo too... lol

it's all in good fun
well said NONI...are u bach1???? o ya confess!!!!!

Soul said...

Bachelorette 7
You win my vote this time around...
You researched the bachelor from and in someway designed your eekend around the tidbits of info we have received on him.

I like this..
You've got games that require 'hand-eye' co-ordination , you've got console games which an be competitive and you can lose yourself in.
You've got dancing, talking.. hmm not a hint of sex and I like it.
It's one of those things where you are not saying it won't happen, but that's not the main point of the 'getaway'.
I'm starting to warm to you as well numero 7

Noni Moss said...

Ok I retract my earlier statement - apologies to Bach 2 in particular.

We all have sex and truth be told, a weekend indoors is really all about "sweating it out" ;-) and I'm hardly one to talk about not having sex.

However I dont think any of the comments are personal or should be taken to heart. The answers are tongue-in-cheek and the comments should be the same.

Everyone have fun. I'm liking everything!

Soul said...

Mystery lady

Okay.. wow.. thankfully I cannot vote for you, because let me just say that right now..
You got me!.

This scenraio though seems to be one for someone youa lready know and are comfortable with. I still like it. And yes.. there is something so intimate about a couple cooking together, liek when you reach a hand out and he places a tomato in it without even looking at each other...
And when you are reading a portion of the cooking instructions and he stands behind you real close, peers over your shoulder to see what you are reading...
when he holds his hand out and you place the salt in it.. automatically.
there's definitely a 'ying - yang' element here which is great..
oh and of course there's the being cornered and only breaking away becasue the rice is boiling over.

Daddy's Girl said...

This is all very interesting... I think the comments are just as interesting as the post was. Well done Uzo for trying to protect your bachelorettes' feelings - I think I would do the same. I really hope they are not too hurt by the comments. I can imagine and understand that some of them might worry that people will form impressions of them based on their answers in this game, a game which is, after all, about fun and fantasy. I think most commenters are also just having fun, I hope the bachelorettes realise that and know that people are not judging them.

Noni Moss said...

Soul - ahn ahn - pick one! You cant vote for them all!

(ok technically you can, but you shouldn't)

Soul said...

To all the bachelorettes..

This is just a little note to say that my comments are in no way meant to devalue, cheapen or degrade you as women or as human beings.

I marvel at how you can very quickly come up with these scenarios with little or no knowledge of the bachelor.

You are all working from a blind slate here and it is noted an d appreciated. Without you.. there is no game.
II am looking forward to reading more of your fantasies on what you would like to do to and with the bachelor and your scenraios.
Please remember that just because I don't like your scenarios, it doesn't mean the bachelor isn';t sitting in front of his computer screen drooling at the very thought of all of you. (I didn't mean that in an orgy type manner) you guys know what I mean

The "Flip Flopper" said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Miguel said...

Let me start by apologising if my comments were taken out of context. At no point was my comment intended to be judgemental in anyway... I don't believe in forcing my beliefs on others comment had to do with consistency and I guess that explains my reason for using John Kerry as an analogy...I would think a person can comment on the bachelorette's consistency or lack thereof ... Once again Uzo it's your blog and I'll respect your rules... to bachelorette 2 if my comment offended you in any way, it wasn't my was my way of pointing out what I felt was inconsistent....At the end of the day it's all fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi people,
Really have to break my silence here.

@Diamond hawk,
Mistress material,what does that mean? hmm
I am supposed to be an ol' boring wife, who only cooks,cleans and bear kids just beacuse Bach is family oriented? Hell no baby.

It is ok,if you don't feel me,I feel me and sure the bachelor will feel me. Thanks anyway.

@those who have a problem with sex,
LIVE with it!

Cool comments,lol at what bubbles,we will make at milk bath?

Is there a problem with a man helping with cleaning his own house?

Whats wrong with wearing matching colors? but if ofcourse,you are the mystery bach,it is all good,if not it is all good too.

@Mystery lady,
I don't know why but you remind me of Angelina jolie. Luv you darl.

You have been doing a great job,but I think it is "Ojoro" that Bach 1 got to post her answers later after reading everybody elses answers and adjusting hers.

Where are you?

@ Other commentors,
Keep commenting you make it fun,one moment you are saying my stuff is too short,not cool another moment too long.
But hey I am having fun.

@the other bachelorettes,
You are all cool babes,may the best lady win and you know it is defintely ME!

Bach 3

snazzy said...

aiight generator broke down on sunday, and I was a corpering and had mad work on monday up until now, and uzo's plug ins keep crashing my explorer, but I will persevere and bring you my snap judgments untempered by.. well anything.

Now as far as the question goes, a guy asks a girl what they will do on a weekend alone, and the girl is trying to win his affections then talking about sex is practically a given. Now this question could be about which girls were honest enough to admit this, or it could be about how creative they were when they weren't having sex, or both. Anyway cos the comments are getting kinda long, I'ma do what soul did and post a different comment for each response. Hope this doesn't blow up Uzo's mail box

Anonymous said...

Welcome snazzy.

Bach 3

snazzy said...

2's weekend reads like a Know Your Customer sheet, that a bank gives you before it gives you money. It's very "What ever you like" from coming to america. Everything she wants to do can be sacrificed to his choices. The whole tease thing clearly backfired, cos I don't think she was promising as much as everyone else seemed to think.

3 sounds like she is channeling Bree from Desperate Housewives. Sex, housework, church. Now if this was about honesty she passed, but if it was about creativity, not so much.

My issue with 4, is that it is at serious comfort stage of the relationship. It's like the complete opposite of 2. You aren't just meeting him, neither have you known him for (days, weeks, months?)

snazzy said...

congratulations 5, despite your common themes of food, movies and sex, you are actually the only person so far that apparently deserves to be turned on. It seems you are the only one that realizes that it is not only about him, but about both of you.

sorry to bug you 6, but when you are planning a weekend with a guy, you really shouldn't tell him about a weekend with another guy, especially when that weekend meant that you are not going to put in as much effort as you would have done previously.

snazzy said...

Here is the thing about 7's post, if you read it out of context and someone told you it was about planning a weekend between friends, you would have no problem believing it. The only thing that means to me is that she is a "take it slow" kind of person and that could work in general, but I don't know if it would work in this bachelor bubble that Uzo's got going.

the mystery women is horny, as if y'all didn't know. She is also more up on her rights than 5, cos where 5 wished, she expected. Though she fell in to the same trap that 4 did. Why would a guy who has just met you be telling you "i love you?"

Maybe soul and olawunmi were right and the bachelor should start running. I don't know about y'all but I'm hearing the theme music from fatal attraction.

Daddy's Girl said...

Yay, Snazzy's in the house! I think I agree with most of your comments. Good job. Naija Dude, you're supposed to be weighing in too, abi? Where are you?

Bach3 gets my vote in this round, for leaving a very frank and cool comment in the comments section. Up Bach 3!!