Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Bachelor - Episode 4

What to say, what to say!

Tomorrow will be the big reveal episode - the bachelor will be revealed to all, the finalists he has chosen will be revealed and the identities of the ladies that he didnt pick will be revealed as well. I expect that things will get even hotter if that's possible. Many many thanks to everyone for the comments and especially to Snazzy & Soul for their in-depth analysis. There were many calls from the bachelorettes to edit their responses as i saw fit and of course i have chosen not to do that at all. Now with this particular question, he asked the ladies to describe themselves in detail and to help along he asked are you an introvert/extrovert. These ladies really went to town and i am so excited because i can truly get a picture of who each of these ladies is now. So here goes:

The Bachelor asked: Describe yourself in detail. What kind of person do you think you are? Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Bachelorette 1:

I am a constant reflection of my environment yet I never fail to stand out. I have been described as a walking paradox but I think this enables most people to find something interesting about me as I am multifaceted. I dont want to go on too much about how i look because I would rather attract you with what you can glean from my character than how I look - besides I could very well lie. That being said, I am sexy as hell and quite vivacious. I pride myself on being fun and interesting. Life with me would never be boring.

Bachelorette 2:

I’m like a special-edition multiple-coated bar of Magnum ice-cream – there are lots of delicious layers to me, each waiting to be discovered and savoured… I’ll say one thing for myself… I never get boring. There are a lot of contradictions in my personality:

deep and intense but also easygoing and light-hearted,
silly and playful but mature,
a bit crazy and slightly eccentric but also responsible,
philosophical but also real and down-to-earth,
intuitive and spontaneous but also a planner,
sweet but sometimes very, very sarcastic,
mild-mannered but also full of spice,
quiet but strong and gutsy,
organized but scattered,
spiritual but sensual,
argumentative but peaceful,
a thinker but also a very physical person,
understated but also a free spirit,
tough but also tender-hearted,
naughty and sometimes slightly outrageous but also very nice,
sometimes controversial but also your girl-next-door,
dynamic but also a bit conventional,
a ‘homebody’ but also very outdoorsy,
absent-minded but passionate,
mild but also very sassy when I’m in the mood,
shy but bold,
a realist but an optimist,
a total klutz but very composed,
purposeful (or ‘strong-headed’ as we prefer to put it in Naija) but also open to advice from people I respect,
calm but very impatient (when I want something I usually want it like yesterday),
very focused but also very indecisive sometimes,
serious when the occasion demands but also very fun-loving,
so simple but oh-so-complex…

I would definitely consider myself a people person, although I’m neither gregarious nor particularly outgoing. I love being with people, watching (not stalking) people, listening to (more than talking to, actually – but not when they don’t know when to shut their big mouths) people, interacting with people, and studying people; finding out who they are and what makes them tick. Most people’s first impression of me is that I’m rather quiet and shy – and to an extent they’re right, but there’s a lot more to me.

I am very creative and imaginative. I’m also a perfectionist – I like to do what I’m really good at and I like to be the best. This can be very bad because it means that when I discover I’m not too great at something, I tend not to stick with it.

I hate confrontation! It’s one of my biggest flaws because I find myself taking a lot of crap from people sometimes, all because I want to avoid getting into a fight with them. I’m working on that, though!

There is a part of me that is intensely personal and a bit mysterious, that I like to keep under wraps and expose only to those who know me very well.

Bachelorette 3:

Can I fully describe myself?
Let me try.

Not one to start to a converation, but once I get into the conversation, I can be a good gist partner. I like to listen to people,I believe you can learn from everyone,I am observant and sensitive. I am a more of an introvert but if I am with people I am comfortable with I can be a bit more outgoing and chatty,totally diferent from quiet me.Composed.

My motto is try anything at least once! Because of my demure manner many people underestimate me and truly I like that! I like it when I see the surprise on their faces; Craziness is a combination of spontantiety and creativity. I'm unafraid to dare. I am very,very,very adventuorous and I will do and give the unexpected any day.

I'm not the king's jester, but I find humour in everything. This has helped me to get through the diffcult situations. Laughter is an amazing medicine for the soul. I love to laugh, joke and fool around.

Sometimes I think this is a bad thing, in that I worry about other people too much. I truly feel other people's pain and share in their laughter and joys too. I am concerned about what you are doing and will help a great deal. I also like to cater to my man, in every way, he may need.

You can't walk all over me - I am a tough cookie. You can't get me to change my mind very easily, you have to truly persuade me and I must be totally and absolutely convinced.Often times, I like to have it my way, but for one I truly love I might bend a bit. I have this I don't care what you say or think, this is me, accept me attitude

Bachelorette 4:

I am outgoing; I love to meet people and make friends. I like travelling and spending time with people who appreciate me + having loads of fun. I also like to read and love music. Part of my weekends are spent at the jazz hole or bluescafe listening to good poetry and music.. I enjoy road trips and need no reason to jump in the car and drive for hours just because someone in Maine which is a 5hr drive from home said they have the best clam chowder!! I am in touch with my inner child and I enjoy going to theme parks (I love 6 flags and I have been on most of the rides...LOL). I love talking or chatting.. no TALKING... I love to talk about all kinds of topics including the 'taboos', I love learning new things and I am not afraid to say "I dont know" if I have no clue what is going on!!

Bachelorette 5:

I am outgoing BUT the first time I meet somebody, I am very reserved. I think it's my way of sizing people up, I don't know.
I have definitely calmed down a bit although I still have my days when I am so full of energy, you'd think I'm on 'something', SERIOUSLY!
I have been told I am funny, I see people laugh at things I say and I wonder why(especially when I am being serious)! It does amuse me when I see this though.

Bachelorette 6:

I can be both introverted and extroverted...I am somewhat quiet when you first meet me, but those who know me know me, and know that I ain't. I am seen as quiet and dainty but a bit opposite when you get used to me, not that I am wild just very down to earth and a bit on the mad side contrary to what you may perceive when you look at me.

Bachelorette 7:

Who am i? I am a sister, a friend, a daughter, a lover, a fighter, a dreamer, a confidant, an artist, a dancer, a chef, a thinker, a listener, a joker, a writer and a poet...lol....But, to describe myself, in more words, I'll say, I Am an extrovert, very personable, but I can be shy and moody at times, especially around people I don't vibe with. Im hardworking and dependable, even though I have my lazy moments as well, especially when I drift off to dreamland; im a fun person, always laughing, but im also sensitive, especially when it comes to matters and things that are dear to me. I am very independent; I can be stubborn, and opinionated, at times, but im not inflexible. Im very versatile, intuitive, and observant; sometimes to the point of being nosy...lol. Im very passionate and affectionate, an incurable romantic, but life, and experience has given me a cynical edge as well. I am generous, sometimes to a fault, but generally, im an easy-going, even tempered woman.

Mystery Lady:

I am me - with a public and private side. In public, I am a lady in every sense of the word. I am polite even to the most obnoxious people, I carry myself with class and dignity, legs crossed at all times, never a hair out of place. I will smile and carry on conversations about anything and everything. Now my private side - the side that comes out with people that i am very comfortable with is loud and boisterous. Likes to be the center of attention. I am opinionated and very passionate about things that are dear to me. I can be very intense and can be moody as well but these periods dont last for too long. Most people would describe me as being introverted. I dont agree. I just dont see the need to talk all the time or put myself out there if i dont feel truly comfortable.


Nyemoni said...

Curioser and curioser... lemme take my time to read again and guess who the writer is...

A Bachelorette said...

Uzo: I no gree o!

The question was introvert or extrovert. Now I see all these different lengthy answers!

I demand a re-question! (No such word, I know).


Anonymous said...

To my stubborn profile let me add I don't give up easily.

Bach 3

Nyemoni said...

I am at loss for words... A very interesting re-read... I seriously can't guess...

LondonBuki said...


Bachelorette 3, I see you again.

I can see you don't give up easily... not at all.

So Uzo, are the bachelorettes allowed to defend themselves? So far it's only B3 I have read from.

Bachelorette 5 said...

I have chosen not add anything in the comments section before now.
I thought the question was introvert or extrovert, now I feel I'm at a disadvantage because the other Bachelorettes have given detailed answers and I only answered the main question.

There are layers to me. Initially I come across as being reserved, as I begin to warm to you, you realize I can be very funny and outgoing, then you'll become aware of my love for my family and my friends. I try to be happy, no matter what life throws at me. I can be crazy, I can be laidback – it all really depends on who I'm with.
Some people will describe me as being full of life, others would say I am adventurous and that I continuously challenge myself, I say it’ll be best if you found out yourself.

Daddy's Girl said...

Hmm.. Uzo I think your bachelorettes are not all on the same page with this question - looking at the question, maybe it was ambiguous. Was it 'describe yourself in detail' OR 'are you introverted or extroverted'?

Bach 1: I feel like you didn't really answer.
Bach 2: Too long, I think. Wouldve more interesting if shorter, maybe.
Bach 3: Nice. I like you very much, you've still got my vote.
Bach 4: Very nice - so we can assume you live in the States, right?
Bach 5: I like this, you sound like a cool babe - are you by any chance Ms. May?
Bach 6: I don't think you gave the bachlor enough info on you. More would've been nice.
Bach 7: Very nice. I really like this, you give us a good idea of your personality very concisely.
Mystery lady: Definitely interesting, exactly what I'd expect from you.

As Jaycee said yesterday, this really is getting intense. Bach 3 has my vote, but I'm feeling almost all the bachlorettes. Bachlor, you have your work cut out for you o.

Olawunmi said...

how can i say that certain Bachelorettes have my attention, and they haven't let it go since the very first episode?

loving the deep, soulful responses. who came up with these questions?

Daddy's Girl said...

Olawunmi stop pretending joo - we know you came up with them, Mr Bachelor. Obviously you have fallen hard for at least one of these chicks... can't say I blame you for that. They sound really cool. Well, all will be revealed in due course!

Soul said...

xtijhBachelorette 1
I like your response, but you skimmed over the question..
A paradox?.. hmmm.. interesting.. Bachelor 1.. I think you like being discovered. You don't do the spoonfeeding and you don't like being rushed.. It's all in your own time whether the guy likes it or not. You also have a vain streak and can be a tad bit cocky.
which some naija guys love anyway... Good on you mate.. good luck!

Bachelorette 2
You gave what the bachelor asked for ...detail a lil bit too much, but he asked for it! lol.
But I understand... you cannot really be defined.
You feel there's so much too you and you ain't too shy in saying it. the only problem is that people have short attention spans..
But since the bachelor asked I'm sure he would read thsi in full...
I like that you described your self as simple yet oh so complex because you are.. Many people will never understand what you are on about because quite frankly they are a bit slow.
But do you number 2.
Good luck!

Bachelorette 3
I actually like that you broke this shit down!, sectioned it off and stuff.. nice flow.
You also started off by letting us know that this here is not the sum total of you..
added bonus you answered the question you are an introvert.

You display the classic Cancerian star sign attributes (I just read them up somewhere..)
Anyway, you seem fun. you would probably follow your man to a baseball game just to see what it's about.. You'd hang out at a rock n roll bar for a change with your other half's oyinbo clients or his alternate black friends..
I like this. I suspect that you are one of those people who can fit in anywhere.. very adaptable.
And yes.. you can be a ride or die chick
Good luck!

Bachelorette 4
you answearred the question to.. and can I just say that I think you would be such a laugh to go ona road trip with..
I can imagine you outside your best friends door at 2am on a saturday morning saying wake up and get in the car.. she saying.. see this chick you don start again..
Ahh I can soo see it now, the bachelor wouldn't always have to plan the events.. You'd surprise him after work on a Friday with 2 tickets to some underground hip hop event..
You strike me as the type of person who would think nothing of running in the rain.. oh and the jazz clubs got me.. I can see you with your eyes closed, arms around the bachelors neck... being all intense and he's wondering where it's coming from and you just keep on riding a wave that's built up inside you from a jazz tune..
Nice one...
Good luck

Bachelorette 5
Good you answered the question too..
You are not one to toot your own horn are you.. I think you are extremely confident to the point where being appreciated comes naturally to you. You are comfortable in your own skin and tend not to focus on what you are.. but more on what you can do and on just being yourself.
I think you are also very ironic...

Bachelorette 6
good you answered the question too.
i like that you are both sides of the same coin.
another one who prefers actions to words..
I fear that most of the time people might get things wrong when it comes to you, either because they don't take the time to get to know you or becuase you only bother really putting yourself out there for people whom you have an interest in.. such as friends or family..

Bachelorette 7
You my dear are every woman, it's all in you Yes.. Ys. Yes!.
I like this response.. you are the definiton of a woman...
Not much more to say... really.. just yes.. I liked the way you lay the words down.. I see why though (smile)

Mystery lady
You know I like your responses and I was looking forward to reading it. I sense that you are very very comfortable with yourself...

Damn..if I met you, I'd be on you like white on rice.. you just exude womanness.
I suspect that you are one of those people that other girls look at and want to be like...
There really is nothing more to say.. you are a woman.. phenominally..

Well done ladies.. you have done well.. and I salute all of you.
Good luck to all of you.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

wait a minute!!!!
did Olawunmi admit to being the bachelor?

Because IF that is the case then this SHOW IS OVER O...everyone should just pack their bags and go home

meeennn...if i had known...infact...let me go and type up my responses for episode 1 to 3

DiAmOnD hawk said...

bach 1 and 5 yall need to step it up a bit o...i mean it was all good but abeg bach7 has stolen my votes for both of you o...

LondonBuki said...

@Diamond LOL @ packing bags! I don't think he admitted cos Uzo said the bachelor asked the question and Olawunmi asked who came up with the question!

I think Olawunmi is the bachelor too but won't it be a HUGE surprise it ain't him????

DiAmOnD hawk said...

buki which one are you so i can dissect your own response properly....are the bachelorettes being revealed tomorrow too?

Soul said...

I swear you guys are jokers..
Diamondhawk.. you keep trying different ways to get buki to say she is one of them...
London buki you keep using different methods to imply that diamondhawk is one..
personally.. I just think you guys have a lil sideline admiration thing going on (hee hee can I come watch)

I'd like to see a blogger detective competition.. starring..
Diamond, Noni, London buki, Olawunmi, Miguel (but gotta add a jesus piece for him to find), and possibly bring delot back to take part... :D

oya.. Diamond please.. don't flame me, i'm just jealous of this thang that you and LB (oju) have going on..
Please carry on.. I'll just sit here and fantasise amount the 'giddy' behind all this obvious flirtatious stuff going on..
As if I wouldn't figure it out..
allthis..ohhh no it's you (tap on the shoulder)..
ohh nooo (giggle) it's you...
lol (damn I'm soo damn mischievious lol)

Soul said...

damn.. and add daddy's girl and nyemoni to that blogger detective series...

LondonBuki said...

Diamond! Diamond!! Diamond!!!

INSPECTOR HAWKINS! I am not a bachelorette! We will find out the IDs of the bachelor and the bachelorettes he doesn't pick. If you are on the bachelorettes, I will beat you! As for Noni, I KNOW she is a bachelorette!

@Soul LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LondonBuki said...


I just saw Bach 7 go up from 68 to 100 votes in less than 10 minutes!

All bachelorettes if you want votes, report to Diamond's office NOW!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

I like that idea actually... put clues on different ppl's blogs and stuff and then try to find it first....

you don kolo soul...

LB if you ARE one...you owe me more than that ONE pkg of golden morn o

DiAmOnD hawk said...

it's not me o...
but whoever is doing it...MUCH PROPS!!!!!!!
where is nilla????????
i think nilla is #4

LondonBuki said...

Diamond - I suspect you! You are not Bachelorette 7 definitely but you are voting for her! You are a bachelorette!

Ok, if I am a bachelorette I owe you Golden Morn... if you are a bachelorette, I want Aunt Jemima's pancake mix!

When I get home tonight, I am going to investigate WELL WELL! And I'll be back with RESULTS!

ologun said...

i swear all this guessing is very intersting. between noni and londonbuki, both of whom are Heroes fans, we have this question.

guessing, denying, guessing, denying, its a never ending cycle.

so what if the bachelor turns out to be someone completely random, like me?! ;-)

LondonBuki said...

@Ologun Are you not Olawunmi?

Ologun = Olawunmi = Bachelor!

Noni is Bachelorette 1... Diamond is losing interest in you o!

snazzy said...

This is one of those "what does he want to hear" questions. You don't give the answer you would give to your shrink. So lets find out if any of the ladies mistook the bachelor for Dr. Phil.

1 is into subliminals, she says that she doesn't want to use looks to attract the guy, implhying that she could if she wanted to. I didn't really get how you can be a constant reflection of your environment and still stand out, but hey the lady says she is a paradox.

The end of 2's speech was getting into Dr. Phil territory. However the one thing that kept flashing through my mind as I read it was high maintenance. You gotta be a strong man to handle one of these ladies.

3's response has the whole crazy/beautiful thing going. You can't tell from afar, but when you get close... Strictly for the drama lover.

here is what I heard when I read 4's response: I'm fun, can't you see I'm fun, I'm telling you I'm fun. Everyone knows I'm fun. You will be attracted to me cos I'm fun.

um 5, this question is about why he should be attracted to you, and hinting that you are manic depressive is not one of those things that help him decide in the positive. Though according to your comment you also have layers too.

6 said she is an introverted extrovert, or an extroverted introvert, i'm not quite sure which. What I found funny is that she felt the need to qualify her non-reserved nature. Hey middle of the road sells the most albums in music, and in affairs of the heart.

i suppose 7's response proves that it is not what you say, but how you say it. Her response is practically the same as 2's but it resonates better.

I read mystery lady's response and I thought about the superwoman stetrotype. The all things to all people thing. A woman who defines herself like this is going to be under pressure to do meet the stereotype. She needs the kind of guy that is willing to be a pressure valve.

Random Comment: It seems that layers is the new twister.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

YES BUKI he is!!!!

is it not on his blog to email him at ologun.smith????????

DiAmOnD hawk said...

snazzy me too i was wondering o...EVERYONE has layers....but really it's true... but meeeeeeeeennnnnn bachelorette #7 did really well with this question....

bach 1 and 5...i voted for yall too so you dont feel left out!!!

ologun said...

so who are the remaining bachelorettes?

any ideas?

ologun said...

all these amateur detectives.

Londonbuki, is math your strong point, 'cos i see you drawing up equations and stuff

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

this show has not turned to a detective game between Miss D aka Diamond and bukilicious.


Let me help you all. I know WHO the bachelor and Bachlorette are. If you want to know - report to my office.LOL.

instead me reading the bachlorettes answer Im here, breaking up fight between Buki and D.

people, come to me for answers and I rpomise to reveal. Need 6 hrs though.

LondonBuki said...

@Ologun YES OH! Marimarics is one of my strong points.

Snazzy has arrived! LOL!!!

DiAmOnD hawk said...


now wont it be funny if am actually a bachelorette...you'd now to have wonder which one i am...hmmmmm is it NUMBER THREE??????? LOL... maybe it's #7.....or wait... #4...hmmmm

DiAmOnD hawk said...

buki is a proper IJB babe o....dont mess with her #s....

LondonBuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LondonBuki said...

Amatuer Detectives?!?!?!?

I know who all the bachelorettes are, I just don't want to spoil the game for everyone else!

Some people think I am Bach 1 and some other Bach, can't remember. We'll see tomorrow... when we find out who Olawunmi, sorry the BACHELOR don't want no more.

LOL @ Diamond, you are not serious!

Olawunmi said...




where you dey since, dis pipple dey find you o. i say where u don dey since ehn?

where? na hide you dey hide, abi na chop u dey chop sef?

comot for inside rom abeg, come dance for parlour.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

what. in. the. world. is. going. ON HERE..

abi na mistake? olawunmi ehn?... o ya revert back to Ologun

Bach 2 (the 'flip flopper') said...

Can't help but talk to Snazzy: so I mistook the bachelor for Dr. Phil? Nice analysis, except that I ain't high maintenance - not at all. I'm very simple (though complex). But bring on a strong man.

LondonBuki said...

LOL!!!! Olawunmi(Ologun/Bachelor) we have caught you red handed!

Don't worry, tomorrow morning, you'll not have to pretend anymore!

Olawunmi said...

whish kain mistake?

that was deliberate jo. stop being too smart for your own good Londonbuki. what happened to ur sense of humour?

[rolls eyes]

i have love for you sha, Buki Holmes, first daughter of sherlock

LondonBuki said...

LOL!!! Buki Holmes, I must change my name to that TODAY TODAY!!!

Inspector Hawkins and I have got it covered. Tomorrow will come...

Now I am wondering if you are not Bachelor... who is?

But you might be trying to throw us off your scent... I was reading the Bachelor's response and it seemed like you were trying hard not to write like yourself...

We will see.

I have some leads, let me go and investigate further.

Noni Moss said...

The Bachelor is defo Olawunmi. Want to know how I sussed him out? hahahaha

He can run ....... but he cant hide!

Daddy's Girl said...

Olawunmi, s'o wa pa? You don get multiple personality? I think there will be surprises for most of us when all is revealed - but Olawunmi is the bachlor definitely.

LondonBuki said...

Noni, tell us!

Olawunmi said...

that mystery lady is on point! in fact, i suspect that she is olawunmi, writing as another of his supposed alter egos. afterall,

olawunmi = soul = ologun = bachelor = uzo = mystery lady!

very simple!!! ive got it all sussed out.

Noni Moss said...

it's the way he writes. he never starts his sentences with caps. much like i'm writing now. if you look at his reponses to the bachelorettes, you'll see it's the same.

Sorry baby - I just outed you ;-)

LondonBuki said...

If Olawunmi is not the Bachelor, I will eat my hair! LOL!

Daddy's Girl said...

I hope you have edible hair, buki! You never know... (I think it's Olawunmi too)

Vera Ezimora said...

Buki, I thought all ur hair already fell out?

Olawunmi said...

i saw this episode of Topgear, and Jeremy Clarkson had to eat his own hair. it was hilarious.

they got Anthony Worral-Thompson to make a nice omelette with the hair. i wonder who we will get to cook a hair omelette for London Buki tomorrow.

any volunteers?

anyone else willing to stake their hair/underwear on the identity of the bachelor?

azuka said...

I'm with number 3 all the way. I like the stubborn streak...

LondonBuki said...

@Vera LOL!!!! You need a backhand slap! I have a FULL head of hair mind you!

@Olawunmi LOL!!!! We shall see.

Bella Naija said...

Wow...I am confused now! I dont know who is who anymore...ok...lets wait and see.
but nice once ladies! i love the melange of characters realllly....I am soooo curious!