Friday, March 30, 2007


What is romance?
What makes a man or woman romantic?


Cheryl Pepsii Riley - If God was one of us

This song was originally done by Joan Osborne in the 90's and i liked it then. Then i heard this version on the Diary of a Mad Balck Woman soundtrack and i fell in love with the song all over again.

Listen to the words...While the song is beautiful, i find myself trying to answer the questions posed there. If God was one of us, would he ride the bus? What would that be like?

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some History

This photo is a Time magazine file photo. It shows the rear view of a former slave revealing scars on his back from savage whippings. This photo was taken after he escaped to become a Union soldier during the American Civil War.


Rokia Traore - Manian

Rokia is an award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist and hails from Mali. I love, love this woman. She is soooo real. Of course i dont understand anything she says but as well all know, music - good music feeds the soul. You just feel it. You dont have to understand the words to feel the beauty of the music.

This song in particular is pretty special in that, this is THE song that made me want to seek more of her music out and i havent been disappointed. Enjoy!

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Rokia Traore - Manian

Rokia is an award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist and hails from Mali. I love, love this woman. She is soooo real. Of course i dont understand anything she says but as well all know, music - good music feeds the soul. You just feel it. You dont have to understand the words to feel the beauty of the music.

This song in particular is pretty special in that, this is THE song that made me want to seek more of her music out and i havent been disappointed. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Meme - One word responses

1. Yourself: Interesting
2. Your partner: Dreamy
3. Your hair: Flat
4. Your mother: Superwoman
5. Your father: Dynamic
6. Your favourite item: Journal
7. Your dream last night: Wonderful
8. Your favourite drink: Diet Coke
9. Your dream car: Audi
10. The room you are in: Draining
11. Your ex: Sweet
12. Your fear: Mediocrity
13. What you want to be in 10 years: Happy
14. Who you hung out with last night: N
15. What you're not: Difficult
16. Muffins: Yummy
17: One of your wish list items: Telescope
18: Time: Fleeting
19. The last thing you did: Typed
20. What you are wearing: Shirt
21. Your favourite weather: Rainy
22. Your favourite book: Bible
23. The last thing you ate: Sandwich
24. Your life: Spinning
25. Your mood: Ambivalent
26. Your best friend: Asleep
27. What you're thinking about right now: Work
28. Your car: Clean
29. What you are doing at the moment: Thinking
30. Your summer: Busy
31. Your relationship status: Single
32. What is on your TV: Clueless
33. What is the weather like: Sunny
34. When was the last time you laughed: Lately

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Bachelorettes - Unveiled

Bachelorette 4:

Before the ladies were reduced to just 4, she was Bachelorette 3. The hot feisty one. A huge round of applause for Omohemi Benson. She is such a riot.....Thanks for taking part.

Bachelorette 2:

My new email buddy. She was Bachelorette 1 before the ladies got switched around. Say hello to the mischevious Noni Moss. It has been so cool having you take part. Thanks

Bachelorette 1:
This lady just charmed me from the very first email i got from her. She was Bachelorette 4 in the old order. Meet Ms Zee. Thank you so much for participating.

The Chosen One - Bachelorette 3:
I think i can confidently say that this will be a suprise to most people. I have a soft spot for this missy here but her responses had me reeling. LOL. She showed me a side of her that i never would have guessed existed. I am ecstatic that i got to know more about her as a result of this show. She was Bachelorette 5 in the old order. Let's all give a standing ovation to the lucky lady that gets to dance with Olawunmi in blogworld - LondonBuki.

The Bachelor makes his choice.......

Dear Ladies,

We have come to the end of this road. i must say that it has been a great deal of fun so far. perhaps i have said "thank you" before, but i will reiterate how grateful i am to everyone who has been a part of this series from the very beginning. thanks to Zaiprincessa, Mona and Daddy's Girl for their participation in the first part of the programme. also, i thank Uzo and Diamond Hawk for their efforts toward making this show happen. thank you.

Alas, we have come to the hardest bit, at least for me. i have to select The Bachelorette whose personality as revealed by her answers appealed to me the most. this is a tough tough decision. let me say that the balance shifted so many times that it was hard to make a firm choice from one day to the next. y'all brought it, and brought it good! all of you made me smile, and all of you made me wish that i could live the scenarios that you described.

But i have decided to pick Bachelorette number 3. she got me. i will not be ranking the other Bachelorettes in order of preference. that would be disrespectful. i just want to say that on any given day, anyone (and everyone) of you would have won this. infact, you all had your days. thank you. damn, is there a law that says i have to pick one? what happened to blog-polygamy? i will be in touch. thank you, and see all of you at the reveal.

Rise to your feet Bachelorette 3, i have been waiting for you for a long time. take my hand my Queen, and let's dance....


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So you think you are the bomb. You have your flaws but they are recognised by only you. To see yourself through someone else's eyes, to get someone else's impression of you...Well it can be troubling especially for someone like me who is well - slightly obsessive compulsive....

Before the reveal.....

As i prepare the big reveal - the bachelor will pick his blog honey and the identities of the bachelorettes will become public knowledge, i want to say a huge thank you to all the bloggers that have read, voted, commented and taken time out of their lives to make this so much fun for me.

I have learnt quite a bit from this. It may seem like fun but i got a chance to make some new email buddies, acted somewhat as mediator, learnt about people's feeling about sex, the roles of men and women, ideas of fun dates et all. It has been amazing.

Special thank yous go to Olawunmi - for agreeing to do this in the first place, Daddy's Girl, Aramide, ZaiPrincesa for being part of the original ensemble of bachelorettes, the rest of the bachelorettes - you know who you are, Soul - for doing the commenting thing for me even though i know she is mad busy, Snazzy - who has been unbelievable in commenting but who i will not allow to sue me for lost productivity, Diamond Hawk - for planting this idea and making me the first bachelorette....Thank you all.

Now, i am loving my new avatar and since i am so indecisive, i think i will just keep changing them as often as i can - just some random thought that popped into my head.

Thank you all so much for making this a blast. Since these things seem to be so popular, i would be happy to get some suggestions on other blog series' that can be run and which will be fun.

See you all at the reveal!

The Bachelor - The final question

The Bachelor asked:

We've come to the end of this amazing experience and its time for me to pick a winner. You have the opportunity to tell me why you think you should be the one that i choose. Tell me: why should i pick you? Please tell me your reasons for thinking that you should be the winner. Are there any qualities that you think make you particularly outstanding?

Bachelorette 1

We would have loads of fun, drive around North America for no reason and go sky diving....

Bachelorette 2

I should win because I'm amazing, you're amazing, we complement each other
I should win because I'm alluring, you're charismatic, we'd be a perfect match
I should win because I put the X in sexy. Combined with your all-round hotness, we'd be smoking!
I should win because I'm opinionated and you are stubborn. Life would be a never ending discussion.
I should win because we share a lot of the same interests - music, poetry, culture - I would be the perfect companion.
I should win because we have a lot of differences - meaning we both bring something new to the table.
I should win because I jam to hardcore rock, you like to roller-skate, we'd be eclectic together and proud.
I should win because I like to shake things up. You like to stir things up, we'd be a perfect match!
I should win because I'm intuitive. Whenever you're troubled, I'll be there to smooth your brow and stroke your hair.
I should win because I can be calm and rational. When you get all manic and over-excited, I would be there to balance you out.
I should win because you never know what you will get with me, yet you will always know when it counts.

Bachelorette 3

As you said (jokingly, I know) - I'm in your head! Pick me, then you can have me right in front of you :-) We can work on making most of my fantasy date with you come true, I am sure if we start saving right away... maybe, one day, we can get a private box, right? :-) You should pick me because - I have revealed my fun side, my adventurous side, my thoughtful side and some more. You know there's more to me - Don't you want to find out?
... and I know what I want - YOU.

Bachelorette 4

I'm the lady you thought never existed,
I'm your dream completed.
I am the only one who drive you crazy and still keep you happy.
I'll hold your hands in glory or pain,
I guarantee you that there will be days of tempers soaring, sweet love making and unpredicatable haapenings but there will be no days of regret.

I'l be more than your lover,Olawunmi,
I'll be your friend and sister.
And hopefully we'll be the1st blog married couple,
Who will be the envy of all in blogsville.
I'll greet you with poetry in the morning,
I'll sing to sleep like lauryn,
Love is not strong enough to describe how I feel for you,
Lets not wait any longer we belong together.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Bachelor - Episode 8

The Bachelor asked:

If you could be anything or anyone at all, what would you be? What is your dream life? Don't be afraid to say.

Bachelorette 1

If I could be anything what would I be, I would be the notes, sight and sounds of music, I would be the smooth sound fof the saxophone and the almost shrill sound of the trumpet, I would be the heartbeat of the drums and the sweet sweet melody of the flute, I would be the strings of the acoustic guitar.. If I could be anything, I would be Music, I would be Music.. Love is the universal language, Music is the signigicant one!!

What is my dream life.... honestly, I want to travel the world, see all the world has to offer.. Ultimately, I want to find my zen and live within it, giving , giving and giving even more; trying to make everyday pleasant and bearable for people who cant and who dont have the means of doing so..

Bachelorette 2

I would be Richard Gere in pretty woman with Salma Hayek's body. I want to be CEO with at least 60% share capital of a global empire. I would be very philanthropic and set up lots of foundations to help the needy. I would also be generous enough to have my private jet fly my friends to my private island in the Seychelles for the weekend. I would have dinner parties where Bill Clinton would be relaxed enough to play his trumpet and Maya Angelou would read some of her poetry. A husband and three kids (who all grow up to be extraordinary people in their own right) would be the icing on the cake.

Bachelorette 3

I thought hard about this question and realised there is no famous person that I admire enough to want to live his/her life.

I would like to be someone who makes a difference, one way or another. A POSITIVE difference, to wake up each morning and know that I can make, and I have made an impact on someone's life.

Really, to be honest with you, I wish I had someone very special in my life's spirit (Mo). She is the embodiment of everything I aspire to be, with her spirit(compassionate, caring, strong, to name a few of her attributes) - the sky's the limit.

Bachelorette 4

I would like to be Tina Turner - the most dynamic female soul singer in the history of music. Tina Turner oozed sexuality and strength through out her performing career.

She did not let her abusive relationship with Ike Turner hold her from being the best she could be. She ran away with little money and with the kids ( for goodness sakes, she could have just taken only her own child but she took all of Ike's children).

She could have given up but she did not - she rose to become one of the greastes artist of all time - she has won 8 grammys!

She lives with her lover of 21 years, Edwin Bach,who is an absolutely cutie and they live in Tina's amazing mansion in Zurich Switerland and she has another mansion in France.

Tina can go anywhere, get anything she wants and most importantly achieve anything.
She has influenced & encouraged a lot of people, both men & women.

She has amazing energy on and off stage. Age has nothing on her.She has long beautiful legs and a soulful raspy voice.

If I would be anyone, I would be Tina Turner the superstar.

I would live her life, a life which has been full of many challenges but also has its glory, rewards and joy. To me Tina has it all, a succesful career, a great lover, who is more like a husband, beautiful children who adore and respect her and amazing fans all over the world both young and old.

Tina, is simply the best!

The Bachelor - So far....

I apologise for the break in transmission. I havent been well and didnt make it into work yesterday. I managed to come in today but i have been holed up in meetings all day. As a result, i seem to have lost a day with the series.

Okay: We have 2 more questions. I intend to put question 8 up tonight and the final question up tomorrow. The Bachelor will pick his date which will be revealed on thursday and the identities of the remaining bachelorettes revealed on thursday as well.

Thanks a lot for the comments and the participation.....Just hang in there for the next 2 days....

The Bachelor - So far....

I apologise for the break in transmission. I havent been well and didnt make it into work yesterday. I managed to come in today but i have been holed up in meetings all day. As a result, i seem to have lost a day with the series.

Okay: We have 2 more questions. I intend to put question 8 up tonight and the final question up tomorrow. The Bachelor will pick his date which will be revealed on thursday and the identities of the remaining bachelorettes revealed on thursday as well.

Thanks a lot for the comments and the participation.....Just hang in there for the next 2 days....

From The Bachelor - Some words on the fantasy date

These dates were amazing. Honest. All of them got me thinking seriously, and it will definitely be hard to pick a winning date from this delightful selection.

Bachelorette 1.
You got me with the pampering and the exotic meal, but the sky-diving was off the chain. i am a bit of an adrenaline junkie (i'm just waiting for the weather to change so i can get my roller-blades out for another season of daily skating). i was really excited about jumping out of a plane and watching the lights of the city below our feet, in the company of the fun lady who made this happen. You would have won major brownie points for this one.

After the adventure, i think i would enjoy the roulette table as well. i have never been one for gambling, but i think i might enjoy the experience, especially after the earlier high adrenaline trip. who knows, we could play for private stakes if you're willing.... As for Room X. A gentleman never tells, so fear not. ;-)

Bachelorette 2:

Breakfast in bed, a helicopter ride, a trip to outer space and a weekend in Fiji. i wish i had the power to make these dreams come true. You sound like a very ambitious person (and a dreamer). these are traits that describe me. i love. You have my attention. I would have loved to hear what else you had planned for our weekend in Fiji, but i'll assume you'd prefer if we played that by ear. Anyway, after blowing my mind by flying me out to space, i'm sure i'd be pleased with anything you did after that (my mother raised a grateful man). In fact, i suspect i'd be trying to show my appreciation for the rest of the weekend - I think its safe to say that you wouldn't be doing any chores, that would be on me, and i'm a mean cook....

Bachelorette 3:

Get out of my head! Ok, i'm kidding, but you had a firm grip on my attention and you were rather reluctant to let go. Private box at Old Trafford to watch a game that Man U win. i was on a high. BMW drop on a summer day and a picnic in the park, you were killing me. All of this before you mentioned go-karting. Now that was a trip. more pandering to my adrenaline cravings, damn. why can't this come true, today? I feel like you tailored this date to my personal preferences, and i am flattered that you took the time to consider the things that matter to me. this was personal, and fun. i would have enjoyed this date very much....

Bachelorette 4:

Man U, the Fugees and Tracy Chapman? You got me. You also took the time to cater to my personal pleasures. i would have loved lauryn hill and tracy chapman the most. i can only imagine having time to speak to these women in person after their performances. after this you would be able to do no wrong in my eyes. Sadly, your reply was so late that it hasn't got the same impact. Other than that, i would have loved your date.

Thank you ladies, for taking the time out to be a part of this experience. This has been fun.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Bachelor - Episode 7

The Bachelor asked:

Continuing from friday's episode, you have the opportunity to plan a fantasy date with the Bachelor. Remember, its a fantasy, so use your imagination. You have complete control, so plan a date with the Bachelor that you both would enjoy, what would you do, where would you go? Throw caution to the wind, and set your imagination free. I am looking for originality and fun, make it happen.

Bachelorette 1

I will pick you up at your place for dinner; not your everyday dinner, something different: Thai, Greek maybe Egyptian; we shall skip desert cos' that's for later. Next stop is the air strip for some late night sky diving to get the adrenalin levels high for the next trip. After screaming our heads off it is off to the fancy hotel where we live and are like royalty..we get in and spend some small chips on the roulette table and just before we close our lots for the night, I excuse myself and leave you thinking I need to make a bathroom stop..someone slips you a note that says "Room X" and gladly escorts you there....

Is this the part where I say what happens in Room X stays in Room X ??!! OK, OK. remember we skipped desert.. how about the best rich and smooth Belgian chocolate topped with drizzles of hazelnuts and a dab of honey for my lingerie and you can take your time while you eat it off me... That's all folks... we just have to hear the rest if the bachelor picks me...

Bachelorette 2

The bachelor and I would wake up to breakfast in bed. It would then be a speedy rush, as we'd probably be reluctant to get out of bed, to shower and get dressed. We would be wearing comfortable clothes as my fantasy date would be a surprise. We'd go to the top of my beautiful penthouse where the helipad is located. A quick helicopter ride later, we would have arrived at the secret location … of the Virgin space shuttle! Our fantasy date would be flying out of space and seeing the universe. We would enjoy a once in our life time experience. I think it would be amazing to see the earth, the moon and the other planets from that vantage point. It would be something new that we would both experience and never ever forget.

When we finally float down to earth, literally and emotionally, we'd land in Fiji for the rest of the weekend which would be a fittingly beautiful place for us to come down from the highs of outer space.

Bachelorette 3

I'll spend the night, before our date, at a hotel in Manchester. I'll let you know you should be ready by 9am, dressed casually. On Saturday morning, I'll pick you up, driving a BMW convertible with the top down. I'll be wearing a cute, little Man U jersey with shorts.
As we arrive to our destination, you'll realise where we are: Old Trafford, Manchester United's Stadium. I'll have a jersey for you to change into. My little surprise for you is: I have been able to get us a private box, just you and me. As we settle into our comfy chairs, breakfast will be served and we'll watch as the stadium gradually gets filled. I actually enjoy watching football so I will be into the game as much as you are. Of course, Man U will win and you'll get to meet 2 of your favourite players :-)

Now that I have you happy and grinning from ear to ear, I know you'll be in a good mood for the rest of the day. This will be a nice, sunny, summery day so we'll head out for a picnic. I'll have a picnic basket packed and we'll find the perfect spot where we won't be disturbed. We'll spend this time getting to know each other more, talking about anything and everything... no alcohol, no heavy food because things are going to get a bit 'active' later.

When we're done with the picnic, done with lazing around, I'll drive us to the last venue for the day - Go-karting (this is what I meant when I said 'active'). This should be FUN - we'll have a great time, I can be a little competitive, so this should be FUN!!! We'll spend a couple of hours here, share some ice-cream and then it'll be time for me to get you back home.

We'll get to yours and spend ages talking in the car. You'd have had so much fun today that YOU will kiss me and I'll reciprocate of course, it'll be so tempting to take this inside but we won't...

Bachelorette 4

Olawunmi, since this is a fantasy date, it means I am free to go crazy. Fantasies are after all, fantasies...right?

Well, first of all, since I love good surprises, I will surprise you by not telling you where we are going or what we are going to do. With the little I know about you, I hope to be able to rock your world. First of all, I will blind fold you and take you to watch a Man U match. I'll buy us front row seats where we will be so close that we will think we are part of the game. We'll cheer your team on from our seats and have a blast. After that, we will take our cameras, go into the streets and do some unadulterated, "make-up-less" people-snapping. Some times, the best things in life are natural and pure. By now, we will definitely be hungry, so I will suggest we both be completely sponteneous and try something we both have not tried before. We will eat our fill, and then we will go to a poetry parlour to listen to talented people play with words. We'll connect on a different level.

After this, we'll go home for my next surprise. Once again, I'll blindfold you and take you to the top (roof) of your house. In my mind, your roof will not be made of zinc...or else that will ruin everything. On the roof, there will be a rich carpet spread on the floor and the most comfortable couch sitting on it. We'll take our seats, after which I will loosen your blinds and voila! Standing in front of us will be the original fugees...yes, with Wyclef & Lauryn Hill. They'll entertain us, while we cuddle on the couch and maybe occasionally dance. But that's not all! To end a private concert like that without yes.... you guessed it... Tracy Chapman hypnotizing us with her voice would be unreal. So after the Fugees, Tracy Chapman would end the concert with her love longs. We'll listen. We'll get lost in music. Her music. Our music.

When Tracy & The fugees pack up and leave, we'll speak through our bodies, right there on the plush carpet. We'll speak the unspoken language. I'll blind fold you again,and take off your clothings one by one,I'll kiss,tease,caress you and then we'll make love under the stars and the full moon. I'll get carpet burns, but they will be burns of pleasure. Sweet burns. We'll be totally inhibited.

Last but not least, we'll take a warm bubble bath, after which we will sleep like babies in each other's arms.

Friday, March 16, 2007

A little distraction......

Stumbled into bed
Tired to the bone
Unable to form any coherent thoughts
Barely able to take a shower
My head had barely touched the pillow
When sweet sleep took over

When did i wake up?
Why am i in the parking lot of my office?
Whose car is this i am in?

Oh i get it now
You're here

I am excited
How did you get here?
This is such a suprise
I thought you never wanted to be around me anymore
But that's stuff for later
Come here let me give you a huge hug
I have missed you you know?

Talking and laughing
Sitting in this strange car
That feels so familiar
Then you're kissing me
Passionately and possessively
And telling me you dont understand why it has been so long
What has kept us apart for so long?
Never again you say

I am stunned but ecstatic
Finally you stubborn soul
You finally get what everyone has known for so long
That we belong together

I feel intense joy
Feelings that words cannot begin to describe overwhelm me
But what i know for sure is that i am home
With you, in this unfamilar car that feels so familar

Then i am in darkness
Where did you go?
A dream
But such a vivid dream
I stretched my arm out in a futile search
Hoping my hand would hit the solid form of you
How could it have been a dream?
I am hit with a profound sense of loss and disappointment
How can it have been a dream?
It felt so right
So right
So right

Now i can only think of you
I imagine i hear your voice in the next room
I think i smell you
I cant think
Such a vivid dream
A dream that's making my reality so empty

*Had to interrrupt the series with this. Its been on my mind since i woke up today and i have so many words threatening to tumble out of me but there is no logic or sequence. The words are just hanging. Ever feel like just opening your mouth and letting words just pour out. Not to anyone in particular but just to let them out in the vain hope that once they are out, the thoughts and feelings behind them will be out as well?*

The Bachelor - Episode 6

The Bachelor asked:

Bachelorettes: We live in an age when women are freer to pursue their desires. There's a man on the fringes of your immediate social circle. He's friends with your friends, and so you see him around when you go out. He's single, and unattached (you checked) andyou really like him. He's good-looking, and from what you have heard, he's quite the catch. You have spoken a couple of times, but you would like to know him better. You have heard that he might be interested in you as well, but he keeps his distance because of the close proximity to your other friends. Would you make a move on him, and if so how would you go about this?

Bachelorette 1:

I will most definitely make a move: ask him to coffee. Coffee dates in my opinion are the best, it is early, you can make your deicision quick. It is not awkward OR not as awkward as a movie date or a dinner date. You go in, order coffee, make small talk and if we are both interested, make a date for movie if the sparks continue to fly, we can turn it up a notch with friday dancing at the dome.....

Bachelorette 2:

I would find out what his number was and call him. A little random and unexpected but I give good phone. I am able to strike up a conversation with anyone about anything and I am a good listener.

I would say something like - " Hey I got your number from blah blah and decided to call you. I've seen you a few times but we've never really talked so i thought this would be a good opportunity. How are you? How was your day/weekend? What are you doing right now? What do you actually do for a living?" etc. I'd try and find out what his interests are and suggest doing something accordingly e.g. If he's into art, suggest a gallery or exhibition. If we have no common interests, then I'd suggest going to a bar or going for dinner so we can hang out and talk some more.

I would end the conversation once we've set a date, with " Ok let me leave you to ___ (go back to whatever it is he was doing). It's been really interesting talking to you. I had no idea how funny you are! And your voice on the phone .... hmmmm don't make me even start! This is my number _ _ _ . We should definitely talk some more. See you on ____. Bye!"

Bachelorette 3:

I like to tell myself that if I see something I want, I'll get it.To be honest with you, although I am outgoing, I can be very shy. If I really like a guy, my friends would be able to tell because I get really quiet and try to make some eye contact to guage his reaction.

In this particular situation, I'll start to include him in conversations, ask questions directed at him and try to look him straight in the eye and probably look down, I can be so shy!
As I get more comfortable, I'll begin to flirt with him - more eye contact and little smiles. Hopefully, he'll respond to this and then I'll turn it up a notch, a little touch here, ask him if I look nice in my outfit, laugh at his jokes, have short conversations with him away from our group of friends, little things like that.

I'd love it if he asks me out at this point but if he doesn't as long as I can tell he's interested, I'll ask him if he wants to hang out sometime, just me and him.

Bachelorette 4:

Hmmm, this is a tricky situation. First of all, I'm not too keen on dating a friend of a friend (or friends). This is because there would be too much familiarity, and should the relationship not work out, someone would get booted from the circle of friends, and that someone would more than likely be him. So for me to even consider dating such a man, I would have to be very sure of him. In fact, if I could, I would get a signed statement from God, with Angels being his witness, where God assures me that my relationship with said friend has absolutely no chance of failing. But since I know this will never happen, I will just have to use my intuition the best way I can.

Yes, we live in an age where women are freer to pursue their desires, but I also believe that men and women are different. I believe men love the thrill of the chase, and women love the thrill of being chased. Hence, I'd rather be chased than do the chasing.

That being said, assuming my intuition gives me the feeling that things would work out with me and him, I would give him subtle hints to know that I like him. He will have to be really slow to not know I like him; people usually know when someone likes them and blind to see that I 'm a phenomenal woman. I'm great with my words, so I would verbally flirt with him. I don't mean I would say things like, "do you want to see my red thong?", but I will definitely do my best to let him know how I feel about him. If after all this, he does not 'chase' me, then I would let it go. I'd assume he is just not into me or just gay.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Bachelor - Episode 5

The Bachelor asked:

You're out on a date with the Bachelor, its a formal thing, and you're beautifully turned out. Infact, when he picked you up, he couldn't help remarking at how stunning you looked. The event is an evening of contemporary recitals of Shakepeare's drama and poetry at one of the famous Playhouses followed by dinner at which you will have to mingle with other special guests. Tickets for this event were really hard to get, and you have both been looking forward to this for a long time.You and the Bachelor are running slightly late, but you get there just in time. And then disaster strikes.

Getting out of the car, your knee-length dress gets caught in the door frame, and rips at the hem. You now have a 4-inch slit where the designer never intended one, that goes a couple of inches above your knee. Naturally, you're distraught, because your perfect outfit has been ruined. (The Bachelor doesn't agree, and he still thinks you're beautiful). Its too late to go back home to change, or to go into the stores. Your options are to abandon the date, or grin and bear it. What do you do, and why? How would you handle yourself? Has this ever happened to you before, and if so, what did you do?

Bachelorette 1

I would go for the date, the tickets were hard to get, I shall not and will not let a 4" slit which eventually would become a fashion statement ruin my night. I shall powder my nose, apply my lipstick again and gently come out of the car [with my million dollar smile..] and enjoy the show ; besides, the bachelor likes the way I look and even if he has a problem with it, Louis Vuitton had 'Ghana must go bags' on the run way so??!!..

The trick with mingling with important people when you are not on top of your game is[PERSONALITY] keep a straight face, away from whatever makes you uncomfortable, smile always or BEAM not grin silly.... make small talk here and there, pass loads of compliments and when a nice lady points at the rip in your dress, simply tell her you wanted the designer to add a special touch plus it reflects the mood you are in.. calmly make an excuse while touching her arm and move away..... works all the time....

I don't think you want to know how I tripped and fell flat on my nose, lost the heel to one my beautiful darocha pumps at a seminar in NY in front of Dr Ottis Sullivan, a prominent person in my field. Lets just say I got up, smiled awkwardly, apologised for being silly and continued with my presentation.. oh! it was for an internship with Dr Ottis.. I did not get the internship not because I tripped and fell but because I was in my 2nd yr.. Dr Ottis is my Mentor now.... [Talk about I WAS GONNA DIE MOMENT, "GROUND PLEASE OPEN UP AND TAKE ME IN"....]

Bachelorette 2

Hahaha - this sort of thing doesn't phase me at all. First of all, I would have been looking forward to this night for ages. I am not now going to let some pesky "wardrobe malfunction" ruin my evening. The enforced slit just means I get to show some leg. As long as I'm not flashing my coochie, I have enough class and self-confidence to carry it off like it was the style. I usually have a safety pin in my purse (always be prepared) so I'd quickly go to the bathroom, pin it at the top so it doesn't rip any further. When we are sitting down at the recital - I would make sure to cross my legs so he can peek at the flash of leg. (If you've got it flaunt and boy do I got it!)

This has happened in some form or another - strap breaking, button popping, slit widening etc. but usually just as I'm about to leave my house. The worst time was at a work party. I was wearing a bustier and my zip broke. I wasn't wearing a bra because the bustier was quite supportive, so I was in danger of exposing my breasts to everyone at work. I obviously felt it give way, so I sharply pinned my hands to my side and quietly backed away to the bathroom. Luckily I had a scarf on me so I tied it around my shoulders and looped at my back. I was able to cover up the bad bits and spent the rest of the evening (luckily it was towards the end) standing sort of stiffly and not moving too much so as to not aggravate it further. But it was all good, I don't think anyone noticed and I was still my charming self albeit "a little tired".

Bachelorette 3

I think this is as bad as turning up at a small gathering, feeling CUTE, only to find out there's another woman wearing the exact same outfit! When this happened to me, I had no choice but to grin and bear it. I actually walked up to her and asked where she got her outfit from, we both laughed and enjoyed the rest of our night.

So, in this situation, I will grin and bear it. Considering how hard it was to get tickets and how much we've been looking forward to this night. Because I believe my date still thinks I look good. Because I am confident in myself and I know I can make this slight mishap look good, I'd be glad to mingle while flaunting what I know are toned, smooth and well moisturised legs. We'll have a really good night, he won't be able to take his eyes off me and my legs.When he walks me to my door, I'll let him run his hand up my exposed leg, whisper into his ear that as the dress is already ripped, some other time, he won't have to be careful, he can rip it a little more, then I'll kiss him and say goodnight.

Bachelorette 4

The bachelor is a gentleman, who would not say anything to upset me. If he said anything contrary that will be worse than the dress accident.

I will run into the rest room, get a pair of scissors and snip the dress to the point were the slit ends, (it is just 4 inches) and make a design with the scissors. But to spare the men at the function the distraction (Because I don't just have beautiful skin, I've got amazing legs too thank you) and to respect my darling even though he insists I look beautiful, I will get my coat and wear it over the dress. I'll unbutton the coat to my waist but will not expose the slit and give the world my 100 watt smile and if anybody wants know why I have refused to take off my coat, I'll smile and answer politely, I don't want to drive anyone crazy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Drum Roll Please: Unmasked

Bachelorette 7:

She was the last bachelorette to come on board and she juggled this with her very busy life. I love this young woman especially because i have known her for so long and think of her as my little sister - ZaiPrincesa. Thank you so much my dear especially because i know that while you did this and had fun, you came on board more because i asked you and i imagine saying no would have been hard for you. LOL. Thank you soooooo much.

Bachelorette 6

I was pleasantly suprised when this young woman agreed to be one of the bachelorettes. She has a fabulous blog that requires research and hard work so i am sure making time for this was a mini miracle. A huge round of applause for Mona. Thank you so much for being a part of this.

Bachelorette 2:

This is a woman that i am so fond of. My fellow bollywood fan and lover of all things Indian, my vacation partner - the divine Daddy's Girl. This woman works so hard and i am so glad that she made time out of her schedule to do this. Thank you....

The Bachelor:

Ah this man. He is the one and only: Olawunmi. Of course most of you guessed right so London Buki will not be eating a hair omelet (yuck!). Thank you so much for agreeing to do this and for dealing with me becoming a dictator about this as well. I hope this is as much fun for you as it is for me.

The Bachelor - Stage 2 begins

So he has made his decision.

Stage 2 of the series will mean that the ladies will have to step up their game. Kick it up a notch. It will still be questions and responses and of course voting and comments continue. I have updated the poll so only the selected ladies can be voted for. I have switched the order of the bachelorettes around as well.

The series ends next wednesday when he will pick his blog honey and the identities of all the remaining player will be revealed.


Words from The Bachelor - Decisions, Decisions

Dear Bachelorettes,

this has been a very interesting experience indeed. while it has been fun devising the questions to identify your different personalities, it has been even more pleasurable to read your answers. the results have been revealing and intriguing indeed. i appreciate the time that it took to come up with your responses, and i am very grateful for your participation.

sadly, the time has come for me to pick the front-runners, a task that comes with an unpleasant price. it means that a few of you will no longer be direct participants in this experience, and that is sad. i would love to continue reading all of your answers to some of the interesting questions which are sure to follow.

this has not been an easy decision for me to make, but i have decided to keep Bachelorettes 3 & 5, and 1 & 4. i want to reiterate my gratitude to Bachelorettes 2, 6 and 7, and the Mystery Lady for their participation. i wish only that the Mystery Lady were not such an enigma, it would have been nice to see how she would have done as the Bachelor series drew to a conclusion. sadly, because her identity will not be revealed, we have had to forgo that opportunity in the interests of fairness.

thank you very much. i have had fun with this.

the bachelor

A little distraction....

Guess who?

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Bachelorette 6

Before the reveal.....

Who do you think the bachelor is?

Who are the 4 bachelorettes that move into the final round and can you guess who they really are?

Can you guess at the real identities of the other 3 bachelorettes?

I've got prizes.......

The Bachelor - Episode 4

What to say, what to say!

Tomorrow will be the big reveal episode - the bachelor will be revealed to all, the finalists he has chosen will be revealed and the identities of the ladies that he didnt pick will be revealed as well. I expect that things will get even hotter if that's possible. Many many thanks to everyone for the comments and especially to Snazzy & Soul for their in-depth analysis. There were many calls from the bachelorettes to edit their responses as i saw fit and of course i have chosen not to do that at all. Now with this particular question, he asked the ladies to describe themselves in detail and to help along he asked are you an introvert/extrovert. These ladies really went to town and i am so excited because i can truly get a picture of who each of these ladies is now. So here goes:

The Bachelor asked: Describe yourself in detail. What kind of person do you think you are? Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Bachelorette 1:

I am a constant reflection of my environment yet I never fail to stand out. I have been described as a walking paradox but I think this enables most people to find something interesting about me as I am multifaceted. I dont want to go on too much about how i look because I would rather attract you with what you can glean from my character than how I look - besides I could very well lie. That being said, I am sexy as hell and quite vivacious. I pride myself on being fun and interesting. Life with me would never be boring.

Bachelorette 2:

I’m like a special-edition multiple-coated bar of Magnum ice-cream – there are lots of delicious layers to me, each waiting to be discovered and savoured… I’ll say one thing for myself… I never get boring. There are a lot of contradictions in my personality:

deep and intense but also easygoing and light-hearted,
silly and playful but mature,
a bit crazy and slightly eccentric but also responsible,
philosophical but also real and down-to-earth,
intuitive and spontaneous but also a planner,
sweet but sometimes very, very sarcastic,
mild-mannered but also full of spice,
quiet but strong and gutsy,
organized but scattered,
spiritual but sensual,
argumentative but peaceful,
a thinker but also a very physical person,
understated but also a free spirit,
tough but also tender-hearted,
naughty and sometimes slightly outrageous but also very nice,
sometimes controversial but also your girl-next-door,
dynamic but also a bit conventional,
a ‘homebody’ but also very outdoorsy,
absent-minded but passionate,
mild but also very sassy when I’m in the mood,
shy but bold,
a realist but an optimist,
a total klutz but very composed,
purposeful (or ‘strong-headed’ as we prefer to put it in Naija) but also open to advice from people I respect,
calm but very impatient (when I want something I usually want it like yesterday),
very focused but also very indecisive sometimes,
serious when the occasion demands but also very fun-loving,
so simple but oh-so-complex…

I would definitely consider myself a people person, although I’m neither gregarious nor particularly outgoing. I love being with people, watching (not stalking) people, listening to (more than talking to, actually – but not when they don’t know when to shut their big mouths) people, interacting with people, and studying people; finding out who they are and what makes them tick. Most people’s first impression of me is that I’m rather quiet and shy – and to an extent they’re right, but there’s a lot more to me.

I am very creative and imaginative. I’m also a perfectionist – I like to do what I’m really good at and I like to be the best. This can be very bad because it means that when I discover I’m not too great at something, I tend not to stick with it.

I hate confrontation! It’s one of my biggest flaws because I find myself taking a lot of crap from people sometimes, all because I want to avoid getting into a fight with them. I’m working on that, though!

There is a part of me that is intensely personal and a bit mysterious, that I like to keep under wraps and expose only to those who know me very well.

Bachelorette 3:

Can I fully describe myself?
Let me try.

Not one to start to a converation, but once I get into the conversation, I can be a good gist partner. I like to listen to people,I believe you can learn from everyone,I am observant and sensitive. I am a more of an introvert but if I am with people I am comfortable with I can be a bit more outgoing and chatty,totally diferent from quiet me.Composed.

My motto is try anything at least once! Because of my demure manner many people underestimate me and truly I like that! I like it when I see the surprise on their faces; Craziness is a combination of spontantiety and creativity. I'm unafraid to dare. I am very,very,very adventuorous and I will do and give the unexpected any day.

I'm not the king's jester, but I find humour in everything. This has helped me to get through the diffcult situations. Laughter is an amazing medicine for the soul. I love to laugh, joke and fool around.

Sometimes I think this is a bad thing, in that I worry about other people too much. I truly feel other people's pain and share in their laughter and joys too. I am concerned about what you are doing and will help a great deal. I also like to cater to my man, in every way, he may need.

You can't walk all over me - I am a tough cookie. You can't get me to change my mind very easily, you have to truly persuade me and I must be totally and absolutely convinced.Often times, I like to have it my way, but for one I truly love I might bend a bit. I have this I don't care what you say or think, this is me, accept me attitude

Bachelorette 4:

I am outgoing; I love to meet people and make friends. I like travelling and spending time with people who appreciate me + having loads of fun. I also like to read and love music. Part of my weekends are spent at the jazz hole or bluescafe listening to good poetry and music.. I enjoy road trips and need no reason to jump in the car and drive for hours just because someone in Maine which is a 5hr drive from home said they have the best clam chowder!! I am in touch with my inner child and I enjoy going to theme parks (I love 6 flags and I have been on most of the rides...LOL). I love talking or chatting.. no TALKING... I love to talk about all kinds of topics including the 'taboos', I love learning new things and I am not afraid to say "I dont know" if I have no clue what is going on!!

Bachelorette 5:

I am outgoing BUT the first time I meet somebody, I am very reserved. I think it's my way of sizing people up, I don't know.
I have definitely calmed down a bit although I still have my days when I am so full of energy, you'd think I'm on 'something', SERIOUSLY!
I have been told I am funny, I see people laugh at things I say and I wonder why(especially when I am being serious)! It does amuse me when I see this though.

Bachelorette 6:

I can be both introverted and extroverted...I am somewhat quiet when you first meet me, but those who know me know me, and know that I ain't. I am seen as quiet and dainty but a bit opposite when you get used to me, not that I am wild just very down to earth and a bit on the mad side contrary to what you may perceive when you look at me.

Bachelorette 7:

Who am i? I am a sister, a friend, a daughter, a lover, a fighter, a dreamer, a confidant, an artist, a dancer, a chef, a thinker, a listener, a joker, a writer and a, to describe myself, in more words, I'll say, I Am an extrovert, very personable, but I can be shy and moody at times, especially around people I don't vibe with. Im hardworking and dependable, even though I have my lazy moments as well, especially when I drift off to dreamland; im a fun person, always laughing, but im also sensitive, especially when it comes to matters and things that are dear to me. I am very independent; I can be stubborn, and opinionated, at times, but im not inflexible. Im very versatile, intuitive, and observant; sometimes to the point of being Im very passionate and affectionate, an incurable romantic, but life, and experience has given me a cynical edge as well. I am generous, sometimes to a fault, but generally, im an easy-going, even tempered woman.

Mystery Lady:

I am me - with a public and private side. In public, I am a lady in every sense of the word. I am polite even to the most obnoxious people, I carry myself with class and dignity, legs crossed at all times, never a hair out of place. I will smile and carry on conversations about anything and everything. Now my private side - the side that comes out with people that i am very comfortable with is loud and boisterous. Likes to be the center of attention. I am opinionated and very passionate about things that are dear to me. I can be very intense and can be moody as well but these periods dont last for too long. Most people would describe me as being introverted. I dont agree. I just dont see the need to talk all the time or put myself out there if i dont feel truly comfortable.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Bachelor Episode 3 (2)

I am so irritated with this silly Blogger right now. I have tried to edit the last post to include Bachelorette 1's responses but its acting up. So i am trying this way instead and i hope it works:

Bachelorette 1:

Ok the weekend for me starts on Friday, and Friday is all about doing something fun. We would get home sometime in the evening. Order take out and a few bottles of wine – Piat D'or, Vouvray and some White Zinfandel or Grenache. (I'm not saying we would drink it all – it's more of a sample of the selection available) All manner of drinking games and talking will ensue. Alcohol loosens most tongues and we will both probably disclose more than we normally would. I think it's a good icebreaker as you can be both be silly and open without feeling too self-concious. Once we both completely tired, it's off to bed. Separate bedrooms – this is our first date and I'm still getting to know you. (I don't give it up that easily!)


I expect to sleep in because we would have been up till really late. If you're an early riser, there would be breakfast stuff available – croissants, pain au chocolat, fresh bread, juice, cereal, and a full coffee machine, or tea. If you wanted a big greasy breakfast, there would also be eggs, sausages, bacon, etc. (But you would be making all that yourself as I would be in bed!) Should you decide to surprise me with breakfast in bed cos you miss my company soo much, you'd earn brownie points. ;-)

Once we're up, if you're a sports person, you'd probably want to watch it on TV. I'd sit somewhere comfortable reading a book (unless you enjoy me bugging you about the rules of the game and what's going on). In the afternoon, we'd make lunch together. Rice and some very hot spicy beef stew (with dodo), propped up with some red wine. After lunch, we'd watch a movie – I'd probably fall asleep half way unless it was really enthralling. In the evening we'd just chill listening to music. Some old school soul or mellow neo-soul would do.

I love music and my music collection goes way back. If you were into music, we'd probably spend ages discussing our favourites or if you weren't I'd be educating you on your classics. Just know that if you don't know Sade's – stronger than pride, Rufus – sweet thing, Tracy Chapman – fast car, or at least have heard of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, and have an appreciation for Lauryn Hill, we are like soo over. We'd have dinner (knock up something light/leftovers or Sushi – which I would expect you to at least try if you haven't had it before) and if you've impressed me enough, spend the evening making out/cuddling. We could also pretend to watch some of my tv shows – I dare you to watch a few episodes of Heroes and not get hooked – or another movie.


We would get up and go for walk. There must be scenic areas around us that we can go round. If we cant actually go out, we could sit in the garden or patio to get some fresh air. We'd have Sunday lunch together - either efo or ogbono with some nice pounded yam. We would then just chill afterwards and let the food digest. Then it would be time to say goodbye with a lingering kiss and promise to do this again sometime soon.

The Bachelor - Episode 3

This post is going to be long and that's because the ladies really put their backs into this question. I think their personalities come through from this point on. The Bachelor asked:

If you had to spend an entire weekend indoors with the bachelor, how would you make it interesting? Whatwould you do and say to make sure that neither of you gets bored?

Bachelorette 1

Bachelorette 2

Bachelor boy, I don’t know much about you – your favourite sports, your favourite food, your hobbies, or what kind of music you like (I blog from a silent workplace, so I can’t even listen to the special Bachelor sound-bytes). So I can only hope that you’ll like what I have planned for you this weekend. I’m flexible though – we can mix it up a bit. I should mention first that the weekend will be spent at my very fictional but also very beautiful and luxurious chalet in the Swiss Alps – perfect for weekend getaways. I should also mention that there is no way on earth you will get bored with such great company – and since you seem like a pretty interesting person yourself, I’m sure I won’t get bored either. And now for the play-by-play…

Friday evening & night:

It’s the end of a busy week, so I’m guessing you want to unwind, put your feet up and relax. (I know I do). I’ve got just the thing for you – an intimate dinner by candlelight for two. What’s your flava (tell me, what’s your flava)? Italian? Chinese? Moroccan? Thai? Japanese? Whatever you desire, the table will be laid accordingly. There’ll also be great music playing in the background.

We’ll have a leisurely meal with great conversation and your choice of wine (what do you think of Chardonnay?), then we’ll load up the dish-washer (only takes a minute), after which (wineglasses in hand) we’ll stretch out in front of the fire, listen to the music, dance (did I mention that I love to dance?), share memories and just talk (about family, friends, politics, life, whatever), get to know each other better…

We could also play a few games if you’re up for it. There’s ‘Battle of the Sexes’, in which we’ll each try to win supremacy for our gender, or there’s ‘Dirty Minds’ (a lot of fun), or how about good old ‘Spin the Bottle’? There’s also that role-play, dress-up game where each we get to guess who the other person is, based on costumes and accents. Always good for a laugh. There are also a few, shall we say, risqué, games that will be kept under wraps for now – I’m not gonna play all my cards at once.

Saturday morning:

After all the activity of Friday night, Saturday is a good day to sleep in and wake up slowly – and on this Saturday we’ll wake up to a sumptuous, lazy breakfast in bed. English? Continental? Nigerian? (Ogi ati Moin-Moin LOL) Again, your choice.

After a very relaxed breakfast, it’s time for the next activity. Can you guess what it is? Here are a few clues… tight, short, sexy clothes, movements that remind you of just how… emm… flexible the human body is, muscles tightening and rippling, lots of opportunities to move in close to each other under the pretext of ‘spotting’ your partner… and emm… sweat! Followed by an invigorating, yet relaxing shower? Yep, it’s a Saturday morning work-out session in my well-equipped personal gym. Did you know that, in addition to all the other benefits; vigorous exercise produces amazing levels of endorphins, giving you a natural high? And you know what happens to inhibitions when you get high… ok I’m really trying very hard to entice you with this idea, but if even after all this toasting, working out is not your thing, we’ll simply pick up where we left off yesterday night (the games – oh, and did I mention that I’ve got an indoor bowling alley?). By the way, just to see if I can sway you, you should probably know that I give a really great post-workout massage…

Saturday afternoon:

Ok, so I know a lot of guys are into the beautiful game, and you might very well be one of them… I’m also aware that a lot of big games are played on Saturdays – so this might be a good time for you to ask your closest buddies over for some football-watching fun. Now I’m not the biggest footie fan in the world, but I always enjoy watching ecstatic and/or anxious and/or sad soccer fans, so I’ll enjoy it too, in my own warped way. I’ll also be busy keeping you and your boys plied with drinks and snacks (I am the hostess, after all), and I’ll be rooting for the underdog to win each match (cos I always do). Ok – if you’re not into football, or you really don’t want the guys intruding on our special little weekend, there’s a plan B: we watch our sports of choice together (I choose tennis and athletics – and no, the fact that both sports feature scantily-dressed, extremely fit men exerting themselves to the point of exhaustion has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. I will only have eyes for YOU).

Saturday evening & night:

It’s movie night! You get to choose the first movie, I get to choose the second. If we aren’t too tired afterwards, we draw straws on who gets to pick the third. We get to critique each other’s choices, and the better critique wins a very special treat (again, not gonna spill all the beans just yet). As we watch, we share giant tubs of popcorn, and our favourite drinks. And if that doesn’t hit the spot for you, we can order in.

Sunday morning & afternoon:

Now I personally like to do church early on Sunday mornings – do you? Since we can’t go out, we could catch an online or TV service. Suitably inspired by the service (oh, and by the way, if you’re not into church, you can catch an extra hour of sleep while I catch the service), it’s time to move on to the next item on the agenda – brunch. A delicious, decadent meal just for the two of us.

I know you’re very family-oriented, so this would also be a good time to call the parents and siblings and have those loving Sunday conversations. Then after brunch, we relax in the living room, where we gist some more, laugh and read, with music playing in the background. You get to read some of your favourite passages from the books you love to me, and I get to read to you too. Sounds mundane, perhaps, but believe me, there is no better way to experience the power of words. At some point, I fancy an afternoon nap curled up together on the sofa. What do you think?

Sunday evening & night:

Time to wind waaay down in preparation for another busy week ahead. So we go for a dip in my warm indoor pool. (I hope you can swim, but if not, no worries, I have those floating bed-like thingamajigs) The pool has a glass roof, so we float lazily on the water and watch the sun set together, with, as usual, beautiful music in the background. As night falls, we linger by the pool and watch the moon and the stars – magical. We spend a little time sipping mojitos and getting all our kinks worked out by the jets in the tiny little jacuzzi. Then we shower and go straight to bed, looking forward to the next weekend.

Bachelorette 3


We (Bachelor and I) would make a date for Friday nite @ his place...maybe about 7pm. I will get back from work, take a shower and shave/wax off every hair on my body (except my scalp). It wouldn't be a long shower; it'd just be a shower to wash off the dirt & sweat off my body, preparing me for the even better shower. I will order his favorite take out (since I wouldn't be in the mood to cook). Assuming this happens in the winter, I would wear a matching bra & thong in his favorite color, and I'll wear a thigh-length coat with black knee-length boots to his house. When I come in to his house, I'll immediately start my fun @ the door...where I will unbutton my coat for his viewing pleasure and do a strip tease to PCD Buttons.

It takes no genius to figure out what happens after he sees what lies beneath my coat. After that, we'll take a long milk bath where we'd get naughty & make bubbles. Of course, we'd have to take another shower after that. When we've exhausted our physical strength, we'll replenish with the food and wine I brought along.

From there, we will play a game we both enjoy - like twister. It's gonna be good, clean fun...with a twist of sexiness, maybe. But the point of the game would be for us to be friends and drop romance for a minute. We'll have ourselves in a twist and we'll fall out laughing. We'll gist about us and everyone else. We'll leave romance and all the pressure and be friends. Best friends.

Before we know it, it's time to go to bed. When we go into the bedroom, I'll groom my man. I'll clip his toe nails and clean the wax out of his ears. Then I'll give him a massage with one of those massage oils that warm on contact,while soft sensual music plays in the background. Do you need details of what goes on after the massage?

That's all for Friday.


I'll wake up and make some kinda big breakfast for us - something we both like. He'll keep me company while I cook in the kitchen. I'll tease him about the funny sounds he made last night. We'll laugh and eat.

When our food digests, we'll both clean the house up. I'll do the kitchen and bathroom; he'll vacuum the living room and bedrooms and he'll take out the trash. When we're done with cleaning, we'll take a nice, hot shower together, after which we may or may not get naughty. We'll watch the home video we made on his last birthday (not porn please!). We'll reminise on old times.

I'll have him read to me one of his favorite poetry books.

We might play another game, but a challenging one like Scrabble.

We'll have a small simple candlelit dinner, after which we'll do a little dancing.

We'll go to bed at the end of the night.


We'll go to Church wearing matching colors (ex: I might have a orange shirt while he'll have an orange tie.). We'll listen to the gospel and occasionally act like kids and pinch each other. After Church, we'll come home and I'll cook us some rice and stew (classic Naija sunday lunch meal).
After we have had our rest, we'll play a guessing game,where he'll guess what gifts,I bought for him.Then I'll give him his gifts. (I spoil my man,I do not wait for special events only)

Then in the evening, I'll return to the reality of my home.

Bachelorette 4

Lazy weekends as I like to call them would be spent making love a gazillion and gabillion times over, reading the paper while passing it (I love the funnies and gossip section) to each other, making food from scratch and eating it to our hearts delight, making love, watching a good movie, talking about the movie and poking fun and the funny bits and when our eyes bleed from all that movie watching, reading to you (there is something romantic when partners read to each other) at night we can watch the stars and other planets through the lens of the trusty telescope.

Bachelorette 5

I could say we'll spend most of the weekend in bed, on the couch, on the floor, wherever works. We'll take breathers here and there, watch TV, ofcourse we'll have to eat and get back to work cos I'm insatiable like that - LOL!!!

Seriously, I think this is the most difficult question so far:

Friday evening - Meet up at yours or mine, order some food and just relax and watch TV, keep ourselveves entertained. Go to bed and ummm - I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Saturday - I usually wake up early but I'm sure we'll be asleep till noon because of the night before. We'll take a shower together and it would be nice if you helped wash my hair, that is such a turn on. What we do right after the shower depends on the mood we are in, if you know what I mean.

I'd really enjoy watching you cook for me, I think it's HOT when a man cooks. We'll eat, then watch some TV or DVDs all cuddled up. This will be a very lazy day - we'll spend the rest of it just chilling and you know what.

Sunday - This question is really hard!
We'll have a lie-in, get out of bed late, shower. I'll cook you breakfast - Pancakes
I've always wanted to play Twister, it'll be fun for us to try that out. Why waste an opportunity to be intertwined? Whoever wins get a 'favour', something different.
If you have any other ideas for games, we'll try them out and spend the rest of the day being silly, eating and just having a good time.
When it's time for me to leave, you'll walk me to my taxi, just as I'm stepping into the taxi, I'll turn around, kiss you until you get really excited, stop, smile and say goodbye.

This was a really difficult question, wow!

Bachelorette 6

I would certainly buy loads of ingredients! And cook loads, get loads of supplies of you know what since we will be locked indoors heheh :P - well it's me and my man! Don't hate jo. Ermm loads of dvds, music, just set the ambience for a fun weekend but not put too much effort because that can backfire - I have had times when the guy pulled a sickie and hereI was making jacket potato from scratch and planning a 3-course dinner.

All in all, he will be guaranteed a GREAT time - I can be homely/motherly too, as I am a first born - so he will be well taken care of :o)

Bachelorette 7

Well, because it takes two to tango. I'll find out what his interests are, and then work with that. I would use this time to get to know him a lil' better, and vice versa. Since he is highly intelligent and well-read, I would find out what his views are on certain things, pick his brain a bit, so to speak, and if possible, learn something new from him and hopefully, him from me. Knowledge is a never ending process.

Also because he is adventurous and loves to have fun, I would try to make the atmosphere playful; come up with silly games, lol..even games from my childhood, like, hmm, table soccer, musical chairs..Spin the bottle, truth or dare...e.t.c ..; if im lucky enough to have access to electronic games as well, i.e, PS2, even a final fantasy and pro-evolution soccer fan..if he's interested in video games, we could play a round or two, depending on his interest level. Because im a music buff, and I love to dance, if we have access to music, I'll spin a record or two, show off my skills, and hopefully, he'll do the same.. I love to cook as well, so, in between all this, I'll whip up a few delicacies...They say the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach. Im a very spontaneous person, so, all in all, we'll just play it by ear and see how the weekend goes.

Hopefully, our auras will match up and we won't strangle ourselves or butt heads before the weekend is over.

Mystery Lady:

I am a fly by the cuff kind of girl so i will not have an hour by hour plan of what we will get up to but i have some general ideas. Movies are a go. Cuddled up on the couch or even wrapped up in blankets on the carpeted floor. Slow love making in the middle of a movie or hot hot sex in the kitchen. Whatever we feel like. Reading magazines or books in total silence, with my feet on your lap. Sometimes words are a distraction. Total silence but in total bliss knowing that you are there with me. Board games - maybe. I prefer to make up my own games with very naughty rewards. Naughty not sexual. Showers together, cooking together (i think there is something so intimate about a couple cooking together - there has to be a rythmn going or they just get in each other's way), massages, lots of I love yous. And some role playing with appropriate accessories (figure that one out). My type of weekend.

Sunday, March 11, 2007