Friday, March 09, 2007

Bachelorette 5


Soul said...

Bachelorette number 5..

I like it.
Casual, simple, easy. but oh soo subtly teasing.

She stands slightly to the side, but stares face on. Bold. (like the other bachelor in the red dress) but not confrontational.
I like the little revealing of the shoulders and the collar bone.
It's a tease, an unintentional sexiness.
the hand on the hip denotes sassiness as well.

I'll say you can this bachelorette anywhere. A high class function.. ok. Take her to the hood, and the homies would love her..
This avatar is uncluttered. (that'

Where the bachelor is concerned.. she is uncomplicated.

Noni Moss said...

I like the simplicity - she's casual and all but she's still striking!

snazzy said...

5's avatar is basically what you would expect to see from the type of things she said. A girl next door type, that's cool to hang with.

Soul said...

I think the Subtlety of this avatar has escaped you.

This avatar let's you have some milk but doesn't give away the cow.

It looks like the ok girl in the streets but the freak in the bed. this is the one that always has people guessing.

I'm waiting on the question which will open these bachelorettes up.
I'm sure they have much more to let out.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i am MOST DEFINITELY feeling bach5... love it love it love it...

hmmm...snazzy i dont know about "the girl next door"... i think this one classic soul said...she can be "sistah gurl" or "my lady"... abeg bach5 rawk on jare.... i will vote for you... i will make sure you win dont worry... see me later in my office

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

oh my gosh I like your style.. the black shirt is just gorgeous... so are you earrings and your hairstyle... but man i hate those pants ... lol... I feel like the top half of the girl and the bottom half don't really coordinate.. i feel the shirt and earrings and hair deserve a cute midcalf skirt or something and some stilettos.. while the pants call for a simple teeshirt and some pumas... and mayb this is just me sha.. but i like her though... her hair is just beautiful!!!

Daddy's Girl said...

Love this avatar... seems like the kinda girl everyone loves.

Daddy's Girl said...

Why do I suddenly think this is Buki?

Daddy's Girl said...

One more thing... I really like the way her avatar fits her self-description - down to the fact that she's in her kitchen. By the way, Buki, do you like to cook? Ok, actually now I'm starting to think this might even be Desola. Who knows, but it's fun guessing sha!

LondonBuki said...

LOL @ Daddy's Girl!!!

With you and Inspector Hawkins(Diamond), I pity all the bachelorettes!

I like this one too... very cute, simple but I love her look.