Thursday, March 01, 2007


I happen to like Jennifer Lopez. I adore her husband (Marc Anthony) but i like JLo. I have always hoped and prayed for her in her romantic life and i think she has finally found happiness.

She isnt a great singer but i think she is a decent performer and her stuff is catchy enough for me. She can dance. I think she is beautiful. I love the way she dresses. I love the way she laughs.

My song for today is the song that started her music career served with a twist:

Jennifer Lopez - If you had my love (Dark Child Remix)

Oh this song. I was in college when this came out and i remember being on vacation in New York and buying her On the 6 cd from the HMV in Times Square. I rocked this cd to death. And then in England, bought one of these mixed cds - think it was called Street Vibes 3 or something and this remix was on it. Oh my.

Anyway, this song makes me feel good so enjoy.

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LondonBuki said...

Dark Child remix...? Send please, don't know if I ever heard this.

JLo is not the best singer but I like a few of her songs too and she IS a performer...

Daddy's Girl said...

I like Jennifer Lopez too - she is multitalented and a very dedicated entertainer. Her voice may not be great but she makes up for it by maximising her other talents. And she's gorgeous. I'm glad she seems to have finally found happiness.