Tuesday, March 20, 2007

From The Bachelor - Some words on the fantasy date

These dates were amazing. Honest. All of them got me thinking seriously, and it will definitely be hard to pick a winning date from this delightful selection.

Bachelorette 1.
You got me with the pampering and the exotic meal, but the sky-diving was off the chain. i am a bit of an adrenaline junkie (i'm just waiting for the weather to change so i can get my roller-blades out for another season of daily skating). i was really excited about jumping out of a plane and watching the lights of the city below our feet, in the company of the fun lady who made this happen. You would have won major brownie points for this one.

After the adventure, i think i would enjoy the roulette table as well. i have never been one for gambling, but i think i might enjoy the experience, especially after the earlier high adrenaline trip. who knows, we could play for private stakes if you're willing.... As for Room X. A gentleman never tells, so fear not. ;-)

Bachelorette 2:

Breakfast in bed, a helicopter ride, a trip to outer space and a weekend in Fiji. i wish i had the power to make these dreams come true. You sound like a very ambitious person (and a dreamer). these are traits that describe me. i love. You have my attention. I would have loved to hear what else you had planned for our weekend in Fiji, but i'll assume you'd prefer if we played that by ear. Anyway, after blowing my mind by flying me out to space, i'm sure i'd be pleased with anything you did after that (my mother raised a grateful man). In fact, i suspect i'd be trying to show my appreciation for the rest of the weekend - I think its safe to say that you wouldn't be doing any chores, that would be on me, and i'm a mean cook....

Bachelorette 3:

Get out of my head! Ok, i'm kidding, but you had a firm grip on my attention and you were rather reluctant to let go. Private box at Old Trafford to watch a game that Man U win. i was on a high. BMW drop on a summer day and a picnic in the park, you were killing me. All of this before you mentioned go-karting. Now that was a trip. more pandering to my adrenaline cravings, damn. why can't this come true, today? I feel like you tailored this date to my personal preferences, and i am flattered that you took the time to consider the things that matter to me. this was personal, and fun. i would have enjoyed this date very much....

Bachelorette 4:

Man U, the Fugees and Tracy Chapman? You got me. You also took the time to cater to my personal pleasures. i would have loved lauryn hill and tracy chapman the most. i can only imagine having time to speak to these women in person after their performances. after this you would be able to do no wrong in my eyes. Sadly, your reply was so late that it hasn't got the same impact. Other than that, i would have loved your date.

Thank you ladies, for taking the time out to be a part of this experience. This has been fun.

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Daddy's Girl said...

Aawwww... nice response Olawunmi.