Monday, March 12, 2007

The Bachelor Episode 3 (2)

I am so irritated with this silly Blogger right now. I have tried to edit the last post to include Bachelorette 1's responses but its acting up. So i am trying this way instead and i hope it works:

Bachelorette 1:

Ok the weekend for me starts on Friday, and Friday is all about doing something fun. We would get home sometime in the evening. Order take out and a few bottles of wine – Piat D'or, Vouvray and some White Zinfandel or Grenache. (I'm not saying we would drink it all – it's more of a sample of the selection available) All manner of drinking games and talking will ensue. Alcohol loosens most tongues and we will both probably disclose more than we normally would. I think it's a good icebreaker as you can be both be silly and open without feeling too self-concious. Once we both completely tired, it's off to bed. Separate bedrooms – this is our first date and I'm still getting to know you. (I don't give it up that easily!)


I expect to sleep in because we would have been up till really late. If you're an early riser, there would be breakfast stuff available – croissants, pain au chocolat, fresh bread, juice, cereal, and a full coffee machine, or tea. If you wanted a big greasy breakfast, there would also be eggs, sausages, bacon, etc. (But you would be making all that yourself as I would be in bed!) Should you decide to surprise me with breakfast in bed cos you miss my company soo much, you'd earn brownie points. ;-)

Once we're up, if you're a sports person, you'd probably want to watch it on TV. I'd sit somewhere comfortable reading a book (unless you enjoy me bugging you about the rules of the game and what's going on). In the afternoon, we'd make lunch together. Rice and some very hot spicy beef stew (with dodo), propped up with some red wine. After lunch, we'd watch a movie – I'd probably fall asleep half way unless it was really enthralling. In the evening we'd just chill listening to music. Some old school soul or mellow neo-soul would do.

I love music and my music collection goes way back. If you were into music, we'd probably spend ages discussing our favourites or if you weren't I'd be educating you on your classics. Just know that if you don't know Sade's – stronger than pride, Rufus – sweet thing, Tracy Chapman – fast car, or at least have heard of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, and have an appreciation for Lauryn Hill, we are like soo over. We'd have dinner (knock up something light/leftovers or Sushi – which I would expect you to at least try if you haven't had it before) and if you've impressed me enough, spend the evening making out/cuddling. We could also pretend to watch some of my tv shows – I dare you to watch a few episodes of Heroes and not get hooked – or another movie.


We would get up and go for walk. There must be scenic areas around us that we can go round. If we cant actually go out, we could sit in the garden or patio to get some fresh air. We'd have Sunday lunch together - either efo or ogbono with some nice pounded yam. We would then just chill afterwards and let the food digest. Then it would be time to say goodbye with a lingering kiss and promise to do this again sometime soon.


LondonBuki said...

Ok... Bachelorette 1, Noni and Diamond will like you - separate rooms.

Good girl!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmm...i am very VERY suspicious of bach1....

but you did good! you def earned an extra vote....EXTRA VOTES...let me be

i was trying to comment since and now buki has beat me...

LondonBuki said...

Noni this is the second time I suspect this is you... the giveaway this time - HEROES!!!!


Diamond, I am the BEST! I will always be first. I am not Uzo's Blog Stalker for nothing!

DiAmOnD hawk said...
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Noni Moss said...

Lolll - LB - i was just about to say - i think this you! This is Buki - as the person said Heroes. You like that show mega time - and speaking of giveaway, didn' you mention watching it over the weekend? Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Hmmm plus with seperate bedrooms - this is defo more LB's style. Oya just confess!!!

I do like her weekend - not as extra as some of the others - simple, nice and realistic!!!

LondonBuki said...


You are a clown! To all of you out there - Noni and I LOVE Heroes! But all this extra jagbajantis - it is not me jare.

Bachelorette 1 is NOT BUKI!
Bachelorette 1 is NONI!


And I think this Bachelorette (NONI) thinks she knows who the Bachelor is.

Uzo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noni Moss said...

Hmmm- LB you've just given yourself away again. How do you know the "Bachelorette (LB) thinks she knows who the Bachelor is."??

It must be you as you obviously know the bachelor and must have tailored your answer accordingly. (oh and the fact that you're bringing it up is supposed to be a cover up? - LMAO!!!)

Lolll - ok everyone vote for LB. (Sorry Bach 1 ;-))

LondonBuki said...

Noni, you are such a clever lady! But this is not me, didn't you think I was another bachelorette last week. I can't even say I wish I were her cos... cos... cos infact...

I just want you all to remember this - when you find out who the Bachelorettes are.

Bachelorette 1 - Noni.

I think the key to finding out who the bachelorettes are is reading their responses and comparing them to writing styles on their blogs.

Noni, I like your red dress... NICE!

HA! What if this is Daddy's girl? Or Diamond? Only time will tell... This Bachelorette's writing style is very good.

Nyemoni said...

LMAO!Na wah.. the guy go tire sha... God help! Interesting...

Soul said...

Bachelorette 1
Hmmm, do you lve in the US. I always find that Americans favour White Zinfadel. (I still don't know why?) lol

Alcohol might loosen tongues, but be very prepared for what you ask. Alcohol also makes some people unnecessarily aggressive.
Why do you need alcohol to be silly?.. it's not necessary.. just let go on a normal day.
I'd be wary of anyone who needs alcohol to be able to let loose.

I like your music sense.. I just don't like these scenarios.

the whole alcohol thing is a turn off, and when combined with the seperate rooms thing and the lingering kiss at the end of the weekend, I dunno.. something here rubs me the wrong way.

Everything sounds clinical.. very clinical.

There's a lot of food here and again, not that much activity except watching TV or some form of watching something.

You state that you and the bachelor are soo over if he hadn't heard of certain songs by certain artists.. ahhhMs Bachelorette here's where you missed a completely amazing opportunity to say you'll introduce him to those thigns and tell him why this particular music moves you...

You never know.. you could be the beginning of his discovery of 'damn good music'.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

clinical ke?... oya bach1 go and don on ur sexy nurse outfit... then u can play doctor all weekend

yeah im suspicious of her with all that alcohol thinks she wants to take advantage of the bachelor SECRETLY....HMMMMM\

americans and white????? hmmmmm i dont know about that one

em em em
buki...this is like the THIRD time uve mentioned me o...

Daddy's Girl said...

sgzVery interesting - Bach 1 seems like a fun person to spend time with, but I have a feeling she would much rather go out than be forced to spend all that time indoors - by the way, Bach 1, you really can't go for that walk - it's an indoor weekend! Buki, as soon as I read 'Heroes', I was sure it was you... as you said, time will tell.

LondonBuki said...

Daddy's Girl, you too o!

snazzy said...

I suppose this actually fits what a first weekend away would be like for most people if it happened early in the dating process. The truest thing about it is that the first weekend away is not about what the guy wants, but what the girl wants and any guy who is honest will tell you that.

However in the scenario 1 is supposed to be working with, the guy is not chasing the girl but vice versa and so her answer should have reflected that even a little.

Bella Naija said...

I am really enjoying this! hmm, I think I can now guess who a couple of the bachelorettes are..

LOL @ some of the comments about Bach 1 getting her own post..ahhh it aint that serious!

Anyways, I'm off to vote!


Jaycee said...

this is getting intense...

LondonBuki said...

I just saw that Bachelorette 3 has over 200 votes!!! When I left work, I am sure she had less than half! LOL!

Uzo, so what's next?

I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow...

truth said...

Bach. 1: flirty, fun and fatual( the heck bachelor can bring breakfast to bed)
Bach. 2: I like this chic cos she explicitly makes the bachelor feel like his opinion/choice of wine etc counts....soothe that ego sis, it works!
Bach. 3:..did you say clean the wax 4m his ears?hmm....tight.
Bachs. 4&6: I don't know abt you chics but i have a love-hate relationship with cooking from scratch.In real time, we can skip that part;there's gotta be some leftovers in the fridge.
The rest: No qs asked. good luck with the votes.

Anonymous said...

London buki darling,

I'll do no such thing,voting for myself over and over again. I have friends bloggers and non bloggers alike voting for me.

It is funny when another bach was leading the votes,no one accused her voting for herself.

@Diamond hawk again.
but im totally feeling her o jare... she's the only one that isnt "nyashing"...infact i suggest this continues... bach 1 and then the rest... hehehehe
Oh! now I see why you weren't feeling me,I guess you have a problem with nyashing, I see.
Whatever babe.
@other bachs,
Be cool,this is only a game don't hurt yourself or let any one hurt you,ok.

Can't wait for wednesday,I am not anxious,just a little bored. I hope the relevation of this bachelor will Climax everything. Oops sorry again madam anti nyashing

Bach 3

LondonBuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LondonBuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LondonBuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LondonBuki said...

Bach 3

RE: London buki darling,

I'll do no such thing,voting for myself over and over again. I have friends bloggers and non bloggers alike voting for me.

It is funny when another bach was leading the votes,no one accused her voting for herself.

Calm down, calm down... I was just making an observation, I don't care who wins...

This is just a game... and a lot of us are not bored.

Daddy's Girl said...

Hmm... I have to admit I am liking Bach 3 more and more.. for her comments as well as her answers. She's a feisty, bold, confident chick... I like that.
But Bach 3, I really don't think Buki was trying to accuse you of voting for yourself over and over. And Diamond was playing around. Like you said, it's all fun and games.
Diamond, I know that the 'not nyashing' and 'bach 1 and then the rest' remarks were made purely in jest, but when I read the comment, I remember thinking, hmm... the bachelorettes may not find this one funny o.
Bach 3, you go girl! I'm off to boost your votes again, in fact.

Tutu said...

Wow! I have to express disappointment in Diamondhawk. I thought you were a lady of class. I cannot believe you made statements that were such judgment calls. And i voted for your blog for most religious. It appears that you broke one of the basic tenets of your faith. Casting judgement. Tut! Tut!

DiAmOnD hawk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DiAmOnD hawk said...

i already express to uzo that i wouldnt leave any more comments but i do feel i should respond and after done

as Daddy's Girl was certainly said in jest...lightheartedness...i thot nothing of attacking anyone personally...or imposing my beliefs on anyone...never done it...never will...i am who i am...and that comes out in all i do...blogging...or not blogging...commenting or not...and I make no apologies....

but you know what...i didnt want to do it...but apparently this is being taken more seriously than i thought so i will go back and delete my comments...i do have to wonder why ppl feel attacked...if it's you then it's you...why feel attacked when someone points out a FACT...then all of a sudden im JUDGING...tell me if there's anyone that doesnt have a personal opinion about anything here....i stated i liked bach1 for my personal reasons...there's no need to be bach3...if you feel affronted by my comments re:bach 1...well that's not somn i take responsibility for

thank you tutu for your vote. and i am a lady of class and nothing...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING here...takes that away... as per the verse in the bible...well well well... everyone has a different understanding of that verse...

Noni Moss said...

Miaow! Out come the cat claws!!!

Now now ladies - everyone calm down. It's only a game and meant to be light hearted fun. Let's not get personal here.

P.S - I think Bach 3 is Vera (or is supported by her) seeing as she has a penchant for voting (i.e making several comments) and has a sharp tongue. Not that I'm saying Bach 3 is voting for herself ofcourse ;-)
(pls oh before someone bites my head off)

Daddy's Girl said...

Awww, Diamond... are you serious? Please o, don't stop commenting. Misunderstandings pop up in things like this sometimes and are easily ironed out. You've made it very clear you were speaking in jest, and that should be enough for anyone.
Sometimes things that are written down can be misinterpreted... some people have misinterpreted your comments but why should that stop you from speaking? The most it should do is make you more sensitive to the fact that people may misinterpret.
I don't think you should stop commenting on the show o. Your comments have been fun to read.
I think Bach 3 was just trying to defend and stand up for herself like some commenters (including yourself) had called for. Yes, she did take things too personal, but it happens. It doesn't have to discourage you from participating.
I'm kinda sad that you want to stop commenting just because of this misunderstanding - you hosted The Bachelorette so in a way you got this thing started.
Just my two cents. Besides, Buki will miss you very much if you don't comment.

Uzo said...

I break my vow of silence again: Everyone needs to calm down and i echo Noni Moss here...its all for fun. I mean really...LOL. Abeg una oh...

LondonBuki said...

@Daddy's Girl YES! I will miss Diamond if she stops commenting. I love her avatar!

@Diamond Why won't you comment? You better not stop! Do you know how funny your comments are? Who will compete with me to be first?

Yes some people took what you said very personal but you apologised if people took it personal! That shouldn't stop you commenting!

If I don't see your comments here today, tomorrow and till the show is over - I will come to that your yeye US and force you to post! Nonsense and Ingredients!

Ok... seriously Diamond, don't stop. This is a game and I can't believe it's turning out like this.

Oh yeah, Diamond I can't seem to post comments on your blog! What's up with that?

@Tutu It is a game, that was quite a PERSONAL attack!

Anonymous said...

I don start palava o!

Why can't we as women just get along? lol.

Wednesday will soon come and wind will blow and we will see fowl yansh or face and then I will have to go cap inhand begging all these sweet ladies not to vex with me, ke!
I was just getting in groove of the game not knowing I'll ruffle feathers.

It is not crime if we all have a personal favorite and say so,it is a game,so we all have to support the best lady to win.

After this there will Miss blog world, blog universe et al. If we con scatter now who go dey there.


Now,Noni I will not only bite off your head,I will use it to cook soup.

I like these drama,I enjoying it.

Bach 3

Daddy's Girl said...

Oya o Diamond, come back o! We have begged you, and Bach 3 has extended the olive branch... so please make your graceful re-entry and continue to leave comments. Thank you.

Bach 3: LOL at your comment! Like I said before, you got my vote.

Soul said...

i missed the opportunity to be called a sweet lady by bach 3..
Damn damn damn..
Daimondhawk.. you knwo I got love for ya..Abeg... coem back in here kia kia..were were massa massa..

Bach3.. look at you! hmmph.. is there cornbread or $1000 in that cap.. oay hurry go and look demure on the sofa for the bachlor (along with the other bachelorettes...

(erm but if you see the bachlors' fine stud of a brother in the back.. erm please send him my way.. I have some release forms forms for him to lick.. oops sorry sign.