Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Bachelor & Words from my Bachelor

The Bachelor will debut on my blog next Wednesday so look out for that. Our bachelor is foine and sexy and just so yummy. Our bachelorettes are beautiful and special to boot. I still have a few spots available for bachelorettes so if you would like to participate, send me an email.

Consider this is an exchange of ideas - are there any ideas you have for the series? Questions you think the bachelor should ask?

Let me know.

My wonderful blog honey Naija Dude went out of his way to write me a few words and i can tell you that this man is sooo special....Here he is:

Dear Uzo My Sweet Bachelorette,
I knew there was something special about you from the first day I started reading your blog.
You got me with a song… with almost every post… you put up a 'soundbyte'… a song that touched you… a song you identified with… with every song I felt closer and closer to you…

First it was Whitney Houston and Fred Hammond

Then it was Afternoon Delight and DBanj – "Why me O"

You got me with a song

It showed me a side of you… the side that likes to let yourself go in the melodies… just like me
(I've never seen a Kem song here though… we need Kem oh for our blog relationship to survive oh!)

Then you started your women's issues post…
You showed me you are smart, informed and most of all that you care
You got me with a health post

Then I read that you love Bollywood Movies
You can appreciate the beauty in other cultures…

Then I started reading your other posts…
You were honest, funny, charming… anything a person could ask for in a friend… blog or otherwise

I've never seen you but I see your beauty
It's in the words that you write… the way you cried when your friend lost a friend… it's in the dedication you show towards your blog and other blog friends
(Everybody else agrees… they did crown you 2006's "Most Dedicated Blogger" afterall)

Of all the bachelors… you chose me Uzo… and I'll make sure you never regret it
Here's to a beautiful blog relationship… I'll always be here for you whenever you need me… and I hope you feel the same.

Cheers Babe…

(Note: Please oh no blogger man should come to toast my sweet pineapple Uzo… or else I will fire knockout on their head Ijebu style!!!)

Ain't no stopping us now…. We're on the move


LondonBuki said...

Blogger Bachelor should be interesting... I don't know if I can make any suggestions, I'll think about some stuff and let you know...

NaijaDude, this cutie!!! Your words! LOL!!!

Soul said...

Look I've said it before and I'll say it again...
Naija dude is one hot mother 'shuturmouf'.
Enjoy uzo... enjoy!

Anonymous said...

awwww... Naijadude is such a sweetheart.. yepa... my Jolene get lyrics no be small sha... i can tell blog romance is sweet oh... if only I wasn't a married woman.. I might've participated in the blogger bachelor just for kicks.. lmao.. but I'm pretty sure everybody and their grandma would know it was me regardless... Hmm.. If I think of anything for the bachelor, I'll hit you up sha.. this promises to be entertaining as hell!!! Once again... congratulations to Naijadude and Uzo... housewarming gift coming right up!

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow that's so sweet - you definitely made the right choice with NaijaDude.