Monday, March 19, 2007

The Bachelor - Episode 7

The Bachelor asked:

Continuing from friday's episode, you have the opportunity to plan a fantasy date with the Bachelor. Remember, its a fantasy, so use your imagination. You have complete control, so plan a date with the Bachelor that you both would enjoy, what would you do, where would you go? Throw caution to the wind, and set your imagination free. I am looking for originality and fun, make it happen.

Bachelorette 1

I will pick you up at your place for dinner; not your everyday dinner, something different: Thai, Greek maybe Egyptian; we shall skip desert cos' that's for later. Next stop is the air strip for some late night sky diving to get the adrenalin levels high for the next trip. After screaming our heads off it is off to the fancy hotel where we live and are like royalty..we get in and spend some small chips on the roulette table and just before we close our lots for the night, I excuse myself and leave you thinking I need to make a bathroom stop..someone slips you a note that says "Room X" and gladly escorts you there....

Is this the part where I say what happens in Room X stays in Room X ??!! OK, OK. remember we skipped desert.. how about the best rich and smooth Belgian chocolate topped with drizzles of hazelnuts and a dab of honey for my lingerie and you can take your time while you eat it off me... That's all folks... we just have to hear the rest if the bachelor picks me...

Bachelorette 2

The bachelor and I would wake up to breakfast in bed. It would then be a speedy rush, as we'd probably be reluctant to get out of bed, to shower and get dressed. We would be wearing comfortable clothes as my fantasy date would be a surprise. We'd go to the top of my beautiful penthouse where the helipad is located. A quick helicopter ride later, we would have arrived at the secret location … of the Virgin space shuttle! Our fantasy date would be flying out of space and seeing the universe. We would enjoy a once in our life time experience. I think it would be amazing to see the earth, the moon and the other planets from that vantage point. It would be something new that we would both experience and never ever forget.

When we finally float down to earth, literally and emotionally, we'd land in Fiji for the rest of the weekend which would be a fittingly beautiful place for us to come down from the highs of outer space.

Bachelorette 3

I'll spend the night, before our date, at a hotel in Manchester. I'll let you know you should be ready by 9am, dressed casually. On Saturday morning, I'll pick you up, driving a BMW convertible with the top down. I'll be wearing a cute, little Man U jersey with shorts.
As we arrive to our destination, you'll realise where we are: Old Trafford, Manchester United's Stadium. I'll have a jersey for you to change into. My little surprise for you is: I have been able to get us a private box, just you and me. As we settle into our comfy chairs, breakfast will be served and we'll watch as the stadium gradually gets filled. I actually enjoy watching football so I will be into the game as much as you are. Of course, Man U will win and you'll get to meet 2 of your favourite players :-)

Now that I have you happy and grinning from ear to ear, I know you'll be in a good mood for the rest of the day. This will be a nice, sunny, summery day so we'll head out for a picnic. I'll have a picnic basket packed and we'll find the perfect spot where we won't be disturbed. We'll spend this time getting to know each other more, talking about anything and everything... no alcohol, no heavy food because things are going to get a bit 'active' later.

When we're done with the picnic, done with lazing around, I'll drive us to the last venue for the day - Go-karting (this is what I meant when I said 'active'). This should be FUN - we'll have a great time, I can be a little competitive, so this should be FUN!!! We'll spend a couple of hours here, share some ice-cream and then it'll be time for me to get you back home.

We'll get to yours and spend ages talking in the car. You'd have had so much fun today that YOU will kiss me and I'll reciprocate of course, it'll be so tempting to take this inside but we won't...

Bachelorette 4

Olawunmi, since this is a fantasy date, it means I am free to go crazy. Fantasies are after all, fantasies...right?

Well, first of all, since I love good surprises, I will surprise you by not telling you where we are going or what we are going to do. With the little I know about you, I hope to be able to rock your world. First of all, I will blind fold you and take you to watch a Man U match. I'll buy us front row seats where we will be so close that we will think we are part of the game. We'll cheer your team on from our seats and have a blast. After that, we will take our cameras, go into the streets and do some unadulterated, "make-up-less" people-snapping. Some times, the best things in life are natural and pure. By now, we will definitely be hungry, so I will suggest we both be completely sponteneous and try something we both have not tried before. We will eat our fill, and then we will go to a poetry parlour to listen to talented people play with words. We'll connect on a different level.

After this, we'll go home for my next surprise. Once again, I'll blindfold you and take you to the top (roof) of your house. In my mind, your roof will not be made of zinc...or else that will ruin everything. On the roof, there will be a rich carpet spread on the floor and the most comfortable couch sitting on it. We'll take our seats, after which I will loosen your blinds and voila! Standing in front of us will be the original fugees...yes, with Wyclef & Lauryn Hill. They'll entertain us, while we cuddle on the couch and maybe occasionally dance. But that's not all! To end a private concert like that without yes.... you guessed it... Tracy Chapman hypnotizing us with her voice would be unreal. So after the Fugees, Tracy Chapman would end the concert with her love longs. We'll listen. We'll get lost in music. Her music. Our music.

When Tracy & The fugees pack up and leave, we'll speak through our bodies, right there on the plush carpet. We'll speak the unspoken language. I'll blind fold you again,and take off your clothings one by one,I'll kiss,tease,caress you and then we'll make love under the stars and the full moon. I'll get carpet burns, but they will be burns of pleasure. Sweet burns. We'll be totally inhibited.

Last but not least, we'll take a warm bubble bath, after which we will sleep like babies in each other's arms.


Bella Naija said...

I love Bach No 3's response cause 'm a Man U fan!
Woooot...that is a great date..

I also luv Bach No 2's

Bach 3...girl! dont be giving the dude some unholy thoughts....u get points for being a tease!

Rock on ladies!

Calabar Gal said...

Hmmmnnnn.......... LOL at private box - bachelorette 3.

Noni Moss said...

Wow - go Bach 3 - you know the man well! :-D

mochafella said...

Hmm, bach 3 has being stalking the bachelor's blog.

LondonBuki said...

BaShelorette 4 o! Where you dey???

Bach 1, I like you. Let's be best friends! LOL!!!!!

Bach 2, Space shuttle, different...

Bach 3, you read the Bachelor's blog o! All this Man U talk... I like you too.

@Mochafella LOL!!! Research innit?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

bach 1 and 3...much props...

i like how bach 3 plugged MANCHESTER in every other thing... hmmm... :-) get my vote!!!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

bach 2... wow... outerspace... well that's a new one... imaginative... now that's what fantasy is all about...

truth said...

Uzo hope your weekend went well.

Bach 1:Woah.Seems like you just got really competitive with that post......freak on chic(lol.

Bach 2:Hmm...neat and cool concept.Quick question:How much can one really do on a date outer space?Just curious.Your post actually made me give it some serious thought.

Bach 3:Girl this post totally reveals the me in'm not kidding...My Mr. is the ideal prototype of an avid Man U fan and though I'm not into football like you are(Mr. has been on a mission to convert me),I could definitely plan a date around one.
Props for being as cooool as truth!

omohemi Benson said...

This bach 3 has got steam o!
Chei,I love this babe,I am sure other male bloggers will love her too.
Babe,you have my 50 votes!
Where is Bach 4 ke?

omohemi Benson said...

I guess there is magic in the number 3. remeber former bach 3?

Daddy's Girl said...
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Daddy's Girl said...

Well done bachelorettes - you are all giving the bachelor a very tough job!!

I love Bach 3's personal touch - I was really expecting the bachelorettes to use the fact that they now know it's Olawunmi to personalise their date around his favourite things, but it seems like only Bach 3 did - well done Bach 3!

I also love the creativity and adventure of Bach 2 - totally out of the box - you go girl!

Bach 1 - nice, but could've been a bit more personal or something - I dunno but it feels like something's missing.

Latecomer Bach 4 - haba! Are you the former bach 1?? LOL

LondonBuki said...
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LondonBuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LondonBuki said...

Finally, Bach 4 has sent in her response!

It looks like she had the opportunity to read other responses and make hers even better.

I am not impressed, if she had put this up at the same time as the other Bachelorettes, maybe I'd have read it well BUT when I saw the blindfolding and Manchester United, sorry I switched off and stopped reading. Then, I skimmed through the rest of it and saw Fugees and Tracy, I REALLY would have thought this was the best response... but ummmm I don't.

So... Uzo tomorrow's the BIG reveal right? Should be interesting! I really want to know who the Bachelorettes are... this says a lot about them.

I am sure you know I have enjoyed this and I'll have to move on when it's over... LOL!!!

Daddy's Girl said...

I agree with Buki - would have liked Bach 4's response a lot more if it didn't seem as though she had waited for the others to post first so she could learn from the reactions to their posts. I also don't like the 'people-snapping' idea. And definitely not on a date - if a guy suggested to me 'hey, let's grab our cameras, go into the streets and people-snap!' on a special date, I'd be a little wary of him. But hey, that's just me. The bachelor may actually love your response - the rooftop concert sounds nice anyway.

Soul said...

Well done ladies! The end is nigh..

Bachelorette 1
You know what I like about your posts. It's the way they seem so natural to you.
Thai, greek, Egyptian.. I like this a lot. variety is you, you seem like the type of girl who doesn't wait around for fun to find you, you find it.
Oh and I like the sky diving thing!.. you are FUN FUN FUN, the throwing chips thing... More FUN and then the little tease at the end..
You reveal much but then nothing at all. I like. I really, really like this.
Thumbs up

Bachelorette 2
hee hee (you sly wench!) you already got the bachelor in bed.. sly move.. hee hee.
Your head is most definitely in the clouds.. When I first saw the shuttle thing I thought.. hmmm too much and then I thought again .. well, it's a fantasy!.. go ahead girl..It's not my favourite but girl it's cool.
Sideways thumb

Bachelorette 3
oh you definitely have done your homework.. I like the scenario man U (I don't know what you and the bachelor see in this team of poser boys- but that's for another day)
the private box would probably make him go crazy.
The Go karting at the end speaks to the little child in all of us.. The bachelor can pretend to be a formula one driver. lol
Again just like bachelorette 1 you reveal much but nothing at all..
I think you and bahelorette 1 would make good friends
Thumbs up

Bachelorette 4
again the ManU thing..Well done. You have done your homework. I'm curious though. what is 'make-up-less' people snapping? The bachelor does love the Fugess as well as Tracy, but it;s too much on one date.
Sideways thumb

Ms. May said...

LOL. Loved Bach 1's response but this time it's between Bachs 3 and 4 for me cos they threw in Olawunmi's love for Man U but Bach 4 took it to a whole other level by incorporating a ton of his interests. But Soul, he did say it's a fantasy date right so she had the leeway to go all out. Gotta think about who I'm going to vote for.