Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Repost - Oruko Mi

Say my name; Master of my heart
How is it that my name rolling off your tongue sounds like a hail to royalty?
Say my name in your way: that way that tells all in 3 little letters
When you miss me, you breathe my name with a little whisper
That lets me know that you wish i was with you
When i amuse you, my name is spoken with a hint of a smile
And i know i delight you
You say my name with a hint of a growl when i am pushing you
My sign to back off or push knowing i am making you mad
You say my name with a moan and i can barely hear it
When you physical need for me overwhelms you
You say my name with intensity and urgency and my heart starts racing
Because i know one of our "talks" will follow
Interestingly, you hardly say my name in this relationship of ours
I am your baby, your angel, sometimes your princess, even "kekere"
But in those rare instances when you say my name, I get it:
Everything you dont say, what you feel, my place in your life and your heart, what you want, Us, yesterday, today and our tomorrows
When you breathe 3 little letters
When you say my name


Soul said...


Noni Moss said...

Who is heeeeeeeee????????

(I had to read this like several times)

LondonBuki said...



You, Diamond, Soul, Noni - Your writing is... :-)

Nyemoni said...

Who da man Uzo? Spill the beans already! Lovely! U.Z.O

Naijadude said...

Ok I will pretend like that was written for me hmmmm...

Have a great week hun!!

Jaycee said...

Uzo...woah...INTENSE o...abi ki lo n' she le? Lollll...ki ni oruko e? (lol, I'm shocked I'm speaking yoruba).

Believer said...

hiya, first time of leaving a comment on ur blog, though i was following the whole blogger bachelorette on diamond's blog but i just had to leave a comment today. This poem is really POWERFUL o!!! It is really lovely.

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

Fabulous! Wish I had written it myself

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Uzo Uzo - so is this for you know who? or r u trying to nab the bachelor - trying to do a diamond...hehehe.

9jamommy said...

damn girl, that's serious o! sounds like you 2 have a greeeaaat thing going :)