Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Bachelor - The final question

The Bachelor asked:

We've come to the end of this amazing experience and its time for me to pick a winner. You have the opportunity to tell me why you think you should be the one that i choose. Tell me: why should i pick you? Please tell me your reasons for thinking that you should be the winner. Are there any qualities that you think make you particularly outstanding?

Bachelorette 1

We would have loads of fun, drive around North America for no reason and go sky diving....

Bachelorette 2

I should win because I'm amazing, you're amazing, we complement each other
I should win because I'm alluring, you're charismatic, we'd be a perfect match
I should win because I put the X in sexy. Combined with your all-round hotness, we'd be smoking!
I should win because I'm opinionated and you are stubborn. Life would be a never ending discussion.
I should win because we share a lot of the same interests - music, poetry, culture - I would be the perfect companion.
I should win because we have a lot of differences - meaning we both bring something new to the table.
I should win because I jam to hardcore rock, you like to roller-skate, we'd be eclectic together and proud.
I should win because I like to shake things up. You like to stir things up, we'd be a perfect match!
I should win because I'm intuitive. Whenever you're troubled, I'll be there to smooth your brow and stroke your hair.
I should win because I can be calm and rational. When you get all manic and over-excited, I would be there to balance you out.
I should win because you never know what you will get with me, yet you will always know when it counts.

Bachelorette 3

As you said (jokingly, I know) - I'm in your head! Pick me, then you can have me right in front of you :-) We can work on making most of my fantasy date with you come true, I am sure if we start saving right away... maybe, one day, we can get a private box, right? :-) You should pick me because - I have revealed my fun side, my adventurous side, my thoughtful side and some more. You know there's more to me - Don't you want to find out?
... and I know what I want - YOU.

Bachelorette 4

I'm the lady you thought never existed,
I'm your dream completed.
I am the only one who drive you crazy and still keep you happy.
I'll hold your hands in glory or pain,
I guarantee you that there will be days of tempers soaring, sweet love making and unpredicatable haapenings but there will be no days of regret.

I'l be more than your lover,Olawunmi,
I'll be your friend and sister.
And hopefully we'll be the1st blog married couple,
Who will be the envy of all in blogsville.
I'll greet you with poetry in the morning,
I'll sing to sleep like lauryn,
Love is not strong enough to describe how I feel for you,
Lets not wait any longer we belong together.


Daddy's Girl said...

Wow... good luck Olawunmi. They all sound amazing and I love all their final responses. Well done bachelorettes!!

LondonBuki said...

Bach 1 please come and take me driving round North America! I can drive too o. ROAD TRIP!!!

*sniff* So we've come to the end of the show... What I will do, I DON'T KNOW! Uzo, this was fun and I can't wait till the Big Reveal tomorrow!

Bachelorettes, Bachelor, Uzo - Thank you :-)

addict to this show said...

I love Bach 1's directness. I love the last line of Bach 2's response - and the way it was all put together. I love the slight mystery of Bach 3's response. I love the way Bach 4 expresses herself boldly. In fact if I was a man I just might have to choose them all. Seriously, I think this will be a toughie for the Bachelor. Good luck to all the ladies, and well done for taking time to do this. Well done Uzo. It's been fun.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

meeeeeeennnnnnnnnn..... this is serious... im a little scared o...

UnNaked Soul said...

this is quite interesting... B2... uhm.. so na u put the X in sexy... that sexy lol

Ms. May said...

Bachs 2 and 3 brought it! I love their responses. This is hard...LOL. This has been fun, Uzo. Great job.

Anonymous said...

I think Bach 3 is Icy/Yetty.

snazzy said...

Olawunmi why u don dey write like this be job interview o! All the way down to the wording.

Aiight 1 is clearly the old fun fun fun bachelorette from before, not sure what number she was.

2's answer was very well constructed with the whole I am you are duality. I like the whole I'm perfect for you cos I'm perfect for YOU thing.

3's joke needed some work, but hey no one can be all things. Still I like the response cos it continues with the whole I know you thing that she got going from before.

from the question she asked on the previous post, and the way this answer is structured (the tardy thing too, lol) I think current 4 is old 1. She has the whole if I have to deserve u, u have to deserve me thing. Which is what you want to have in real life. For a game like this i don't know if it will work.

Still well played, and a hella lot of fun. Thanks a lot ladies for giving this much of yourselves, and as always I will be providing a couple of shoulders to cry on. So just like American Idol it is just as good (or even better)to be second, or not first in this case (If olawunmi is dumb enough to rank y'all, he should be flogged)

In closing, If I get fired I'm suing Uzo cos there wasn't a disclaimer on her site that there could be significant damage to productivity.

addict to this show said...

I second Snazzy. I have been slacking at work since this thing began o!

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

hmmmmm...I guess I should warn you bachelorettes, whichever one he picks is going to be cyber-stalked by me...that man is mine...(evil maniacal laughter echoing and fading into silence)

Ladybug said...

Uzo,its been so much fun following the show! I cant wait for the finale!
What is next? Please come up with something new, and soon too! :)
PS. LondonBuki is soo one of them!

Soul said...

Bachelorette 1
Okay on a serious note, I wanna be your road dawg. I would really hang out with you for real. I think your house will be full of laughter and fun.
Ihave no doubt that you have down days, but I really like the way you come across..
You my friend are what we call a cool breeze...
keep being you.

Bachelorette 2
Ahh you cheeky wench lol.. I think you really tried to work the yi9ng yang thing in here and sometimes when there wasn't a definite ying and yang.. you still worked on it and tried to make it work. and that's the thing about you, I think you try to make things work. which is cool. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.. but you know what.. you still stay in there tweaking it.. nice one jare.
I want you negotiating in the boardroom on my behalf.
Keep keeping on

Bachelorette 3
I like this.. it's like a promise, without being overbearing and I really like the joke.. admist the fantasy you stay grounded and manage to laugh at what you don't have. Again, I think that your responses show content. It's like I think you will strive for what you want, but if you don't get it you will be content with life. No bitterness, no regrets.

I sense that you are one of those people who really don't need to toot their own horn. You know you.
And yes.. I did get a sense of the different sides of you, I think you and bachelorette one are cut from the same cloth.
keep on doing you..

Bachelorette 4
Ahh finally bachelorette 4.
I think you are unpredictable. Life with you would definitely be interesting. If there is one thing that you definitely know, it is where you want to be in a relationship. I think you would happily settle into a 'wifey' role. I think you like being in the mix of thing and once you set your sight on something, you do not let go. Period.
good luck in all you do.

omohemi Benson said...

I love bach 3 tease response.
Real cool,

Bach 4 too try,love the poem.

Thursday is a few days away, yay.
Can't wait to see the pretty faces behind the numbers.

off to vote.

Funmi said...

wow!i have so missed alot :(

Uzo well done!

Well done bachelorettes.

Anonymous said...

Uzo, please hurry up with the reveal so i can kill snazzy for bitching me in the preliminaries...

@ Snazzy, watch your back baby,
I am MEAN!!!!!

Bach 1

Soul said...

hee hee...
@Bach1..Please Tape it and put that stuff up on YouTube.. hee..
we can call it the naija Bachelorette massacre..

(backing away) really I'm ur friend...