Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Bachelor - Episode 2

He asked: Describe your dream man

Bachelorette 1:

Hmmm my dream man... This is a toughy. I don't care about physical appearance. I really don't. I am more interested in how well we interact (I've learnt that as long as a man is confident and knows how to work with the tools he's given, you really dont care how he looks ;-)).

My dream man would be someone who likes to have fun , is able to think outside the box and be spontaneous, is open-minded enough to at least try something new before condemning it - i.e . eat sushi/go bungee-jumping, and also likes to travel to new places, meet new people. He has to be my equal and more to earn my respect. He has to be ambitious and driven - knows what he wants and how to get it. Someone who also knows how to talk and express himself - so I could take him out to a dinner party and he'd be able to hold his own through discussions about the merits of unicameral governments and whether or not Angelina Jolie is really just a crazy child collector.

My man has to be able to stand up to me and not take any of my crap (cos I would walk all over him if given the opportunity) but at the same time, be able to respect my opinion and my wishes. He should be man enough to not feel affronted if i beat him at certain things (cos I'm hella competitive), and be proud of my achievements. He has to be intuitive enough to sense my moods and know when to give me space .He also has to be very passionate (has to keep up - preferably with an insatiable appetite for me) and be able to think of, or be willing to try new things to spice things up.

Ultimately, he has to be able to make me laugh.

Bachelorette 2:

He has to be deep and truly spiritual (he must believe in – and know – God), not shallow or materialistic. He has to have a strong sense of self and a firm confidence in who he is (but not cockiness and a tendency to brag, that’s a turn-off). That self-assurance should come through in his demeanour and the way he presents himself to the world, because I think that’s really attractive. It should also come through in his open-mindedness and respect for others, irrespective of their sex, religion, tribe, race or any other considerations. Bigotry is not acceptable to me.

He needs to be intelligent and interesting to converse with, and he needs to have a really good sense of humour (because I love to laugh). He also needs to be compassionate and kind, the sort of person who cares about the needs of others and isn’t totally caught up in himself. He should also be an honest, real, down-to-earth person. He should be adventurous (hopefully someone who loves to travel and experience new things) and fun-loving, friendly, easygoing and definitely not a nit-picker or a whiner. He should have his own interests and hobbies (outside of work) but should also be open to developing new interests and learning new things. I would like him to be someone who is ambitious and makes big plans for the future, but also lives passionately in the moment and believes in enjoying his everyday life.

Bachelorette 3:

A man who uses his brain not his biceps,good sense of humour,has a deep and true understanding what it means to be a man. Tall and sexy. He must truly be interested in me.

Bachelorette 4:

My dream man is a man who comes with all his flaws, his mistakes , his achievements, his sense of humor, his confidence, his smile ( I am a sucker for sexy smiles, they just make everything better), his fears, his weaknesses, his goals, his style (I love well dressed guys hummm...), his beliefs, his dreams.... I think personally the number one quality would be his sense of self and appreciation for all things that make him him or make him tick....

Bachelorette 5:

My dream man, hmmm.......
I'll talk about the physical first - Big and Toned Backside, Luscious Lips, Tall enough so I have to tilt my face a lot to look him in the eyes, to kiss him, you know what I mean?
Personality - Someone I can trust...
Someone who supports me no matter how crazy my ideas might seem initially, he'll hear me out and will not put me down.
Someone I can watch sports with and he can watch my shows with me - 24 and co.
Someone who understands that I can be feisty sometimes. Who lets me rant and rave and then responds with a oneliner that will put me in my place sharpish! LOL!
Someone who doesn't expect me to always be available, he understands my life and my commitments. There were already people and things in my life that I will not let go of.
Someone who will comfort me in my time of need, give me a big bear hug and tell me everything will be okay...

And it will help if he's also a cutie, who is in very good shape :-)

Bachelorette 6:

Christian and God-fearing
Cool but not too laid back
Good dresser
He should smell nice
Attractive to me
Good in bed
Patient and attentive hehehe
Generous - don't need a stingy brat
Hopefully rich cos I'm gonna be rich

Bachelorette 7:

Ssomeone who's intelligent, can carry on an intellectual conversation without sounding like, God fearing, personable, someone hardworking, with a JOB, or at least, ambitious, not shallow, so i wont touch on looks per say, but at least, presentable...and of at least average height.


LondonBuki said...

Where is Bachelorette 1 o???

Soul said...

Bachelorette 1 - silence.

Bachelorette 2
what does 'deep' mean?. people use that word a heck of a lot but really what does it mean?. Is 'deepness' in the eye of the beholder or is it a widely quantifiable value?.

I always think when someone says; 'what is your dream whatever.....'.
they are asking you to list your wants and not your needs.
I wonder if the list closely mirrors the list you have made for your man to marry...
I'd be more interested to see you let loose a bit and let your mind wander. Honestly speaking though, aside from the'deepness' and 'spiritual, god fearing stuff' nothing you've said is offensive it's kinda just pedestrian and expected.

Bachelorette 3
Nice, Short and sharp to the point. I think you realise that men have a short attention span. No beating about the bush here, just telling it like it is. I see you.. you seem like the type of girl who knows what she wants and just wants to get straight to it. A bit on the selfish side but it's whatever. I'm starting to warm to you.

Bachelorette 4
ohhh almost.. you almost let your personality sneak through there (with the: 'i like well dressed men part',) and then you reverted to the safety net.
I detect a sense of playfulness about you as well.. something of a tease?. Holding back somewhat are you?
Okay I'll say it again to you...
Open up some more honey.. it won't hurt.

Bachelorette 5
This is the second comment you've got me interested in.
Again you came along and got down to basics first.. yes.. physicality (is that even a word?) is important.. let's not lie about that one. You are telling it like it is..
i like this response.. you also manage to slip the things your dream man will have to accept about you (which makes the bachelor visualise himself with you)
You sound like a 'ride or die chick' for the right guy.
You sound secure in yourself and definitely need a man not a boy. I'll hazard at a guess and say A man in a big car would be nice, but he ain't gonna impress you much. i find you interesting. A chill chick who doesn't get worked up over the silly little things.

Bachelorette 6
Again with the christian and God fearing thing.. I dunno.. how can you tell if the man is God feearing. Most of the perverts out there are 'christian and god fearing' wannabees.

the generous combined with the richness attributes listed is a turn off to me, but possibly not the bachelor. again it's not really an interesting list I dunno why. It's just blah

Bachelorette 7
hmmm okay, again sounds quite similar to most of hte others, which isn't your fault. It's a dream guy thing.. of course you can 'touch on the looks' ahh but still it's kinda predictable

LondonBuki said...

Soul o!

I know what you mean but I find the way you expressed yourself here HILARIOUS!!!

Where did Bachelorette 1 go? Do you know you have the highest number of votes right now?

LondonBuki said...

...and LOL! at ''!!! LOL!!!

Olawunmi said...

Soul: na wa for your analysis o. they should call you the scourge of blog profiles. so cold, so

what happened to number 1?

snazzy said...

This question is not really fair, neither does it tell you much cos no one tells the truth. For example how many guys would tell you that their dream girl is a stunning sex bot who cooks, cleans and speaks only when spoken to?

What most people do is try to figure out what the person that is asking you wants to hear and then individualize some version of that. The ladies here are no exception to that it seems.

Anyway on to the responses:

first off 7 is trying to start beef by implying that everyone who talked about looks is shallow. I love a good cat fight, you go girl!

2's guy has to be so many things at once, all so carefully qualified that the guy is going to have to be schizophrenic in order to be all that without going insane.

hopefully 3's guy agrees with her on what it means to be a man otherwise there is going to be a problem. However 3 is the only one that noted that a necessary quality of a dream guy is that he is interested in you. Cos if he'd rather bone your friend, then he's not so dreamy.

I pity anyone that has a conversation with 4's guy cos he clearly knows himself so well that that is all he is going to talk about.

As for 5, God help her when her man is forceful when she wants him to be sensitive, and sensitive when she wants him to be forceful

I agree with soul, 6's guy could be practically any upper-middle class man who happens to be a tall attractive Christian. Either 6 is not as picky as the rest, or she is more honest.

As far as 1 goes, she could be playing hard to get, and that automatically gets her props.

Soul said...

I beg fall back and let me breathe jare... lol..
your perception is skewered becasue you and I are mortal enemies.. let's not spoil the fun here we can always leave our battle to some other place.. :)

LondonBuki said...

LOL @ Snazzy again!!!

Easy on the bachelorettes!

Uzo said...

Ehn? Olawunmi & Soul: Back the hell down. Do not start your war of words here oh or you will both see the red of my eyes...AND I MEAN IT...LOL

diamond said...

i love Snazzy's review...

yeah I actually like Bach3...not too many words...straight to the point...

im feeling #5...more than likely your guy is a sports fan Soul says...Ryde or Die chick...

#6 is okay as well..

@soul...when someone says they're not just by their words...u guage it by their actions ... I think that is a VERY IMPORTANT aspect actually but it doesnt score my vote for today sha... lol

LondonBuki said...

@Diamond Where's your profile picture? Don't leave a comment without it again o! I like seeing it! LOL!!!

So... Bachelorette 1 is back in the game...

Noni Moss said...

I'm loving the commentary - go Soul, Go Snazzy!!

Ok I dont know - I'm not really feeling their dream man descriptions.

snazzy said...

If LB did not ask me to be nice, I would have said that 1's dream guy attributes read like the profiles of the male McKinsey or Bain consultants.

So what I will say is that she wants an adaptable well rounder with a personality that is partly Type A and partly empathetic. Though her guy will suffer from the same problem as 5's

Nilla said...

I'm enjoying the comments section.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

OK Im listening - making notes. I like 1 & 3 - because they are keeping it real. What woman doesn't want a man that can understand and be man enough to put them in their place. Thats if you are bach 1.

I also like 4 - the relationship with God side is also the most important - with that other will easily flow nicer..

I also like 5 -
infact I think I might vote for all of them

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

I certainly am feeling Bachelorette 1. Sounds like something I could have written myself. Will certainly be interested in seeing how this plays out.

NaijaBloke said...

I will go with Soul on this one ..Bach 3 seems like she is not the beating around the bush type which means tell it as it is,don't lie to me.

Am digging Bach 3 jere

Bach 4 is starting to getting ma attention too o,cos every man needs a tease o.A man as a short attention span like Soul said and u need to keep us guessing cos thatz the only reason why men r interested in any woman o.

Miguel said...

I am digging Bachelorette 2 ...
Don't let the comments deter you girl do your thing!

Anonymous said...

can we start guessing?
two sounds like jaycee, and five sounds like buki. ah well. i want to know who the bachelor is. when is the big reveal?
at bach 1-- you don't care about the physical? even your man would wants to know you're at least somewhat attracted to him...

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i think i know who the bachelor is...come Uzo do we get a prize if we guess correctly....

yes...i think Jaycee is among o...Jaycee come and whisper in my ear so that i can vote for you o

and Nilla...which one are you...come and confess... i know that all the ppl that used "witty" are in england sha... cuz if any american used that word i will BEAT YOU

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@diamond - see how u re coming to steal my idea - ofcourse jaycee is in it. Even our lovely cherub aka bijoux aka TERC leader. Because we have not seen or heard bip from her. Infact Im seriously thinking she is.

and after nilla's comment to me ofcourse she will have to be part of it - there is not point for her to tamper with the vote, as she may be disqualified, hence the corridor look in.LOL. Tell me its not so.

And yes I know who the bachelor is and

I actualy meant bach 2 - for the

"I also like 4 - the relationship with God side is also the most important - with that other will easily flow nicer" wrong typo..

Anonymous said...

"sharpish". Cherub?

Vera Ezimora said...

I'll make this short & sweet. I'm gonna comment b4 I read Soul's observation(s), so it doesn't mess with mine [observations]

Bach1: You don't care about physical looks?? Since when? The resta your answer is nice but tooo long.

Bach 2: Sounding a bit like bach1 but a God-fearing man seems to be ur priority. The message a gotten

Bach 3: Once again, ur answer is short. That culd mean 2 things: You're either not a girl of too many words OR you're nonchalant. I'm starting to go for the latter.

Bach 4: I really like ur response. Anticipating his flaws is not only good, but wise.

Bach5: You sound like a day dreamer. The words that started with capital letters in ur description are Big, Tall, Tone Backside, Luscious, Lips.... are you getting my point??

Bach6: I like ur response too. It's not an essay

Bach 7: I like you but you sound too safe. "presentable", "average height", "with a job or at least ambitious". Hmmmm. I feel like you're bottling up wat u really want/dream of inside.

Anthony Arojojoye said...

These ladies are definitely hiding things from us. We all know that ladies are generally jealous. Not even 1 of them said anything about faithfulness. And they can almost die when their man who they love/takes them out to dinner/buys them stuffs is unfaithful.
Wake up girls, we need you to open up your weak sides too, cos we know you have them.
Please give me the Bachelor's number so I can call him and WARN HIM to BE CAREFUL of #5. She seems to hail from Calabar! She's talking of a man as if he's chocolate. How is he supposed to be able to stand up straight when he's 65 after he marries you?
I'm rooting for #4

LondonBuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Uzo said...

Happy Birthday Vicki.....

OKay - so some of the guesses are right while some are way way off. The bachelor's identity will be revealed next wednesday....
A special thank you to Soul for doing her thing here. And to everyone else - Snazzy and Anthony...LOL

Now Anonymous: Be nice on my blog...I dont accept bullshit on my space.....

All in all, lets keep the fun alive...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Uzo i'm really sorry i didnt come on earlier mami but i've been having internet problems... my first time around a computer since and urs is one of the first blogs i'm coming to... i'm excited that I still get to have a hand in the votin process.. I loved soul's analysis as well as somebody elses(i think vera and snazzy?) but i'll be an itk and do one as well...

bachelorette 1:Oh i likey me some Bachelorette 1... this babe knows what she wants oh... as in she's real with it... the babe told him like it is.. as in if he's a lil bitch... she'll walk over him.. he's gotta be man enough but be soft at the same time... we all like us some spontaneous men even though i dont know what the hell is a unicameral govt(shows this bachelorette is smart oh.. making me google shit... hehe)... but i dont know what the babe means by 'looks don't matter'... i mean i could take a 'looks don't matter as much as other things.. but no marra how 'deep' you are.. i bet you don't wanna go out with a yellow 4 teeth having nigga with white patches on his face... i bet ya dont.. but i likey you bachelorette 1!!!

Bachelorette 2: Your list is a lot of 'nots'... It reads like a psalm or song of solomon... one of those 10 commandment writeups... I mean it makes sense that you want a guy who is not a bigot,shallow, materialistic.. and all that... but it all just comes of a little like the person has to fit a particular image as though there's no room for error.. in cases like this... a lot of men would probably just fake their way to 'get in'.. but that's not to say there's no one who will fit what you want... it's just a bit harder to find when you put all the do's and don't out there in the first real conversation...

Bachelorette 3:Hehe... short and concise mami... i likey me a tall sexy man lord knows... i think a dude will sort of wanna 'dig into you a little more' cos you give us something but not everything... me likey you!!!

Bachelorette 4:I love me some you babe... You're just real with it... as in you've been in the game and don't have much illusions... you understand that a real man isn't necessarily perfect... just perfect for you... I LOVEY YOU!and you're right.. sexy smiles do make everything better.. that and a great back massage every once in a while

Bachelorette5:Hmmm while reading this I just felt like I was reading the description for your current crush or in you're talking about a specific man... not 'type of man'... I don't know.. either that or you're looking for a friend that you could be with 'sometime later'... not now...

Bachelorette 6:LMAO... your writeup made me laugh out loud... he should be rich abi? you don't want a stingy guy? I mean i like you but you could've given me some sentences.. something cohesive.. not just bullet points.. I feel like you're real... just a little nonchalant... give me more give me more mami... but i likey you sha

Bachelorette 7:no no no please I was all set out to lovey you when you gave me that bigwords thing cos you actually made me google something.. lol... but then the you're not shallow stuff i'm not really feeling.. every human being on this earth gives a shit about who they date... i mean ur cute might not be mine.. but still you have a 'cute'... you cannot tell me that you've never rejected a man just based on the fact of his wowoness... I feel like you're trying to be nice and appeal to the bachelor with your 'accepting personality'...but omo screw that... bring it like fire in your next response... cos me likey the website you showed... hehe.. bigwords.. thats BIG!

LondonBuki said...

ONB, you too you have come o!

So now it's Soul, ONB, Snazzy and Vera!

Anonymous said...

I think bach 1 is Soul!

Daddy's Girl said...

I think Bachelorettes 1 & 5 sound most interesting and fun. Bach 2's list is too boring and strait-laced - not fun at all - this is fantasy stuff girl! Are you a schoolmarm? Bach 3 & 7: too short and didn't say too much - but maybe that's a strategy, keeping it mysterious. Bach 6 - seems very honest, I like that. This is getting interesting.

Angela said...

Wow! Am i the only one that already knows who the bachelor is? LOL....this should be fun!

truth said...

hey bachelorettes, try to keep it concise; not only guys have short attention Asides that this bachelor sure has a lot of assessments on hand...I kinda like this fun idea uzo.props.

Mona said...

Hahahah I'm loving this where have I been! I'm inviting all my blog peeps to read and read comments xxx