Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Bachelor - Episode 8

The Bachelor asked:

If you could be anything or anyone at all, what would you be? What is your dream life? Don't be afraid to say.

Bachelorette 1

If I could be anything what would I be, I would be the notes, sight and sounds of music, I would be the smooth sound fof the saxophone and the almost shrill sound of the trumpet, I would be the heartbeat of the drums and the sweet sweet melody of the flute, I would be the strings of the acoustic guitar.. If I could be anything, I would be Music, I would be Music.. Love is the universal language, Music is the signigicant one!!

What is my dream life.... honestly, I want to travel the world, see all the world has to offer.. Ultimately, I want to find my zen and live within it, giving , giving and giving even more; trying to make everyday pleasant and bearable for people who cant and who dont have the means of doing so..

Bachelorette 2

I would be Richard Gere in pretty woman with Salma Hayek's body. I want to be CEO with at least 60% share capital of a global empire. I would be very philanthropic and set up lots of foundations to help the needy. I would also be generous enough to have my private jet fly my friends to my private island in the Seychelles for the weekend. I would have dinner parties where Bill Clinton would be relaxed enough to play his trumpet and Maya Angelou would read some of her poetry. A husband and three kids (who all grow up to be extraordinary people in their own right) would be the icing on the cake.

Bachelorette 3

I thought hard about this question and realised there is no famous person that I admire enough to want to live his/her life.

I would like to be someone who makes a difference, one way or another. A POSITIVE difference, to wake up each morning and know that I can make, and I have made an impact on someone's life.

Really, to be honest with you, I wish I had someone very special in my life's spirit (Mo). She is the embodiment of everything I aspire to be, with her spirit(compassionate, caring, strong, to name a few of her attributes) - the sky's the limit.

Bachelorette 4

I would like to be Tina Turner - the most dynamic female soul singer in the history of music. Tina Turner oozed sexuality and strength through out her performing career.

She did not let her abusive relationship with Ike Turner hold her from being the best she could be. She ran away with little money and with the kids ( for goodness sakes, she could have just taken only her own child but she took all of Ike's children).

She could have given up but she did not - she rose to become one of the greastes artist of all time - she has won 8 grammys!

She lives with her lover of 21 years, Edwin Bach,who is an absolutely cutie and they live in Tina's amazing mansion in Zurich Switerland and she has another mansion in France.

Tina can go anywhere, get anything she wants and most importantly achieve anything.
She has influenced & encouraged a lot of people, both men & women.

She has amazing energy on and off stage. Age has nothing on her.She has long beautiful legs and a soulful raspy voice.

If I would be anyone, I would be Tina Turner the superstar.

I would live her life, a life which has been full of many challenges but also has its glory, rewards and joy. To me Tina has it all, a succesful career, a great lover, who is more like a husband, beautiful children who adore and respect her and amazing fans all over the world both young and old.

Tina, is simply the best!


Bella Naija said...

Oh oh...I'm first again...
This Bach 4..ah ah...y r u always late!
Anyways, Bach 1! Miss Sensual! ah aha...interesting...

Bach 2 and 3....nice one..

I think I know who bach 2 is now! infact I'm sureeeee....lets wait and see

mochafella said...

Richard Gere in Salma's body? That's a scary thot.

Another "coming soon" reply for bach 4. What time zone is she in?

Vera Ezimora said...

Awww, poor Bach4! Don't judge her too much, please. She's probably tied up. Yes, I really like her...I'm sure you can tell by now.

Bach4, where art thou???

Wait..! What is wrong with this comments thing? Buki has not left a comment??? Noooooo, something isn't right! Blogger musta eaten her comment. Buki, please tell me Blogger has eaten your comment.

Anonymous said...

I apologise for the delay to the questions,just been caught up with work and not cheating like some suspect. lol

Bach 4

Anonymous said...

nice answers, you ladies can think sha:)

so the reveal is when ......

LondonBuki said...

I came earlier and saw that Bach 4 hadn't updated but she has now.

I like Bach 1's answer and Bach 4, well thought out... Bach 3, I like.

Bach 2, Richard Gere with Salma Hayek's body? Hmmm....

Soul said...

bachelorette 1
I really, really like this response, the saxophone is one of the most seductive instruments I know of.. it's got a long body, sleek... it looks simple but it's comlicated. It produces round, full bodied, long, haunting yet vibrant notes. It's like the instrument which can begin as well as conclude a piece of music. The first and the last piece.
Yep. you got me on the music tip.
Oh and travelling yes.

ahh your inner bohemian keeps calling you right?.
right on sista.... Good luck with that

bachelorette 2
hmmm Richard Gere with Salma Hayek's body?... hmm interesting combo. lol.. I wonder if you meant you would have the trappings that richard gere had in pretty woman.
I can relate, there was a time in my life when I wanted to just bulldoze straight through the corporate world. I fantasized that I would buy companies whole, rip them apart into small sizeable profitable chunks and then sell em on.
But you at least have a heart, careful with the Bill Clinton dinner thing, you know Bill likes em young lol..
oh butthe Maya angelou poetry thing.. phew! nice. very nice.
Good luck with that.

bachelorette 3
I like this. I like when people look at celebrities and realise.. hey they are just human like me. and I don't wanna live their lives. I wanna live mine.
You come across as extremely content with the person you are or the direction your life is going.
It's like you know what's out there but you can focus on what's in here. I think you are enigmatic.
well done. good luck with that.

bachelorette 4
Tina Turner is a great woman no doubt. Obviously she has influenced your life in a big way.
You highlight the main aspects which appeal to you, her strength, her generousity, her grandiosity, her influence, her achievements, her glory and her rewards.
You come across as someone who wants to be known as a person who has done well and you will go to the bat as well as walk the line to get what you want, when you want it. Good luck with that.

I wish all the bachelorette's their desires and dreams come true

LondonBuki said...

Go Bach 1! Go Bach 1!! Go!!!

Soul, I came back to read your response - I knew you'd deliver!

Blogger didn't eat my comment! Vera, you already insulted me o! And I told you I will comment MAX three times a day. LOL!!!

truth said...

bach 1:That was some poetic justice. I'm totally feeling that...I sense you are as sensual and as liberal as music is.That's great.I enjoyed reading your post.

Bach 2: You are no doubt one ambitious, career driven chic.Considering the phase I am currently at inlife, I can totally relate to that successful and humanitarian personality.Don't sure about the choice of 'body-swap' though.lol

Bach 3:I totally love you for loving you even when given the option of creating a preferable prototype of yourself. 'U go girl!

Bach 4:I like the fact that eben in your choice of a dream personality you still gave credit to the reality that life is not a fairy tale.Great thought.

Good luck girls and thanks for making this happen.

Bachelorette 2 said...

Just to clear things up, I meant to have Salma Hayek's body but to be like Richard Gere's character in pretty woman - i.e. a high flying financier.

snazzy said...

Bachelor 1 has inspired me to think about all the responses in terms of songs that I think capture what they're saying.

The sentiments of 1's response remind me of "papa was a rolling stone" by james brown. The sense of soulful wanderlust.

2's response was easy. "if I ruled the world" by nas and lauren. Though if 2 had just said she wanted to be a hot female warren buffet the whole richard gere salma hayek thing could have been avoided. Still wishful thinking with a plan to go along with it, seriously kewl.

3's response was hard to do at first. To think of a song that captures that strong sense of self-worth that says I don't need to live anyone elses life, I need to live mine right and I can do anything. Well I came up with "I believe I can fly" by R.Kelly

4 wants to be Tina Turner, and while it would be nice to do a Tina song that captures her life, I don't know enough Tina songs to do that. So crining slightly I offer you "Survivor" by Destiny's Child.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for the Bachelor,

As a woman, I always want to feel protected by my man; even if I have to face a bear, a tribe of lions, and a wild pack of hyenas (figuratively speaking), I want to feel like my man can conquer them all. So tell me, what can you give your woman that no other man on the face of God's green earth can give her? In other words, how do you intend to eat her deep? No, not sexually, but emotionally. Have I lost you? How do you intend to be the best thing to ever happen to her, so much that no other man can EVER compare to you?

Bach 4

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow, great responses. They all give an insight into your personalities, characters and interests. Well done ladies.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Bachelorette 1...you did well. Im TOTALLY feeling all that... infact.... Olawunmi must NOT choose u o

Snazzy...you hit the nail right on the head...because that is the EXACT song that came to mind when i was reading it...as in it just came to me....

bach3...who's Mo???? but i like your response...you seem grounded

well bach4...tina is cool...heard her story...i do think she's a strong...nice song w/Survivor Snazzy but why are you cringing nowww.. lol

LondonBuki said...

Diamond, Mo is my Mama's middle name :-)