Friday, May 11, 2007


Sonny & Cher - I got you babe

This amazing song is from the 60's and i absolutely love it. I am sure everyone knows that this hippie couple were also husband and wife and did quite well for themselves musically. They also had an incredibly successful show - The Sonny & Cher Show. This couple got divorced and Sonny went on to become a US Representative and Cher as we all know went to do the acting thing that garnered her an Oscar and a successful singing career.

Sonny died after a skiing acccident that had him running into a tree and i still have the image in my head of a very tearful Cher giving her eulogy. Amazing. This couple had been divorced for decades but there she was at his funeral, with their daughter Chastity and his new family crying so hard she had to lean on Mary's (Sonny's wife) shoulder. I guess its easy to forget once a marriage ends that there was once love there.

Anyway, enjoy this song...

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ababoypart2 said...

Nice song. Love UB40's cover

Nerdia said...

Very nice post on I Got You Babe.I was just talking about Sonny today on my Cher blog and his recent star re-dedication ceremony.