Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Musings.....

* Should i wait? Should i give in? Is there even a chance? Just dont mess this up*
* I bit my tongue yesterday and it still hurts. Is there a cure for a hurt tongue?*
* How do i tell her - planning to get married next year that i think she is making a big mistake?*
* Should i even tell her?*
* Why the hell do i care so much about other people?*
* I wonder how i can get the new Harry Potter book almost as soon as it comes out?*
* Everything and everyone - irritating me but why?*
* No you cannot use my phone - dammit - using up all my credit*
* If i am supposed to be watching my spending, why did i just commission my "designer" to hook me up with some new outfits and paid half of said order?*
* Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!


Daddy's Girl said...

Interesting... awwww, this is one of the reasons I like you so much Uzo, you are a real person o jare.

The biting your tongue thing is not fun - pele - don't know any cures, sadly.

Why do people do that? Borrow someone's phone and keep yakking on? Inconsiderate jerks.

On the spending... no comment, enjoy, get some fab outfits, but please do not touch 'the' fund... LOL Good news on my end... things are looking up a bit in that department...

Take care sweetie... oh and for what it's worth, I think you should wait... there is a chance...

londonbuki said...

Uzo sugar... I will pick up my pre-ordered Harry Potter book at 12 midnight on July 21(LOL!). Now... do you know anyone travelling on that day? I can get you one.

Talk soon x

Ugo Daniels said...

And why do i always come to this blog even when i have other things to do, eh!

There can never be enough why's and How's. Guess dats life. We just have to live with it!

ExcitedJade said...

Uzo... pele, thats all i can say.
to that someone that that wasted ur credit, no vex.. some naijas r bloody users.

Cheetarah said...

totally get u on the irritant moments,had one of those yest.
Lol@ur commisioning ur designer o girl if u look good,u'll feel good

Asper ur friends wedding, tread careful, our good intentions are often misconstrued when it come to marriage esp when ur still single,lol:)

@harry potter- not a fan but got an email from borders to reserve it and get a harry potter goodiebag,will check for ur email and foward it 2 u if u like

Soul said...

what are you waiting for?
listen to your head, I find that 'the heart is not so smart' but sometimes we don't care.

there is no cure for hurt tongue.. I've been biting mine a lot recently.. and dnot the tip.. actually the side.. I always try to eat something spicy after I burn my tongue.. in an attempt to seal the bit that has been bitten..

I dunno how you tell her, but I still do. I just did a fwe days ago.. even though it hurt my relationship with my friend. I still told. I can't sit still and watch a friend who I love go down a blind path.. what type of friend does that make me..
in my opinion.. No friend at all..
A true friend forsakes their personal relationship with you.. a true friend warns you and let's you know what they see.. because a true frien would risk you not ever speaking to them again... than making the biggest mistake of your life.
You say what you have to say and you let go. whether they listen to you or not..

I dunno.. Uzo..I'm in an arggghhh mood myself.

SET said...

Well, first of all how are you? Shud you tell your friend she is making a mistake? I have had a similar situation but my opinion didn't matter since she went along anyways, but at least I said my peace. I am trying to watch my spending but last nite I was looking for shoes and today I am looking for new skincare lines to try, and I looking to buy a new bag too, damn. someone i love is pissing me off too for being so in denial. anyways thx for the post, I am sure u can see u are not alone.

Naija Vixen said...

Uhmmm....dont tell her directly...get sumone to give her an "anonymous" tip off...and you can always pre-order the book...altho im not sure bout delivery to lagos...

Anonymous said...

wetin dey special about this chick sef? people just dey wan dash am things. this blog just dey boring. a waste of cyber space. abeg jare. which work you dey do sef because e b like say that one go good pass. also all them stupid things wey you dey write wey u dey call poetry - dem dey make me laugh. who sai? no make am career because na only these kiss ass people wey dey comment for ya blog go buy am and them go dey lie sef.

which kind designer you get sef? no be you talk say you fat? wetin you need designer for?

abeg shut down this nonsense waste of space

Noni Moss said...

Harry Potter - mmhhhhh soo CANNOT wait - plus the movie for Order of the Phoenix is coming soon - saw the previews - i almost wet my pants in excitement.

The anonymous commenter is an asshole and I hope you dont let them get to you too much - fucking cowardly bastards.