Thursday, May 10, 2007


Lyfe Jennings - Must be nice
I am ready to share Lyfe with everyone.
Where do i begin? I fell in love with Lyfe Jennings about 2 years ago and i have just been so hooked since. Lyfe Jennings is simply amazing. His personal story is so inspiring - he was jailed for arson in 1992 and was released 10 years later and he has just done such huge things. I find his music so inspiring because its almost like he is talking to me and i hear his story but his struggles to re-adjust to being back out and building a relationship with God. That is on his first album where this song is from. Then he released The Phoenix and i actually cried when i heard the song "Goodbye".
I am jumping ahead of myself - his voice is so sexy. It has a husky gritty quality. A voice that gets its beauty not from affectations, adlibs or vocal training but from life and experience. Almost like seeing an old weathered face lined with wrinkles that is beautiful because its owner has lived a full life.
Lyfe is my constant companion. His cds i cant get enough of. Its hard for me to pick a favorite song but this one ranks very high on my list. Partly because its the first song i heard from him that started this love affair but also because me being me, the words pack such a powerful punch for me. The song title is deceptive but the words are intense. The lyrics are below so you can see what i mean - but he says "Must be nice having someone you dont have to show, they know exactly where it hurts". That is not just nice - its love. And the rest of the words are like that. Listen to this song and really really enjoy!
Must be nice
Having someone who understands the life you live
Must be nice
Having someone who's slow to take and quick to give
Must be nice
Having someone who sticks around when the rough times get thick
Someone who's smile is bright enough to make the projects feel like a mansion
Must be nice
Having someone who loves you despite your faults
Must be nice
Having someone who talks the talk but also walks the walk
Must be nice
Having someone who understands that a thug has feelings too
Someone who loves you for sho'
You just remember to never let 'em go
Even when your hustling days are gone
She'll be by your side still holding on
Even when those 20's stop spinning
And all those gold-digging women disappear
She'll still be here
Must be nice
Having someone you can come home to from a long day of work
Must be nice
Having someone you don't have to show they know exactly where it hurts
Must be nice
Having someone who trusts you despite what they've heard
Someone as mighty as a lion but still as gentle as a bluebird
Must be nice
Having someone you don't have to tell you don't want to be alone
Must be nice
Having someone you can grow old with until God calls ya'll home
Must be nice
Having someone who understands that a thug has feelings too
Someone who loves you for sho'you
Just remember to never let 'em go


Soul said...

okay.. okay.. you are probably going to want to kill me...
But check this..
About 2 or 3 years ago, whilst in NY i happened to catch a re-run of one of 'Apollo' this guy came out and sang some song with his guitar at first i think the audience almost boo'ed until they hear his falsetto.. I thought hmm nice singer, I hope he makes it.
I couldn't watch the whole thing as i was rushing off to see Angie Stone promoting her new album (stone love) i think it was called.

Anyway, I get to the venue with my friend and we are chilling.
First some rasta guys come out and relly sing some concious stuff..
then some idiot from the south comes on and sings the most stupid, idiotic mysoginistic crap ever and people actually booo him off.
then this guy come out with his guitar and starts singing.. 'must be nice'.
I tap my friend on the shoulder and say.. hey it's that guy we just saw on the TV lol..

And the he blows my mind...
He sings 'stick up kid'
and then he sings my favourite song. Made up my mind WOW!

I hightailed it to discorama the next day to buy his album.
I really, really like his voice..

Hypothetically, of course..
must be nice
26 years, 17days
made up my mind
get constant play on my MP3 player....

Uzo, you rock solid!!
I dig your taste in music...

Anonymous said...

Having someone you don't have to tell you don't want to be alone... i love that lyric... in fact the entire song is just amazing... i love love love the experience in his voice.. he's amazing.. and like you said.. you can just tell the man's lived.. as in he's seen it.. i like the hypothetically song... never got his album though.. but now that i read soul's comments and saw his other songs... maybe i'll limewire it(lol.. dont tell nobody)

Ms. May said...

I say YES to Lyfe Jennings. Hypothetically of Course with Fantasia....hmmm. I could listen to that song for hours cos you can feel the pain in every ad lib and vibrato....LOL. SEX...speaking to the young sisters, is also a good one. I appreciate him for trying quite well to have mass appeal with a message.

Olawunmi said...

i love lyfe jennings!! i didn't know his story was so dramatic, but you got me as usual.

his voice, his style, his soul. he'sone of those guys who do music like they really enjoy it, not because they just want to make money. he's got integrity

Soul said...

no No No... Ms May...
you need to listen to the Hypothetically (that word just seem right when it's typed out) with the original girl he sang it with.

I can't remember her name.. but she was hot!. She had the right texture... the right tone.. she had this air of refreshment about her..
like.. I love this man but I made a mistake. I've heard the fantaasia version but the original was much much better... for me anyway....