Monday, May 28, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 9

Obiwon - Onyinye

Odd choice for a monumental soundbyte some might say but this song is monumental for a different reason......

Other than the fact that i love this song and its by a Nigerian artist, its also a name song....This is the song that made it official for me - THERE HAS TO BE A SONG WITH MY NAME - UZO AS THE TITLE.

It really is just that simple. LOL....I mean there is Olufunmi, Omoshalewa, Dami, Charlene, Angel etc, why cant there be an Uzo song? I mentioned this to a friend that i shared this song with and even went as far as challenging him to write the song - i got silence as a response. I know that the letter Z in my name might be a challenge but hey....It can be done...LOL

So, watch out - in a little while, there will be a song Uzo on the airwaves and you all will have an ah ha moment - saying to yourselves - i know that girl....

Happy Monday!

*If you would like this song, leave an email address in the comments section*


Daddy's Girl said...

LOL!! Uzo, I really can't wait to hear that song. In fact, a blogger just might take up the challenge and decide to write that ode for you.
I really like Obiwon's voice.

TaureanMinx said...

Uzooooo, Uzo Uzooo Uzooooo.

Uzo dey zo me ohhh Uzo dey zo me oh!

Biko Uzo no zo me, I dey beg, no zo me oh.

Olurun abeg no make Uzo zo meeeeeee.

Bella Naija said...

Please send me the song!!!!!

TRAE said...

wanted to do this by email but you didn't display any...

please can you send me the obiwon-onyinye song []. it means a lot to me and having it would make my thanks a million!