Friday, May 25, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 8

The Police - Every breath you take
Yes this song is massive but has anyone really listened to the words of this song? I really like this song but i am amused when i hear people refer to it as a love song. It isnt. This song is dark and frankly a little scary. It has a stalker vibe - "every step you take, every move you make, i'll be watching you".....Not romantic at all.
Sting wrote this song and has confirmed that it was written in the wake of his divorce so it reflects the murderous thoughts he had at the time....LOL
This song is monumental in 2 ways. I know that Rolling Stone magazine recognises this song as one of the top 500 songs of all time but then Biggy got killed, Diddy got sad and took the hook of this song to make a tribute single (I'll be missing you) that was a commercial success and still gets us moving today.
Diddy's version was so sweet with all the members of the Bad Boy label doing their thing on it. Then the video with the meadow and Biggy's son and then Diddy falling off the bike and his dance move with him all in black leather and swinging around. I can still do that move and yes i love Diddy (in fact i dated a guy that looked just like Diddy....subject of a post for another day).
Then during a memorable MTV Video Awards ceremony, Diddy and the gang all in white performed this song and suprise, suprise Sting is there doing his thing....Amazing...Still get goose pimples thinking about it.
Anyway, this song is simply amazing and of course Sting is one of my favorite artists and emm after watching the Oprah Show when he and his wife over-shared and let us know about their love for tantric sex - let's just say i think Sting rocks even more now...LOL
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Soul said...

yes o.
For once I actually even like the diddy cover.
But i adore sting.. I adore his voice and the way he just does what he does.
That voice always seems like he is singing from deep within him.
I can listen to sting all day, he is soo soothing, even in his collabo's it's like he brings this air of quiet danger.

Nice choice (I hope 'it's probably me' features somewhere in the soundbytes)..

LondonBuki said...

I love Sting's voice!

And Diddy's version that became the national anthem in Lagos - it got so bad, I was fixing my bike tyre at the 'vulcanizer'... he was singing it! LOLL!!!

Have a beautiful weekend Uzolicious!

Mamarita said...

Oh I remember the days in Nigeria after I'LL BE MISSING YOU got released, the song blew up. That was the song that precedented the whole omo alata feeling funky move... and all those small children with their tire rolling in their underpants playing in muddy water had their own version of the song.

But the song is romantic, "Oh can't you see, you belong to me". Wow, that ex-wife must have been well...without heart cos me if a man sang that and word on the street was that I had something to do with it, I probably would take him back :)

diary of a G said...

yeah I'll b missing u twas the shiz

Anonymous said...

Answer to an old blog post. The real question to me is "Will you marry someone who is an (No Future Ambition) NFA?" Although a degree can help weed out NFAs it is not full proof, and there are those flukes like Bill Gates and the like. So to answer my question I can't marry an NFA no matter how much the love is shaking me, cause within a year the suffering will open my eyes (from the blindness of love). So high school drop out pls with good interpersonal and grammatical skills and one heck of a drive yeah - let us see what you can do before we take the stroll down that aisle.

Patrice said...

The original is one of my all-time favourite songs and videos. It is a song about obsessive love, not at all healthy. In a radio interview, Sting expressed dismay that so many American couples had written to him to say that "Every Breath You Take" was "their song" and the one that they danced to at their wedding. He later wrote "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" partly in response to this misinterpretation.

Vickii said...

Lol, thank you so much for pointing that out ... I've always said that this is a scary stalker song, 'I'll be watching you ...?' I do love it though and dare I say, I love the diddy cover even more!

Nyemoni said...

No You didn't! You went behind my back and did a song of the police.... I love them!! And when are you going to feature message in a bottle???