Wednesday, January 31, 2007


February 1st, 2007. Its love month. My second favorite month of the year. I love love and of course my theme for soundbytes this month will be love. Forever after love, broken hearts, God's love, maternal love, love turned to hate. Oh yeah! I am going to profile some of my favorite songs and every song will have a story.

Therefore, its only fitting that i start this month with:

Garth Brooks - Every now and then

I had totally forgotten this song till a few days ago when it started playing on my playlist and i got weak. This is a very special song to me. This song takes me back to my very young days and my first love.

My first love and i were a pretty cute couple and so innocent too. We wrote love letters to each other. I bought stationary - cute pink stationary just to write to him. We wrote to each other almost everyday even when we saw each other. We even had some sort of code that we slipped into the letters every now and again. We made mixed tapes for each other. He had a special name for me from a Stevie Wonder song. Oh...such bliss. He made me feel like no-one else mattered. When i was having a hard time with Maths, he helped out. When i got intimidated by some of the girls in our class that were also his friends, he tried to play peacemaker all the while making me realize i was the most important person in the whole thing. Family issues i could talk about with him. A trouble some ex on his side was discussed with no qualms. He was one of those super smart types that ended up leaving school early since he aced his exams. Even after he left, his sister and my brother became couriers for our letters. I got letters, cards, little personal things from him. He went away for a while and when he came back, he had kept a journal of sorts of every day he was away and i would read and re-read it every time i missed him. I think this relationship lasted over a year and it set my expectations for future relationships.

Anyway, i ran out of songs for him at some point so i went to my dad's cd collection and grabbed a Garth Brooks cd. I had never listened to it but i thought he might enjoy it. And he listened to it and pointed out a few of his favorites to me and this one was one of them. I remember it getting on one of the mixed tapes he made me. I heard this song and i just smiled. I remember every line of the song. Well my brain remembered it. After the second listen, it was as if i had been listening to this song everyday.

I really hope that people have special songs like these that just take you back to a place where everything was right. Enjoy!

*If you would like this song, leave me an email address in the comments section*


DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmm...this Love is something between u and the ex... seems everything was perfect...makes me wonder why it couldnt go on...

Mona said...

I will try n find this song thanks! Happy Feb


Olawunmi said...

wow. sounds like the perfect storybook romance to me. do you still have those letters and things that he sent you?

someone introduced me to Garth years ago, and i've been a fan ever since (yes my tastes are a bit odd-ball). i love that particular album for the selection of songs on it. every now and then is a beautiful song. remember the night-rider's lament? and somewhere other than the night?

i like your music selections. thanks for sharing this one

Uzo said...

@Diamond: It was something alright..LOL. We outgrew each other is what i think. We were really young and there was a whole lot of growing up to do

@Mona: Thanks. If you leave me your email address, i will send the song off to you

@Olawunmi:Storybook perfect romance it was. LOL. I used to have everything that he ever sent to me until 2 years ago i think when i did a purging thing. I really missed the simplicity and sweetness of that relationship and i think i missed him a little too. I figured holding on was plain silly at my age so i burnt them. I still have a few letters that somehow missed the bonfire.

It is one very interesting cd and "Learning to live again" was once the soundtrack of my life.

I really think i am a very melodramatic person. LOL

Anonymous said...

Like Garth Brooks - If Tomorrow Never Comes is my top track

Vickii said...

Aww this is such a sweet story ... aww!