Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Repost - The deadliest weapon

I wrote this piece in September, 2006. Its an interesting way of thinking but my mind works in very very interesting ways.

Everytime i turn on the television, tune in to my favorite radio station or go through the dailies, its all about the instruments of death used by people to hurt each other. Its all about the weapons of mass destruction that havent been found in Iraq, the uranium that Iran seems to be playing with, the bombs used in Iraq, even humans turning themselves into bombs and killing. Of course these weapons are deadly. They extinguish physical life.

I think of another hidden weapon that can kill souls and spirits. Its around us and we all use it at least once a day. The telephone. It doesnt matter if its the fanciest cellphone or the old school dial phone. The telephone. It makes sense in my mind. Here's the way i see it:

We have all become so busy these days that rather than taking the time to visit or write letters, we make a quick call, reassure people we are alright and get back to the rat race. Or send a quick text message to say we will be late or even to get directions. Losing the personal communication that created bonds. Killing our souls a little bit at a time.

With that person you are just getting to know, endless hours spent chatting on the phone. Exploring each other and being totally uninhibited. Lulled into a sense of security by the voice on the other end. Building dreams and making plans using a simple device. Possibilities and expectations created and nurtured. Then you actually begin to spend time with that person, or meet that person....then you realise its all a sham. You cant stick this person. The real person without the phone isnt your cup of tea. Ah. The profound disappointment that follows. A little bit of your soul gone.

Just doing your thing in your house. Significant other is in the bathroom or somewhere else. You decide to make a quick call. Pick up the phone and hear voices.Your honey whispering sweet nothings to someone else. You are not supposed to have heard that. Rage, disappointment, anger, pain and little bit of your soul dies. All because of a chance lifting of the handset from the cradle.

Sitting in the salon or in the car and your cellphone rings. Chat endlessly with that friend. And you say goodbye. For some reason, you dont hit the end call button. Then you hear voices. You begin to speak and tell the person on the other end of the line that he/she hasnt ended the connection. Then you hear your name. You listen. People are talking about you. Laughing at you. Insulting you. Anger, betrayal, the death of a bit of your soul. The phone helped that process along.

The phone rings and its the one you always hoped you would live happily ever after with. Excited chatter ensues. Some news to be shared. Getting married. Some silence and a gulp on your part. Congratulations. Of course i will be at the wedding. A part of your soul dies. The phone does it again.

A phone call in the middle of the day. A crying voice. Someone is dead. Has been in a accident. Shock, disbelief, intense grief....carried along by the telephone.

The one you care so much about. That called you every night. Suddenly the phone calls stop. You try calling and suddenly you cant get through. Your calls are not being answered. Confusion. Why? Did i do or say something? A piece of your soul dies. The phone.

Your loved one, away from home. Living life. Finding his or her own way. Suddenly, they cant be reached. Panic begins to set in. Where are they? What's going on? Are they okay? Until you get your answers, the phone is in constant use while a little bit of your soul shrivels up. The phone.

Endless scenarios and situations. The phone at the center of it all.


Noni Moss said...

Babe - dont blame the phone. It's simply a tool, a means, a messenger!

Lol - i love my phones :-D

Daddy's Girl said...

Very deep... nice write-up. Funny how much we depend on phones. What would happen if all the phones in the world stopped working for a day? A week?

Olawunmi said...

this is beautiful...

Funmi said...

wow......this is so true.