Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nigeria's new president?

So there was a headline in a nigerian paper a few days ago: "Presidential plan spoils Yar'Adua'a plan". I read it and didnt think anything of it till today.

The story says that Yar'adua had already accepted a teaching position at the Ahmadu Bello University after his tenure as governor ended. This plan was thwarted upon his pick as PDP presidential candidate.

Okay: So he obviously had no desire to be president. He was just picked. This also means, he has no agenda and has given no thought to plans for the country. So whose agenda and plans will he be espousing? Okay so i know the answer to this question but still...

Rumous have circulated about his state of health ever since The Economist stated categorically that he has kidney problems and is actually on dialysis. He doesnt look physically fit to anyone. Well, after weeks of not addressing this issue and then denying this, Obasanjo in a press conference, acknowledged his illness but said "God has healed him since .....(in stated the year but i dont remember)"

So our options so far: Yar'Adua (the puppet for Obasanjo's 3rd term afterall), Buhari (i dont know much about him and his politics but words like dictator seem to trail him) and Atiku (who hasnt done the preferred thing and resigned and played dead but has continued to hound Obasanjo and his administrationand expose them little by little. He is however, very corrupt and quite the thief)....

The future seems very bright for Nigeria wouldnt you say?


Bella Naija said...

Those are some harsh words but they are so well-deserved!
God knows their plan.
Nigeria needs a revolution, I guess for the sake of self preservation, nobody wants to stand up and stop this madness.
I will just keep praying for us.

Mona said...

Wow talk about a dog eat dog country...God help us!!! Amen.

Check out the M word on my blog xxx

Nyemoni said...

Yaeh 4 real... as bright as nightfall! God help us abeg!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

WE need to continue to put this before God day and night in prayers.

snazzy said...



In a country on the brink, three men compete for the ultimate prize. All want it, only one can get it.

APRIL 2007


azuka said...

Only God knows how we're going to move forward.

The same set of gorillas who ruled in their time, their children's time and want to rule in our time. Aren't they tired?

Jaycee said...

Oh noooo...not again. I really hope things work out in this election. I'm tired of the people covering their leaders' behind in Nigeria. Why can't we be truly democratic?

lolll @ snazzy...what a poll!

I'm still trying to understand how they'll let a man that needs kidney dialysis run for president...did I read right?