Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It just occurred to me that i havent featured a ballad on my soundbyte in a few days. Gasp! No way....How on earth did that happen to the queen of all things love related? Therefore, my song for today is:

Connor Reeves - Earthbound

I "met" Mr Reeves when i was still in university and instantly fell in love with this song. Its a bittersweet song of sorts but so intense. Mr Reeves didnt do as well as i hoped career wise. I only remember this song and another "Father & Son" to his credit which is a shame. Anyway some of the lines from this song are:

"Because your love - it lifted me above it all
Without it, its leaving me so far to fall"

Intense. And the whole song is like that. The title of the song alludes to the fact that being in love with this woman had him flying, in another world and now that that love is gone, he is earthbound. *Sigh* Enjoy!

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Daddy's Girl said...

Uzo, 'the queen of romance' - I would give you that title if it didn't already belong to the late Barbara Cartland, with her millions of books about dark and handsome barons, and girls with quivering lips and soft voices. Sorry, going off on a tangent there...

Ehen, please send me this song, my dear Uzo. I was going to say I have never heard about this guy, but I do remember the 'Father and Son' song... at least I think I do. It's like a dad advising his son, and at a point he goes,

'Find a girl, if you love her, maybe she's the one that you should marry/Look at me, I am old but I'm happy'

My sister always used to complete that line - 'with your mother'.

It's a bit cheesy (at least that line is), but I remember really loving that song.

Sorry for rambling all over your comments page.

Daddy's Girl said...

Ok.. it was niggling at my mind, so I've done my homework... 'Father and Son' was a Boyzone song, a cover version of an old Cat Stevens song. The song Connor did was 'My Father's Son'.

Uzo said...

Ah the lawyer does it again. LOL. You are right...its My Father's Son.....

Vickii said...

I loved connor reeves and both the songs you menioned ... thanks so much for the memory. I'm going to download it now!

Vickii said...

@daddy's girl, I think the father and son you're talking about is boyzone. I'm ashamed that I know that.

Anonymous said...

Conner Reeves is actually working on a new album !