Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today's song is from one of the most successful african artists ever:

Koffi Olomide - Calvaire.

Though Koffi is a Congolese soukous artist, he is actually Ghanaian. His father is ghanaian and his mom is congolose. I was first introduced to his music while i was in university. We had one of out african nights coming up and some friends of mine from East Africa decided that we would all dance to Koffi Olomide's 'Loi'. These girls - one from Kenya, one from Tanzania and one from Malawi began to wind waists and move and show us what a difference in bodies we had. One of them was full figured and she was actually more of a pleasure to watch than the others. These girls would stand still and their waists and backsides would move as if they were separate appendages. Now of course, it more commonplace with makossa and all but back then, i had never seen anything like it.

I especially love this song because it is pretty mellow and just so easy. My body moves gently and i wonder what is being said in that romantic language - french. Enjoy.

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disgodkidd said...

hi uzo, sorry i havent replied your email yet, i will get to that soon...happy new year, and looking to meet you soon...

Olawunmi said...

i loved this post. one more thing that we share, abi, my special one?

i love Koffi Olomide. i love his voice, that deep deep baritone. i love hearing koffi or Fally (Ipupa) sing the hooks, and i love the extravagant strings on the faster songs.

i love "mi amore" with papa wemba. that man's voice is a minor miracle at least. even though i dont understand what they're saying, its still a pleasure to listen to.

Uzo said...

@disgodkidd: No probs. Take your time

@Olawunmi: I know how much you love Koffi but i think might have it on you. She is a massive fan and she even has DVDs of performances which rock. I havent heard the Mi Amore song yet though

Anonymous said...

You and Olawunmi? What a lucky guy....How come you dont blog more about your special one?