Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Its almost the end of January already. Wow. 2007 is off to a roaring start so i think its only fit that today's song be a praise/worship song:

David Mell - More than what people say

David is a Nigerian artist and this song just speaks to me. The first time i heard, i fell in love with it. The bridge of this song is in Igbo and its just so awesome.

I thank God everyday of course but this year - only 30 days in, has been amazing so far. When i look at myself - this ordinary woman, i wonder what it is about me that entitles me to all the grace and favour that come to me. It seems as if i dont make any extra efforts. I am just myself, but people around me marvel and God rewards me. Amazing isnt it.

My parents will say that when i was about 10 or so and in secondary school, i said to them "I am going to be great". I still say it to myself but my definition of greatness has changed. It used to be all about having and achieving but now, i say "i am going to have a great life". I will excel in whatever work i do, i will give my best to be the solid example for my siblings since i am the first. It makes me so proud to hear my baby sister tell me she is up studying at 2am so she can be like me. I am sure as she gets older, she will find her sense of self but for now, i am the one she defines her life by. Not my parents but me. I will dream massive, gigantic dreams. One of the dreams i have is to buy the National Theatre. The first time i said this to someone, he laughed and frankly that put me off him. I want to be with someone who will say "hmm. interesting. why? what are your plans for it? " Not laughter.

The point to all this rambling is that as long as i know that God has my back, i am not afraid to live and dream and be. If the greatness that has been destined for me will have me on the cover of every magazine around the world, so be it. If my greatness means i will be a fat, happy grandma like Big Mama in Soul Food, holding her family together by any means necessary, so be it.

Enjoy the song and listen to the words. God is more than what people say so as you commune with God and develop your personal relationship with your maker, realise that you can be more that what people say as long as you have God.

*If you would like this song, leave me an email address in the comments section*


LondonBuki said...

Song please... haven't heard it before. Thank you :-)

As for 2007... I spent the first 2 weeks in Lagos, then the next couple of weeks recovering from Malaria and stuff...

I believe my 2007 just started, I have a feeling it's going to be unbelievable for me (my MUMMY)... Enough about me!

I love this post, I can't believe the guy laughed when you said you wanted to buy the National Theatre, GOSH!

Very inspiring post and I believe with God by our side, the sky's the limit.

Have a GREAT Tuesday.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hear hear!!!!

Daddy's Girl said...

Great post Uzo - very inspiring like Buki said.

Anonymous said...

Hi how are u, am living in France and am also crazy of this song from David Mell. I cant hear it enough and it has helped me trough a hudge crisis in my life last year. I wanto ask u, do u have the complete lyrics? Am looking and searching and still no result. Plzzzz can you help me?? thanxx chinyere169@yahoo.fr

Anonymous said...

please send me da song i heard it but i don't know where to get so please send me the song on my email address lil-mz-rudy-@hotmail.com thanxGod bless u