Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Does anyone remember the post i did in December about my office christmas party? Where i went on and on about how much fun it was? Well an important fact i omitted to mention is the fact that one of the men i work with proposed to his girlfriend at the party. The party was on December 14th.

I got into the office this morning and was met with the news that girlfriend/fiance died this morning. She had pneumonia and had been admitted for the past 2 days. A delegation of people from the office were getting ready to rush to St Nicholas when his brother called us to push the visit back. That this strong self assured man had broken down in the hospital, was yelling, throwing things and threatening to beat anyone in sight and had to be physically removed from the hospital.

This girl i met at the party is my age mate - maybe even younger (25) and she was so happy at the party. We danced with her trying to make her feel welcome with the office folks. I even cracked a joke about the ring. He got the ring from H.Samuel and i said something about the accounts department being audited since he works in that department to ensure all the funds were in order. She was so gorgeously dressed at the party and was a perfect size 4

Now, i just started to cry. Simply because i dont get what the point of living is. This girl had finished university and was working. She had moved on to the next logical step - getting married and then she dies.

So what is the point of all the drama we put ourselves through? Why am i spending a fortune on books, cds, jewelery that i havent gotten a chance to enjoy? Why are there so many unworn shoes in my closet? Why am i killing myself and depriving myself to lose weight? What the hell is the point of working and planning a damn career when tommorrow is not promised?

What the hell is the point of it all? God works in mysterious ways it is said. So i need to know the reason why a 25 year old young woman, a year younger than me is dead this morning. I need to know why the love of Chukwuma's life is gone. The woman he was to spend the rest of his life with. How is he going to deal with this? How will her family deal with this?

What is the damn point of it all?


Funmi said...

wow it is truly a sad day when a young person who has only just started in life dies. May her gentle soul rest in peace. My prayers are with Chukwuma(he needs strength to bear this terrible loss). God will comfort

Its at moments like this that i realise the importance of living each day to the max.....i don't have any 'special dress'.....i rock it all. Live each day well.

I am really sorry for your loss.

Nyemoni said...

Wow, the pain of it... I am sorry about this.. I also ask my self about what the point to life is sometimes too but I can't question God 'cos i know he knows best.. This just makes me strenghten my reslove to try to be happy, do something meaningful with my life and make every secound count!

Its sad, I know but take control! God is with you...

Noni Moss said...

Damn. Poor guy. Her poor family as well. Like nyemoni said, all we can do is " try to be happy, do something meaningful with our lives and make every secound count".

Noni Moss said...

Why are soo many people dying this year already?

Anonymous said...

im so sorry, that is life for u, tomorrow is not promised at all. i have made it a point in life that excessive aquisition of wealth and earthly things are of no use. just have the essentials and leave the rest to God.
May chukwuma be consoled.

Soul said...

I'm not going to tell you that God works in mysterious ways, I'm going to say God does what God does.

What's the point to life?. i don't know the universal point, but i try to remind myself to enjoy it right now.
Why do you have unworn shoes in your closet?.. break them out.

Why are you trying to loose weight? because you have an ideal that you want you to be, an ideal that you imagine yourself to be comfortableb at, so why not lose weight so you can live your ideals right now, before we all get snatched away

Why not play those CD's.
why not wear your jewellry?

No one is asking you not too Uzo, you decide to enjoy each day that comes.
Make the best of everyday, love and live to the fullest..
read that book you always wanted to read..
go see that old auntie you always wanted to see
that trip to Dubai you always wanted to go on... make it the next trip.
I'm not saying live like there is no tomorrow.. I'm saying live like tomorrow is today.
Save, because we all pray that you have a future, but live, love and smile as well.

That boy you like.. let him know.
that girl you like, let her know
that sister who you've been tolerating... remove yourself from her circle
that brother who is an irritant, remove yourself from his midst...

Live baby...
just live

Vera Ezimora said...


Uzo, I dunno what to say. Life is so.... arrggh! Nothing is guaranteed. Death is so scary because it's permanent. There is nothing any1 or anything can do 2 reverse the situation. Poor Chukwuma. My God, I'm so sorry for his loss.

Uzo, just pray that God comforts him. I canno understand this life we live.

Biodun said...

I am soo sorry for your loss. Life truly is short, and tomorrow isnt promised to anyone really. I pray God gives Chukwuma strength thru this dark period (Amen)

Daddy's Girl said...

That is just terribly sad. May God comfort Chukwuma and all those who love her.

I think nyemoni said it beautifully - we just have to make every second count. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Vickii said...

Awww, that is so sad ... I'm really sorry for Chukwuma and for you.

I can't answer your questions hun but I do believe God has a reason for if not making things happen, allowing them to happen and unfortunately we're not always able to understand these reasons. The point, as far as I understand it, is to live life to the fullest, be happy with your life and with yourself. Even if we live till we're old, life is way too short and too much of a gift not to make the best of it.

Bella Naija said...

I dont know what to say.
It does not make any sense.
I pray that God guides her family and fiance through this situation.
As Funmi said, we just have to live each day to the maximum.


Anonymous said...

my dear this is truly sad.I lost my mum last year and it made me realise even more that life is too short,no day is ever promised and to make the most of every sitation.may her soul rest in peace.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

LOrd give them the strenght to bear with their loss.. how terribly sad.. i can't even pretend I know half the pain he's going through right now.. at that age with so much promise eh... damn.. and you're so right... we should live each day like its our last and just enjoy... instead of waiting and planning for 'tomorrow'!!!

Soul summed it up perfectly!

LondonBuki said...

May her soul rest in peace... if only God could sit down with us and explain everything that happend thoroughly...


Take care Uzo...

lala said...

Please don't kill me but 25 years rarely die of pneumonia unless they are severely immunocompromised. Food for thought. May her soul rest in peace.

Olawunmi said...

babe, i get you on this one. the loss of life is always so tragic. so painful. all we can do is live, and make the most of our lives, those of us that are here, thats the point of it all, to find joy in everything, so that when the moment comes when we breathe our last, we have made the best of the period on earth that was our allotment.

take heart.

Adunni said...

waow my heart really goes out to this chukwuma and i dont even know him. To have found love and have it just vanish like the wind is kind of hard.
I pray God comforts him and gives him his peace.
Christ ......... this like sef

naijababe said...

wow , just sad!