Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Song of the Day!

I watched CNN this morning and have been checking out the news all day and i am disheartened. The world is just so messed up and its sooo many issues. Its North Korea supposedly gearing up for a 2nd round of nuclear tests, its the bloodshed in Iraq, its the dishonesty of Wesley Snipes, its the iffiness of Madonna's adoption, its the story of women in india renting their wombs(which i will blog about on my women's issue friday blog), its the 22 year old that murdered his whole family, its the greed and impeachment of Fayose, its the armed robbery attacks, its the beggars on the streets, its AIDS....Need i go on? On days like this when i feel so thoroughly jaded about life and the world that we live in, i turn to God because i know that He is the only One that can give me peace and help us all.

So my song for today is: You are God by Darwin Hobbs.

I am sure that i dont need to go on about God's power and His Grace because i am sure a lot of you can testify and for those of you that cant, you have heard and read about it. I will not attempt to preach or convert but i will share:

That everything i am, what i was and the bright future i know is mine is all because of God. The fact that i am blessed and whole is to his glory. The fact that i have family and means of livelihood and a mouth to complain about trivialities...its not because i and my family are better than anyone else. Its all becuase of God's grace and favor. This song says it all for me.

*Let me know if you would like this song*


Anonymous said...

That was a really good post. Too often we forget that all the good things in our life come from a higher Source. It's a crazy, mad world, but thank God we have Someone to run to. Please send me the Darwin Hobbs song, have never heard it, thanks.

Uzo said...

I have sent it. Let me know what u think