Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Song of the Day!

The public holiday here has thrown me off balance completely. Just got back to work yesterday and i am absolutely swamped. I will be updating my blog in a few hours but i absolutely have to do the song of the day since i am listening to it right now.

Candy by Cameo.

I absolutely love this song. Anyone seen the movie "The Best Man"? The closing scene at the reception with everyone dancing - doing the electric slide...Well this is that song. I am a massive Cameo fan. They were actually in Nigeria a few months back and they still rocked.

Does anyone remember the video for this song? My main man - the lead singer was wearing a red "piant" like thing over his trousers. Oh my word....Hilarious but the song is sooooo hot. Definitely one of my favorites.

*Let me know if you would like this song*


Soul said...

do you remember..
Word up and attack me with your love lol...
I had a massive crush on the lead singer..I won't say anything else as my mind is in the gutter remembering that big ass red thing he used to wear lol

Uzo said...

I love Word up. I have never actually had any risque fantasies about him. But between you and me, do you think that he "padded himself" to fil out that red thing? LOL

Soul said...

Oh the think was solid..
It wasn't one of those cloth thingies was.
didn't you notice that it never jiggled, it was like light plastic.

That bastard deceived me and raised my expectations for years!

kulutempa said...

it's my new fave pre-club/cleaning-the-apartment jam. love it!