Friday, October 13, 2006

Song of the day!

This song brings back so many memories from back in the day: I wonder if i take you home by Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam ft Full Force.

This was the absolute IT song at all birthday parties. Not the grown up ones. The ones for the little kids. Remember those? There is a video tape in my house that is definitely one to treasure. Of Uzo - cant place my age but i must have been 8 or something. Wearing a green and white dress. A full dress with the layers of tulle and netting underneath. This dress had a tomato red wide belt tied into a big bow at the back. I am wearing pop socks with red frills and patent leather red mary janes. I have a lot of hair accessories - clips and baubles. Frankly it looks like my mom emptied a packet of the things on my head. And i am at Fadeke's birthday party. I am dancing with all of my heart and soul vying for the attention of the "aunty". Then its time for musical chairs. And you should see the look of concentration on my face as this song comes on. I win musical chairs to this song. I am cringing with total embarrassment.

Does anyone remember the video for this song? Lisa had the weirdest hairdo and makeup on. So 80s but she was soooo cool. Here's to the glorious 80s and all the dances to the hot beats of "I wonder if i take you home, will u still be in love baby, because i need u tonight...Oh Oh"

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LondonBuki said...

I remember this song!!! It was actually was played at my brother's wedding reception along with some other 80s/90s jams!!!

I remember dancing to it at birthday parties!

I want! I want! I want!