Friday, October 27, 2006

My Song of the Day!

Its Friday and i am ecstatic. Another lovely weekend of rest and relaxation and lots of TV. I will make the effort to see other human beings and try to socialize this weekend. So since i am in a very upbeat mood, my song of the day which i am listening to right now by the way reflects this:

Chamillionaire - Ridin'

Now, hip hop and I dont get along very much. I recognise the songs and the artists and even derive some sick pleasure from the videos but i wouldnt rush to the music store to pick up a Ludacris CD. A song here and there sure..

This song however, is soooo great. Its hot, the beats are tight and its sounds great in my car plus Krayzie Bone from Bone, Thugs 'n' Harmony is on the track. I heard a rumour that Chamillionaire is a Nigerian actually called Hakeem who lives in Texas...Fact or fiction? Now i am very diplomatic but the first time i saw the video for this song, i swore. Chamillionaire: well he is not very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and frankly is a little scary. He He He.

*Let me know if you would like this song*


Anonymous said...

It's not quite a rumor...his name is Hakeem Seriki and he lives here in Houston. Lol @not being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, i concur.

NaijaBloke said...

LOL@Not being anesthetically pleasing to the eye ..LOL..That boy is UGGS and the funny part is his brother is finer o and yes his real name is Hakeem Seriki

TaureanMinx said...

Wow hes Nigerian? Why nowww lol.

Uzo said...

Oh my my my. So its true....Well he's blinging and now that's he is making some money...Oh let me abandon any talk about his looks. God created us all. LOL