Friday, October 13, 2006

Feeling Good!

After reposting "Phenomenal Woman" yesterday, i took the time to read it again. Sure i know the words of this poem by heart but i READ it again. I felt so empowered and lifted again. With those words in my mind, i got dressed this morning. I pulled on my black pants, my white sequined tunic, silver and red hoops. Grabbed my whitish high heels and gave my toes another coat of vamp red nail polish. Slid on my silver mesh tiffany ring, put my hair up. For a bit of color, i grabbed a gold and red pashmina and applied some mascara and eye shadow. I stared in the mirror and smiled. Sure my tunic is not a size Small, my pants are not a size 8. So what. I am beautiful. If i was created in God's image, how can i not be perfect? Grabbed my bag and with a smile on my face, i walked down my stairs and i felt like royalty. Stepped outside and the sun was out in all its glory. I put on my classic black Gucci sunglasses and got into my car. Smiled all the way to work and gracefully entered my office. And everyone turned to look at me. Lots of compliments - you look so nice.

I am beautiful. I am a phenomenal woman. Phenomenally. That's me


LondonBuki said...

GO UZO!!!!!

zaiprincesa said...

lol..U GO GIRL!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that... so on point.... Keep on keeping beautiful

ps. tiffany rings rock