Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh the joys of "24"

I am becoming anti-social thanks to my friend that plied me with DVDs....i think i blogged about it somewhere. Well he has added Prison Break Season 1 & 2, Scrubs Season 1 - 3 and Sex and the City Season 2 to the list.

Thanks to all my movies, this long public holiday had me shelving any plans of going anywhere meaningful. I made it to my friend's wedding on Saturday and met up with old friends and cried some. It was so beautiful. My friend the groom danced with his mom and the bride danced with her dad to Bette Midler's "Wind beneath my wings" and we were all bawling and sniffling like fools.

But that was it. Sure i went to get my nails done, worked out and did stuff but i rushed back home to settle down in front of my TV to watch Bond movies, Friends Season 2 & 3, 24 Season 1 and half of Season 2, Dhadkhan (Hindi), Kuch Na Kaho (Hindi) and Zoolander.

My phone rang and the conversation went something like this:

Uzo: Hello?
M: Hey stranger..How r u?
Uzo: Oh i am are u?
M: M fine. Look a couple of us are on the Mainland and we were wondering if you could meet us at...... to catch up and stuff
Uzo: Uhmmmmmmmmm....
M: Look, we dont see you and you could have gotten married for all we know so we sooo have to catch up. Plenty of gist.
Uzo: Uhmmmmmm. I have a better idea. Why dont you come over to my place instead?
M: Eh?
Uzo: Well i have food in my house. We can catch up here. I dont feel like dressing up to go anywhere. Besides, i am in the middle of Season 1 of "24" and Jack Bauer is on his way to find his wife Terry and Kim and it doesnt seem like he will make it in time and after i finish Season 1 of "24" i still have to finish Season 3 of Friends and...
M: Uzo are you alright?
Uzo: Uhmmmmmmmmm

M: I think you have gone mad girl....
Uzo: Uhmmmmm. So are you guys coming over here?

LOL. True story.

So i watch 24 every now and again. Its just really hard to catch these shows because of work. So i settled down and started. Please...can someone tell me why i never thought Kiefer Sutherland was hot? As Jack Bauer, he just oozes sex appeal, and power, and rebellion and control and...
Talk about acting. He is just bad in a good way. Love him. Dennis Haysbert as President Palmer..oh wow. Tall and dark and passionate. And am i the only one that wanted to reach through my TV and smack his wife/ex wife Sherry from here to heaven and back?

But i learnt something about myself as well. I am attracted to bad boys. Well men that are bad and seem so mean but in my mind, they will only show that sweet loving side of themselves to only me. Case in point, Jack Bauer. Sure he kills people. But he would love me and say sweetheart over and over and be sweet and tender just to me.

How about Gary Dourdan's character Warren in CSI? Warren is flawed. He is cocky and has a gambling problem. But nooooooo. I love him. I love the fact that he is macho and professional and hard at work but i imagine him being the opposite with me. Even his character in the movie "Trois". Sure he wanted the 3some. But he loved his wife dammit.

I am attracted to Wesley Snipes because even when he is a good guy (Blade) or in the many roles as a cop/secret service agent, he pushes boundaries and isnt on the straight and narrow.

Hindi Movies: I fell in love with the actor Sunil Shetty in the movie "Main Hoon Na". Sure he was a terrorist and killed people. But he oozed power and control and was sooo good at being bad, that i just wanted to be alone with him and just bring out the tender side of him

The Last of the Mohicans: Daniel Day Lewis as Hawkeye. He was rough and tough and killed but he was sooo sweet and tender. When he uttered those words "I will find you". I cried and cried.

Pierce Brosnan as Thomas Crown : He was a thief and cunning but it was utter bliss watching him...

See my point. Am i normal at all?

Point of this post: I love 24, i have become anti-social, i love bad boys, i love Tv.

This is just so depressing. I am going out tonight after work. What nonsense. To be a prisoner to DVDs of Tv Shows.


Soul said...

"Besides, i am in the middle of Season 1 of "24" and Jack Bauer is on his way to find his wife Terry and Kim and it doesnt seem like he will make it in time ......."

You are not right over that lol.. But that's totally what I would say to.. like conme here let's make it good in my yard lol

oh and look you can have em all, just back the hell off Gary dourdan (I'm not telling you, I'm warning you).
I have a fantasy 3 some planned with him and Jada Pinkett Smith. Don't ask me why... I dunno why.. these things just pop in my mind sometimes

Uzo said...

Oh..we are going to have to take the gloves off and fight over Gry because he belongs to me. He is not available for threesomes or anything so back off amiga...

LOL. I think my friends really think i have lost my mind. They ended up coming over and watching 24 with its all good

Can i play shrink and just say that your threesome participants are odd....LOL

Soul said...

yes you may and yep they are odd.. but free me o.. lol.. let me play in my mind lol (I can't stop laughing)

Uzo said...

Ehm Soul: You cant stop laughing? I know bhow you feel. Gary has that effect on a lot of people but in my case, i just stop breathing.

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL, this was funny. I feel you on the recluse thing, cos that was what I spent the weekend doing as well. On bad boys, I like them in the movies (I agree with everyone on your list plus Tom Cruise - very hot as an assassin in 'Collateral') and on TV but they better stay the hell away from me in real life. I no dey like too much drama for my life - I like to watch it, not star in it. By the way, didn't Sunil have a small pot belly in Main Hoon Naa? LOLL

Uzo said...

@Daddy's Girl: Oh Yes, Tom Cruise and the greyish hair and his silent but deadley ways.. Yes oh yes.

Sunil Shetty and a pot belly? Ehm..didnt notice but since i have a bit of a pot belly as well, we would make a dandy couple. LOL

Azuka said...

Hmmmn. Little wonder I've remained painfully single. I'd better start being bad, whatever that means...