Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Song of the Day!!

My song of the day is music at its finest. To me one doesnt need to understand the words of a song to enjoy and be moved by music. I am also a huge fan of this south african group:

Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Inkanyezi Nezazi (The Star and the Wiseman).

I fell in love with this song in the late 90's or so when i was still in England. This song was used by Campbell's soup for one of their adverts. I remember rushing to HMV with my dad and buying a copy of the best of ladysmith black mambazo. I have been a convert since then. They are regular backup singers for Paul Simon and have played to sold out concerts worldwide.

Watching live perfomances of them is mesmerizing. They move with the rythmn of africa flowing through their bodies. I especially love the the untouched nature of their voices. Most of their songs are free from complex melodies, equalizers and equipment. Just harmonies. Simply music.

*Let me know if you want this song*


Daddy's Girl said...

Hey, thank for sending me this song. I really like it.

Uzo said...

I am glad you like it...Enjoy