Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On fashion and trends

I would describe my style as classic and elegant. I go for timeless pieces that will stand the test of time in my closet. I love the style of Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn. But i am also a bit of a fashionista and keep abreast of trends. Every now and again, i will buy an inexpensive trendy item. Inexpensive because it will hurt less when it goes out of style and i have to condemn that item of clothing. Some trends are alright but lately, i think the "in" things are just laughable and i refuse to be enslaved by things guaranteed to make people look stupid. Examples:

Skinny Jeans: What the hell is up with this. I am sorry, in my opinion Kate Moss looked like a skeleton in them. How can one wear jeans that are straight all the way down and then are tapered at the leg? Very unflattering and i dont care if Victoria Beckham is wearing them, these are not a very good look for women especially african women endowed with bums and thighs.

Leggings: A very bad flashback from the 80s. I remember wearing these in the 90's and i had them in various colors. Good grief. Remember stirrups anyone? Now they are back in all lengths and i just want to throw up. And then these are been worn with dresses or oversized tops. Yuck! Now for my ladies with athletic legs/calves otherwise known as yams, ehm, what to do? I just think this is plain silly.

Oversized Sunglasses: Now there are levels to this. Slight larger frames i can deal with but these ones that are being touted as all the rage that are like goggles are just plain laughable. I mean, in some of the pictures i have seen, some noses are being squashed by the weight of the glasses. Then the colored ones are even worse. People walking around looking like bugs. Anyone see the movie The Fly? Enough said.

Patent Leather: Apparently shoes in this material are in now. But why???? This stuff is shiny and looks plain tacky. Imagine red patent leather pumps. Sure Cruella De Vil can carry it off or maybe the dominatrix next door might do well with black patent leather boots but are they the norm?

Flats: I see also that ballet flats are in now. A perfect accompaniment to skinny jeans. Well personally, unless flats are slippers or sandals for my cute toes to show through, why would i do this to myself. Some of these flats have bows (kill me now). Okay, i guess if you have narrow feet, it might work casually, but what if you have wide feet? Then the flats spread out to accomodate your feet making your feet look like amoeba. Add that to skinny jeans and i would rather not even think about it.

Prints: Well not so bad i would say but some crazy people are taking this overboard and mixing prints. Polka dots and florals. Bold and loud clashes of color. Horror of horrors. What the hell? Imagine a busty person like me wearing huge flowers on her top half? Enough said.

Are there any ridiculous trends i have missed?


LondonBuki said...


I have thick thighs so skinny jeans and leggings are a NO NO for me.

You are hilarious! The fly? It's true though, some of the oversized sunglasses make people look like bugs... hahahaha!!!

I don't wear flats... just because.

As for patent leather.... NO WAY!!!!

Daddy's Girl said...

I'm with you on the florals... it can get a bit much sometimes. And I agree that most figures aren't flattered by skinny jeans (including Kate Moss's figure). I think to look halfway decent in skinny jeans you have to be tall and thin with long legs... and Kate is not tall. I kinda like ballet flats myself, although I don't wear them... I'm a heel girl.

LondonBuki said...

U've been tagged by Me :-)

Soul said...

this just made me laugh...
bug glasses squashing the nose?...
but you know, people must suffer for fashion lol.
whilst other people relax for and with style.

Biodun said...

ha, ha, i am a trendwhore, I wont lie, lol, I love my skinny jeans n the flats too. I am always spotting those flats, cos they r o so comfy, that is where I stop with my craziness, I stick to things I feel r within my range n wont make me look crazy, but like u I never spend too much on them, cos they come n they go. I love the classy chic look, you can never go wrong with that!

Uzo said...

@Biodun: Trend whore? LOL. I have learnt something new

@Daddy's Girl: Hi five on the heels. Those are the way to go.

@Buki: I love tags. Yup..I am a tag whore (thanks biodun). Will get to it tomorrow

Uzo said...

@Soul: You know i am right about the bug glasses. LOL. I refuse to suffer for fashion. Well except for high heels.

zaiprincesa said...

lol..LMAo...@ African babes wiith yams/calves but for real, some thick babes pull off the skinny jeans. i.e, Beyonce..she's always rockin them an she surely isnt skinny..and they look great with heels...try it, u mite like it..;)....but i feel u on the leggings, and extra oversized sunglasses...NO NO.

Anonymous said...

I guess me and Biodun are on the same page with this one... I absolutely luv skinny jeans.. i have more pairs than I care to count.. pair them up with some sexy stilettos and ITS ON!!!!. As for ballet flats.. they look good on some people but I've never been a fan... bought one pair and wore it only once... what can I say I'm a 3 inch stiletto kind a girl.

Leggins I luv too(not as much as skinnies tho) not totally crazy about this trend so i only have 2 black ones and they look very very sophisticated(again with heels)

dark bug eye glasses are cool... I hate the coloured ones esp white.. WHITE GLASSES ARE UGLY TO ME!

Leopard Print is the sexiest print there is.. absolutely luvs that. Patent Leather grew on me.. b4 i considered it to be cheap lookin fake leather but i've since been converted cos i have a pair(just one pair) of black patent leather slingbacks.. absolutely sexy. SO like uzo... i guess i am something of a trend whore (for this season at least cos when michael jackson thriller jackets, mullets and military boots come back into style.. I def wont be part of that revolution)