Friday, October 06, 2006

Oruko Mi (My Name)

Say my name; Master of my heart
How is it that my name rolling off your tongue sounds like a hail to royalty?
Say my name in your way: that way that tells all in 3 little letters
When you miss me, you breathe my name with a little whisper
That lets me know that you wish i was with you
When i amuse you, my name is spoken with a hint of a smile
And i know i delight you
You say my name with a hint of a growl when i am pushing you
My sign to back off or push knowing i am making you mad
You say my name with a moan and i can barely hear it
When you physical need for me overwhelms you
You say my name with intensity and urgency and my heart starts racing
Because i know one of our "talks" will follow
Interestingly, you hardly say my name in this relationship of ours
I am your baby, your angel, sometimes your princess, even "kekere"
But in those rare instances when you say my name, I get it:
Everything you dont say, what you feel, my place in your life and your heart, what you want, Us, yesterday, today and our tomorrows
When you breathe 3 little letters
When you say my name


Anonymous said...

never thought of it that way... a name is but a name which can be said in loadsa different ways under different circumstances. hmmm... what happened to you in Dubai? hehehe

Uzo said...

Ah Delot my love: Dubai was eye opening. LOL. Lets just say i am beginning to appreciate what has been around all along