Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What in the world?

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (AP) -- Police in northwest Georgia have rescued a boy from a hot car where his mother's companion is accused of tying him up.

Ringgold, Georgia police say a Cracker Barrel restaurant employee called police after seeing Raymond Minchew take the 6-year-old out of the restaurant and return without him -- then finished eating his meal. Ringgold is 13 miles southeast of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Police found the bound boy sitting in the car, crying.

Sgt. John Gass says the child was soaked with sweat and had a rope tied to one of his ankles. Gass says the temperature was in the 80s Saturday in Ringgold.

The 61-year-old Minchew and the boy's mother -- 35-year-old Rachel Gilchrist -- were arrested and charged with cruelty to children and concealing a weapon. There was a handgun in the car.

Investigators believe the boy was in the hot car for about a half hour.

Gass says the couple contended the boy had misbehaved, although witnesses at the restaurant disagreed.

The boy has been placed in protective custody.


Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

uzo what is our world coming to?!

Simply Gorgeous said...

Uzo, this is a horrible story.... I don't understand why have kids if you are going to mistreat them. Now the poor boy is in the system. I don't know I feel very sorry for him.

Is it possible for the same thing to be done to the parents, tied up and gagged and put them in the car that is 80 to teach them a lesson?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Lord pls deliver us from such human beings. can you imagine it!!!!

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow... such cruelty. I am just wondering what this monster may have done to the poor child before being caught on this occasion. But thank God he was caught! Imagine if no-one has noticed/said anything and he had gotten away with it. Wow... stories like this really make me count my blessings o.

Vickii said...

It's pretty horrible hearing stories like this ... I was just reading in Grazia about a millionaire who killed his little daughter by hitting her head repeatedly with something and a chef who burnt his two kids along with the house down to get back at his ex wife. It is so sad, I don't know how I'm even supposed to react.

Is it too much to ask that people don't have kids if they aren't going to love them with everything they've got? This is why I'm not against abortion ...

SET said...