Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 30

D'Banj - Tongolo
Yes. This song is monumental. This song was our introduction to the phenomenon that is D'banj. Mr Onobanjo has not come to play. I mean, not only did he come with the music, he has also added words to the Nigerian lingo and introduced a dance step - Ya'uzi (sp).
"Do you like the koko? How sweet is the koko? Kokolets 1,2, Kokomaster ....Lol
This man is naughty and soooo fun. His songs rock. He is supported by the able Don Jazzy (whose producing skills have my attention) and lately, his opening act is a talented vocalist called Wande Cole who is something else.The remix of Tokolo is hilarious and so cool, Why Me is great, Loke is so cool...and i cant wait for some of his other songs to be released.
Seeing him perform is a treat. His mom sells fabric (lace etc) and he always integrates the most interesting things into his costumes and looks baaaaaaaaad. He isnt afraid to do the purple lace sequined thing and of course, the sunglasses. He has stage presence and his performances are unreal. During the Chante Moore / Kenny Latimore concert, he performed Anaconda which is so naughty but i like. Everyone else performed but it was only when D'Banj got on stage that Kenny & Chante got up to really watch. D'banj brought on the atilogu dancers, tiv dancers and co and just brought it. He looks good always.
At the recent Hip Hop Music Awards, he was co-host and did this skit with him being refused entry into Muson and him sneaking past security and sprinting into the hall. He did this while wearing a 3 piece suit that looked like something that Ozwald Boateng would create. Beige, fitting his slim figure just right. He made his entrance and stood at the top of the stage in this pose with those glasses and it was just mega cool.....LOL
Efizzy is this man's middle name. He has a a nice collection of cars - one of which is a BMW 5 Series with a license plate D KOKO 1. I love it.
I expect bigger things from this young man......


LondonBuki said...
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LondonBuki said...

Uzo! It's TONGOLO o... LOL!

Yeah I like this song...

Soul said...

I clubbed to this song in Naija like it was going out of fashion.

However watching the cideo of the remix.. urrrggghhh no no no.