Friday, June 15, 2007

The Invasion

Lagos has been invaded by them
Everywhere i turn
They are there
Just everywhere
Sometimes they are a hazard
Sometimes they are just there
But an hour cannot go by in this town
Without an encounter with at least one of them
I am sure they can be shaded in all colors
But Lagos is particularly plagued by the blacks and greys
How did it come to this?
When did my city become suffocated by their presence?
If you happen to have one of these
And you go someplace
Trying to identify yours can be a major feat
Because there are guaranteed to be a thousand and one of them
That look exactly like yours
Lagos has been invaded by them
Everywhere i turn
They are there
Just everywhere
I am talking about TOYOTA COROLLAS
*LOL. I have no idea what and why i have done this but i guess i got my inspiration on the drive in to work this morning. Have a great weekend!*


BiMbyLaDs** said...

lol.. do u live in Lagos? dunno why i always thot u lived in Yanks.. oh well.!! lol!! its always been like that with those cars.. from old version to newest

im first??yay!

SET said...

I think it is because it is easy to maintain and a good looking car at the same time. I am praying to buy one for my Mom this xmas, it is not like she needs it but I have this mindset that it is a Toyota and it holds up well in Africa. I see a lot of them here too, lol. Have a blessed weekend too Dear.

snazzy said...

nice one, it's the new bankers car so it's everywhere. do u remember when the banker's car was the daewoo racer? anyway laters funny girl

Jaycee said...

Lolllllllll....the invasion by toyota corollas...

Ugo Daniels said...

Hahahae...guess it't their time now. I remember when my sis just bought her Avensis some years back. All of a sudden, shae started complaining that everywhere she goes, she sees them It seems peeps were waiting for her to buy before doing same...lawl!

Pele my dear, but you can always swap it with 'old version beetle'..BUwahahahaha

Nonesuch said...

U are so right about the Toyota Corollas. they are all over the place.i wish i had one those seems rugged and easy to maintain

Calabar Gal said...

U have a lovely weekend too!!

Onada said...

lol! i kinda noticed a whole lot of toyota's when i was in naija too! have a great weekend.

laspapi said...

For some reason, TI thought you were abroad too as Bimbylads did.

Maybe I should get a toyota?

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In my head and around me said...

You are right, they are EVERYWHERE.

I think they (Elizade- Toyota car dealers) offered a great deal so banks and individuals took them up on it.

This is their time. Remeber how Peugots used to be everywhere? My dad had 2.

Justme said...

toyotas are the most common cars in lagos, followed by mercedes benz 190, then vw golf, other common cars are toyota camry, hondas & kia

Mrs Somebody said...

I tell you these toyota corrollas are like 'pure water' in lagos......everywhere you go they are there.