Monday, June 11, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 19

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
I really and truly hope that everyone knows this song and knows who Boy George is....
Culture Club was really popular in the 80's and their videos were something else. I will admit that Boy George was an enigma to me as a child. I mean he was pretty, wore makeup and interesting clothes but was he a man? I remember asking my dad if he was a man or woman and my dad saying he was a man but had no clothes to wear so he borrowed his mother's clothes. (Imagine that?). I also asked my mom - her response? "What nonsense is this you are watching. Turn off that tv and go and read your books .....(add some incoherent rambling and a few words in yoruba)". I guess even to my liberal parents, they had nothing to say so they simply lied or yelled. LOL
Anyway, i love this song and really wish this group lasted longer than they did. Boy George was getting all freaky with the group's drummer and they were just up and down the place including smacking each other around which in turn affected the group. People need to learn that work and romance/relationships are usually not a good combination. Add to that, Boy George had a drug problem (heroin or cocaine - not sure which) and the group broke up after a nasty incident involving drugs and the death of one of its members.
So there you go. Fabulous, monumental song by a very troubled group. Enjoy!
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ababoypart2 said...

Nice track....

mochafella said..., thanks a mill.

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL at your dad's explanation... I agree, this is a monumental song.

Vickii said...

I love this song ... and a couple of their other songs.

I saw Boy George in NY riding on one of those cart things pulled by someone riding a bike and he had put on a load of weight so it was with shock when I said to my friend 'Look, it's Boy George!' and he glared at me so I'm not such a fan anymore.