Friday, June 15, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 21

Mary J Blige - Real Love *I blame my tired state for the earlier mistake....LOL*

Happy Friday! And i am so glad the weekend is here. I woke up this morning and sat on my bed for like 10mins just spaced out. Then i heaved a big sigh and started to get ready. LOL....

Anyway, this post will also handle the tribute to women for today. When i think of women that have worked hard, been through it all and have emerged stronger than ever, Mary is one of the women i think about.

This song has become a classic for our generation and i am sure a lot of people have a memory or something tied to this song. Its off her debut cd "What's the 411?" and was just massive back in the day. Its still a good party song with people beginning to bop their heads the moment the first bars come on.

Interestingly, as much as i am inspired my Mary's life story and i am really excited that she seems to have found her peace, i am not a huge fan of her musically. Sure there are some songs of hers that i like and seeing her perform interests me, its hard for me to listen to a Mary cd from start to finish. The Breakthrough and her Mary cd are the only cds that i can listen to over and over again.

Anyway, i wont take it away from her - she is one amazing lady.....Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Real love or Real world?

TaureanMinx said...

I love her old stuff and I have never owned her album but I do like all the songs she ever released. Happy weekend..I may be in Lagos for the show so we should meet up like last time :)

The Last King Of Scotland said...

real love ooooooooooo. great song, great album. wonderful review.

Soul said...

i like Mary, because she can really make a song emotional.. it's like that indescribable feeling when you just feel like someone is singing from their soul.

Yeah, that's it.
to be honest, i don't care too much about her personal issues, people always say. but dang she's been through soo much, and i'm like... oh really.. I just like her voice on some key songs..
i'm going down was just classic for me, what's the 411, love without a limit, real love, 911 wt wyclef.
to me.. Mary J. Blige is to singing what MLK is to oratory.

I migth not completely buy the whole package, i might not even care too much for their line of action but Gaddamnit, they sure do get the point across..