Saturday, June 23, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 26

George Michael - Faith

I love, love this song and i am also a huge George Michael fan. We share the same birthday, i think he is so hot even though he seems intent on always getting into trouble but hey - its that bad boy thing i guess.

But back to the song - LOL.

This song is off his debut album also called Faith released in 1987. Cannot believe it has been that long. Anyway, the video for this song was just tooo much for my little self. I mean - with the skinny stone wash jeans, his impeccable coif, the leather jacket, earring, guitar, tapping feet, black and white video...I need to stop.

This song did great things on the UK & US charts and started George's solo career wonderfully.

This is one song that brings out the pretend rocker in me. I sing along and pretend to strum along on my imaginary guitar and my head does this weird bopping thing as if it has a mind of its own.

Monumental song because of its commercial success, the fact that it paved the way for George Michael's solo success, the video spawned so many clones in the 80's and shucks - i just love it. Enjoy!

*Remember the press play on the player thingy to hear this song*


Morountodun said...
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Morountodun said...

I guess this is another one that one needs to separate lifestyle from Music. Regardless of sexual orientation his 'lewd acts' in a public toilet were ill advised. But some of his songs are fantastic. Faith is one of them. I fell in love with Listen without Prejudice in the nineties...

Soul said...

morountodun, give it a rest.
come on! People do Lewd acts in public all the time, Rappers do it on stage, ordinary people do it in the park.

Mile Davies was heavily into Voodoo.
Ray Charles was a heroin junkie
Billie Holiday.. damn what didn't she do.
R. Kelly is a peadophile (I don't see to many brothers condemning that bastid!)
We are celebrating music, what has his lifestyle got to do with it?.
Would it hae hurt you less if he had had sex in the park where everyone could have seen him?

Soul said...

I 'heart' this song..
I even heart the video even more. I used to laugh when white folk talk about buts.. cos erm I don't see nothing when they say... ohh that guy has a nice butt.
But George Michael really has a nice lil tush lol. (maybe it's the greek in him)

i think he has one of the most fabulous voices of the century.