Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another rainy day....

I swear i am at my most unproductive in the rainy season. Its really dark here and its threatening to pour. Not just drizzle lightly but its going to come down and i find myself smiling and sighing deeply. And i catch myself thinking about the weirdest things:
  • How do you measure a woman's worth? Is it really wrong of me to be so judgemental about a lot of these near naked women that are parading the streets of Lagos now all in the name of fashion? Is it wrong for me to somehow believe that they are debasing and de-valuing themselves and womanhood by letting every single thing show? Sexy and sensual i understand but i am truly disturbed by this new trend..
  • As liberal and open as i am, i am still very much a traditional woman
  • Listening to Heather Headley's In my Mind and reminding myself of how much i like her voice
  • I want to be at home right now
  • Foot massage - who shall i convince to rub my feet?
  • What shall i do for my birthday?
  • *Sigh*
  • Love letters on victorian style stationary
  • My trousers are quite long - or am i really short?
  • OOOOH - Lyfe Jennings just came on singing Must be Nice and i want to sing out loud
  • I think its time to braid my hair again
  • Bring on the rain - more and more rain
  • I think i need help. I have a meeting in 10 mins but i think they will get stuck in traffic but that's not an excuse. Shouldnt i have printed out the MOU and stuff?
  • I am pretty
  • My phone hasnt rung all day. Is it working?

I need to stop this foolishness and try and get some work done. Help me!


Daddy's Girl said...

You're hilarious... enjoy the rain jare.

Waffarian said...

Dear friends, please do not forget to send in your submissions, a lot of people have sent in great stuff but a lot of my favourite bloggers are missing, what's up, people? Come on, send in your stuff! June 15th is the last day, come on!

Submissions should be sent to not later than Friday, June the 15th 2007 stating date of blogging and blogname/address.

The Last King Of Scotland said...

pretty girl, hope the rain is coming and u havent missed ur meeting!

SET said...

Funny, but true our minds are running with questions all the time. I have a bunch of 'whys' I am posting tomorrow as well.

~Mimi~ said...

babe, i like your posts :) but ehm, try to get some work done eh?

i like naija rain tooo! you just wanna cuddle up in bed! i used stare out of my window or stay on the balcony of my room whenever it rained, wrapped myself in a blanket and just watch the rain poourrrrrrrr! good memories!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

christ.. i was just singing along to heather headleys in my mind with my girls last weekend on our way to a party and we just thought this is one of the sexiest sort of subtle stalkerish anthems we know...

cant wait to come to lagos and see this for myself oh.. cos apparently the naija i left is not the same as the one i'll be coming back to...

my legs are long and i wear 'long heels' so my legs just look so much longerrr when i wear long trousers(lol... enough longs in that sentence?) i dont like braiding my hair at all(i mean single braids... i do that like once in 2 years)... i'm a weave kinda girl.. well mostly i do a weave in the back and single braids in the front... but thats the extent of my patience.. i mean when you have a big head like man.. you cant be sitting on ur ass allday especially not if you'd want to braids really tiny... lol(i just called myself a big head.. dang!)

zaiprincesa said...

lol..ure funny..i feel you on the fone thin gy oh..i get worried if a few hrs go by and i havent recieved a call or

Morountodun said...

In a complete aside, your comment about needing a foot massage reminds me about the Eddie Murphy film Boomerang (strange how the mind works) where Eddie's xter seemed to have a foot fetish.

Anyway, don't you find a foot massage a very intimate thing? Only to be shared with a significant other?

Sherri said...

i feel the same about the issue of some women's decorum or lack of it.
i believe, those gals have being deceived to think prancing about half naked is sexy and fashionable/trendy ironically the men they're trying to hook see it as "hawking their wares" there's mucha diff between sexy and slutty.
anyhow,enjoy the rain and get some work done o

catwalq said...

yeah, i have days like that all the time

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

me and rainy don't want to know

LondonBuki said...

Yeah, you are pretty :-)