Monday, April 02, 2007


Its a little after midnight
And i am in a meadow
With carpets of green grass underneath my bare feet
And the smell of flowers i cant name in the air

In this place
At this moment
I feel no fear
Nor am i worrying about safety
Its just me
Walking in my bare feet and humming to myself

Where i am going, i dont know
I just know i need to keep walking
Slowly but with steady steps
I am walking

And in this place
I am happy
Deliriously happy
I feel a lightness in my spirit
And i am all smiles
Walking by myself in this meadow

Its dark but light at the same time
Must be the moonlight
Because i can see the outlines of trees
And birds
But i am not afraid

I bend and pluck a handful of grass
To smell that earthiness
And i notice i have plucked some wild flowers as well
I clean up the wild flowers and stick them in my hair
So happy
Then i hear a rippling sound
Like water

I am even more excited now
With flowers in my hair
And my bare feet
I begin to skip towards towards that sound

I push through some branches and there it is
A small stream
Small but so beautiful
I cant help sitting down and dangling my feet in the stream
The water feels so cool and it looks so clear
I dip my hand into the stream
It feels so cool
I cup my palm and bring it to my lips
The water is sweet
And i feel it is good for me

I look around me
And i notice that this meadow reaches for miles and miles around
I need to get up and explore
So up i get
And turn left to see what's on this side

And then i see a woman
She is sitting under a tree
She seems to be crying
What's the matter i ask as i approach
She looks up and i stop
For it is me
But she looks so sad
I rush to myself to hold me in my arms
What's wrong beautiful uzo?
She says: I hurt but i dont know why
I ask uzo - did u stub your toe or run into a tree
Oh Uzo she says to me
Its not a physical pain
Uzo grabs my hand and presses it against her heart
The hurt is in here she says
I stare at her
At me
And i reach out and touch my cheeks
Dont cry uzo
But tell me why you hurt
She says to me - its everything
And in that instance
I know what ails her
I pull me into my arms and whisper to her
It is alright my dear
It shall be well

I reluctantly turn around
For i still want to see more of this meadow
Suddenly i feel the earth begin to tremble
An earthquake in the meadow?
But how?
I turn to find some cover underneath some branches
And then i notice the sounds are coming some something coming my way
I stand paralysed with fear
When i see this horrible creature
Must be 7 feet high
With such grotesque features
And a body infested with boils

It makes a blood curdling sound
I stare at the creature
Stare at its facial features
It is Uzo
But how?
It says: Move little one
I whisper Uzo?
How do you know my name?
Look at me - can you say you do not know me
It stares closely
I used to look like you it says
Before i let all my anger consume me
But what made you so angry to make you almost unrecognizable to me?
It stares at me
And in that instance
I know what and why it is angry
It has been angry for years
I cant think of touching this other Uzo
But i am moved to tell it
There is a stream not too far from here
Immerse yourself in it
It will help

I am not sure if i want to be in this meadow anymore
But how do i get out
I turn in the direction i think i have not gone
I see some light
Not moonlight
But a golden glow
I run towards the light
But i stop short
I see an older woman
Surrounded by people
As i get closer
I realise that it is me again
An older me

Who are all these people i ask her
This older serene beautiful Uzo looks at me
I remember you from many years ago
She says - Let me introduce you to your family
She turns to the older man by her side
This is your soul mate - the one God created for you
We got married and had these 2 - she points to a handsome young man and beautiful softspoken woman
They got married to these 2 - she points them out to me
And they have given us 4 grandbabies
We live in this beautiful home
Soul mate has accomplished...
And i dont work anymore except for my causes
I am speechless
No Buts she says
Listen to me
I begin to tear up
Older Uzo says to me
Hold on, my young self
Your pain, your hurt, your anger, your trials, your tribulations
Your successes, your pride, your loves, your losses, your angst
Everything you feel right now
At this point in your life
Your encounters with the other Uzos
Will lead up to this moment
Maybe not this exact scenario
But a moment of your own making
Where you will find the peace and happiness you seek

I want to stay with her i tell her
She smiles to me
If i let you stay with us
Things will change
For i fear you are not ready to be where we are
But it will come
Turn around she tells me
Find your way
She says to me
The meadow is empty for a reason
It only has Uzos in it for a reason
Your life is your own only
People will come and go
But your life is your own
She pulls me into her arms
And her family hugs me too
See you soon she says

I turn around and walk away
I am back to the moonlit meadow
But i am different

It is a little after midnight
And i am sitting beside a stream
With flowers in my hair
And barefeet
And i am truly happy


Bella Naija said...

I luv this....
Ur poems capture such a strong essence that we readers can totally FEEL it!
Hope u had a great weekend!

Ciao darlin'

LondonBuki said...

This brought tears to my eyes... I LOVE this!

This poem goes with your blog name - Reflections.

Let me say it again - Ilove this, it is beautiful and tells us a lot.

Have a beautiful week x

LondonBuki said...

And I pray future Uzo will be you! Love love this.
Ok, I won't come back and comment... I want to read it again!

Nyemoni said...

Lovely, lovely words... Good job girlie...have a nice day!

Soul said...

I'm crying Uzo.

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

Absolutely content to have found yourself. We all must find our own meadow and be content there. Me, I still can't face the ugly me. Well done.

Daddy's Girl said...

Beautiful. And inspiring.

zaiprincesa said...

loves it...loves it...
ur words transcend so many different emotions...i likey

Noni Moss said...

Chills baby chills.... your poem gave me chills.

Ugo Daniels said...

Holy Moses! watever ya selling girl, am buying

You're writing is out of this world!

Kudos from a NEW BLOGGER

Uzo said...

Wow...Thanks for the words..LOL. I honestly dont know what i was feeling but i just wrote this and didnt bother re-reading it....