Friday, April 20, 2007


Eddie Murphy -I want you baby
Suprise! LOL. Okay, i adore Eddie. He is funny. I have seen all his movies - loved some, hated some (what on earth was The adventures of Pluto Nash about?) and i think he is soooo cool. His personal life is interesting too but this post is about Eddie the singer.
This song is from the Dreamgirls soundtrack and i think he killed this role. It was soooo great and he really did sing those songs. This is one of my favorite songs on the soundtrack and it oozes pure soul. Just magical.
Does anyone remember the Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson duet - Whatzupwitu? Oh boy. I loved that song....People hated it but oh my....He also did the singing thing in Coming to America, Shrek and some episodes of SNL during his stint on that show.
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LondonBuki said...

Song please.... haven't seen dreamgirls.

Daddy's Girl said...

Eddie rocks! He is an ultra-talented comedian and actor (still going so strong after being in the biz for decades) but I like his soulful singing style too - I like 'I Want You', but from 'Dreamgirls' I actually prefer 'I Mean You No Harm' (love the segue from the sad song into the fun 'Jimmy Got Soul' trip). And I also love the way he sings the first verse of the first song he does with the Dreamettes (the 'round and around' one - I've forgotten what it's called) - his voice is just dripping with honey in that verse. Delish. The whole 'Dreamgirls' sountrack is simply awesome.

@buki: What??!! Now there's no gore in 'Dreamgirls' so you have no excuse for not seeing such a fab movie. LOL Really it's a must-see.

Soul said...

Soulful singing...
Sorry I can't get the image of him singing party allt he time
and oh my gaw whatzupwitu was the campest video I have ever ever seen.
okay maybe not but it was hella camp lol..
I dig Eddie murphy though lol.. but for me he ruined Dreamgirls.
I dunno, I just kept on expecting him to do a funny routine.

Chasing Diego said...

Please send me the song:

I think I prefer the way the ladies voices sweetly blend in the background more than I do his voice.