Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Blessid Union of Souls - I believe
This song brings back soooo many memories from my A-Level days. All the trouble i got up to with my best friend/sister Miss Y. I think it was MTV that introduced me to this song and one of the things we did for fun in school was exchange cds. Well some guy called Fela lent me this cd and i listened to it to death. I somehow "forgot" to ever return this cd to him so 12 years on, i still have it. Does that mean i stole it or simply appropriated it? LOL.
Anyway, i never heard anything else from this band but apparently they are working on their 6th album. So if anyone has any of their newer stuff, i would love to get some to add to my library. Enjoy!
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Soul said...

It's official.. I am Digging you like a fucking grave!

I don't know anybody... who knows this song.
I have this album.. I bought this album because of that one song. and tilltoday I have not listened to the entire album, just that one song.

this song was like soo powerful to me..
gosh Uzo.. maybe I'm hormonal I dunno cos I think I'm gonna cry.

LondonBuki said...

I don't know this song... it's only Madam Soul that will know!!! LOL!

Bella Naija said...

This song reminds me of my ex.
On our first ever date, he played it in the car and I fell in love with it (and eventually him)...
I listen to it on my i-pod alll the time!

Chasing Diego said...

Gosh, this song is #3 on disc 1 in my car. It certainly brings back a lot of memories.

Mona said...

I love ur soundbytes :o) they are so cool