Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Hey you
You know i mean you my special one
Let me whisper in your ear
Dancing around with words
Come here
Let me whisper in your ear
Just between us
I like you


mochafella said...

Sorry, couldn't let this go unreplied.

I know you mean me
Was just fronting, see
Reading your eyes
I'm here
Ears wide open
I'll drink in your every syllable
Just between us
I'm stuck on you

zaiprincesa said...

oooh..who'd u likey??..

im feelin this..:)

and mocha's response..

hmm..verbal foreplay..

Soul said...

you are most definitely in a groove ain't ya. :D
short and too the point but says soo much....

Daddy's Girl said...

I love this - simple and evocative.

Uzo said...

@Mochafella: I likey a lot. Very nice come back

@Zai: Just felt like doing this...No object of affection per say...

@Soul: I have no idea whqat my fingers are doing...just flying across my keyboard and coming up with stuff LOL

@Daddy's Girl: thanks

TaureanMinx said...

aww same here :) lol