Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I really really enjoyed doing The Bachelor series on my blog and i am itching to do something else so i need ideas.......PLEASE?


Soul said...

A detective series?
Like something out of an agatha christie movie or poirot show...

A phantom blogger has been declared dead/missing.. who is the culprit.
You will create a few posts and ask for the participating bloggers to put up these posts.
The clues to the culprit will be inside the posts and your blog will contain the magic 'Key' to decode the story

a radio show?
You can host a radio show on your blog in order to discuss a topic. People can dial in and contribute or leave messages

a treasure hunt (could count as a detective series)
Similar to the investigative one, but nobody dies (hmmph! no phone) you just bury virtual treasure' within a series of posts, each post leaves a clue or someone has to hunt for the clue (in the old days this would be the magic microfilm..lol)

A fantasy series
Now this could take a couple of formats..
Fantasy scene 1
It could be a fantasy series such as, you describe a place, i.e. a disused place or you take a picture of an under-developed place and ask that people come up with an idea of how they would modify it.

Fantasy scene 1
The second one could b a little more adult, you could have bloggers describe their adult fantasies.

Blogger Political elections
Of course! blogland immitating life, let people launch their political manifesto and compete to become the Blog land president.

A writing series (where a bunch of bloggers agree to contribute ex amount of words to a story, you start the story off and then you follow an order where one blogger starts the story, the next blogger in line continues after the other blogger has submitted the story e.t.c.)

Blogger creative
You basically describe a scene, or write something, or say something like or present people with a song...
each blogger has to create an image that reflects the story, word or image you described..
people get to vote on which one they think represents it adequately..

Blogger battle
What else.. a battle of words. To the DEATH!

Blogger inventor
Doesn't have to be a new product, it could be a new way of making a product work..
For instance, you say it's hot in naija right now and all you have a fans which blow recycled air but not much else..you are looking for something that whilst blowing air will keep you refreshed...
Poeple can either think of new and innovative products or they can search or trawl the to find items which might be able to help...
you never know.. someone might actually have been thinking about something like this and it might become a reality .. like Naija's innovation show.

Blogger Technodrome
What else put all the techie bloggers on a blog and have em programme each other to death.

Blogger Naija Quest
I think that's kinda explanatory.

blogger Musical quiz

You bury lyrics in a post and have people figure it out.

Whatdya think? :D

LondonBuki said...

Ha Soul! Uzo must pick one of these o!

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow Soul.

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

Phenomenal soul...

azuka said...

I'm speechless. Soul's stolen the thunder and all my mediocre ideas went flying out of my head as soon as I read all these...

~Mimi~ said...

can u imagine this soul?i was trying to crack my brain because i always like to think i come up with such innovative ideas, and i just saw radio show,treasure hunt,blogger inventor,blogger teCHnODrOMe!!!!!!!i have nothing more to say jare...Uzo,u have ur list!!!