Thursday, April 19, 2007


Spandau Ballet - True

I will go out on a limb and say everyone has heard this song or some song that sampled it. I will also boldly say that i think this is the most sampled song ever.

Spandau Ballet is a british group (was a group?) that defined the funk pop sound. For all you guys that watch Eastenders, Gary Kemp used to be part of this group and his brother (Keith or Kevin - i cant remember). They are so cool.

This song was written and produced as a tribute to Motown and in particular Marvin Gaye and its ironic that it was finished about a year before he died.

Some of the songs that are as a result of this classic include:
  • Fergie & - True
  • Nelly - N dey say
  • PM Dawn - Set adrift on a memory bliss
  • Silkk the Shocker - U be there
  • Lloyd - You
  • Queen Pen & Chico Debarge - Its True

Have i missed any? Let me know if you remember any others.

The song has also appeared in 16 Candles, The Wedding Singer, Charlie's Angels, Wedding Crashers, The Office, The Simpsons...etc. What a song and what a legacy for this group.

I just adore this songso enjoy!

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Mona said...

Are you serious?! I never knew this oh...hmm ure really into ur music, I respect that xx

LondonBuki said...

I think I know the song you are talking about... as always I cannot hear it in this my stupid client site... is it playing on your blog now?