Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Celia Cruz - Guantanamera
I am a huge fan of divas and i think i have mentioned this fact before and Ms Celia is one of my favorite divas ever. She was born in Cuba but spent a lot of her life in the US. She passed away in 2003 and her funeral was unbelievable.
I 'met' Ms Celia when i was still in university and taking Spanish as an elective. Our professor always came up with fun stuff in order not to bore us since as busy law students, frivolous language electives were just a waste of time (LOL...i didnt agree). Anyway, he introduced us all to Celia Cruz in a bid to teach us dances..she was played often for the Salsa. He also used her music to point out the differences in European Spanish and Latin American/Americanized Spanish.
Anyway, i have been a fan ever since and her music just makes me happy. She has soul and flavour and seeing her performances is just unreal. Her stage costumes, hair, makeup and jewelery are yummilicious and i always wanted to raid her closet (add Whitney, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Diana Ross etc to that list) just for the heck of it. Imagine me in a Diana Ross big hair wig, a feather boa from Celia Cruz, 6 inch heels from Patti Labelle, some fab outfit from Whitney and enough ice to blind all of blogsville from Aretha Franklin....Ah...Divine.
This song may sound familiar to some since Wyclef (who i adore) featured her on his "Carnival" cd. This is a live version of the song so its soooooo emm vibrant. I just want to jump on stage and boogey on down.
Ms Celia always screamed "Azucar" on stage which is spanish for sugar so let me screammmmmmmm "enjoy this sweet song". (So So corny i know..LOL)
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Africainement said...

Amazing that another african sista is blogging about miss Celia C..I love that woman did u read her biography ? it's amazing..i've gained so much respect for her devotion for her country, her music, her husband's love for her was so kind , generous and allowed her to's funny but 2 me even though she was extravagant clothe wise, dance wise a bit she lived very "goody goody" in her heart if u know what i mean..she knew she wanted to keep being a performer it was almost like her misssion in her life...ect...bref
let me stop here otherwise i won't ever be done...:)
do u remenber her funerals in NY ...oh my God it was so touching...
have 1 good 1!