Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On a lighter note.....

I spoke with a dear friend earlier today and she said my blog had been so "heavy" lately...all these words gushing. I laughed but its true. LOL. We cant have that. I mean this is the same clumsy Uzo that has all the really amazing things happen to her. Let me tell you a story that was told to me on the way home. I usually give a few people rides and this one had me laughing soooooo hard:
On a luxury bus heading from Jos to Lagos sometime last year, the passengers had the experience of a lifetime. The bus was waylaid by robbers and they proceeded to order everyone off the bus in the middle of nowhere. The passengers had their money, bags, phones and other valuables taken from them and i am sure they were scared shitless. The robbers for reasons best known to them proceeded to order everyone to strip. Not to their underwear but to total nakedness. Like Adam & Eve. The robbers then sped off leaving about 40 naked people of all shapes, sizes and complexions by the side of the road.
My imagination began to run wild and i was laughing soooo hard:
  • What if a woman was at that time of the month?
  • Would the men stare at the women lustfully in that situation?
  • What would these people do?
  • Can you imagine speeding down the high way and seeing a bunch of naked people walking/running along?
  • Would you stop?
  • If you were one of these people, would you stay in a pack or lag behind?
  • What if your boss is driving along and stops to help, would you get into his car or would you duck into the bushes or ignore him completely?
  • Would you risk running into the bushes naked?

Oh boy! My friend that told me the story swears up and down that its true and that it was even covered in the papers. Who cares? Its a great story and i am smiling now just thinking about it. I am sure it wasnt funny at the time...But its still funny.....


Noni Moss said...

That's not funny! Cos I can just imagine it and I dont know what I would do for real. I would just die. Then fashion some outfit out of leaves and branches hopefully.

I shudder to think what would happen. I wonder how they all got to their destinations. I doubt I would stop for a random naked person on the street - unless there was a whole pack of them and even then ...

Noni Moss said...

oh PS - i'm watching Rome too! Been downloading it!

LondonBuki said...

LOL!!! It definitely wasn't funny then but now... I think it's kinda funny!

A woman at that time of the month better have been wearing a tampon if not - EWWWW!
Any man who eyes me up will have an eye scratched out by ME!
I have no idea what I will do but I will definitely look for a way to cover up. Thank God it wasn't in weather like the UK's like WINTER!
If I see naked people, I will slow down but not stop until I have gauged the situation well o!
I will definitely stay in a pack if I were there o. Or maybe I won't care cos I am scared... I pray I never have to experience this to make a decision o!
I will run to my boss jare, let him see me in all my naked glory!
Running into the bushes naked means tiny insects can go tot places where they are not supposed to!!!

Which one is 'Rome' Noni?

Noni Moss said...

It's this british produced HBO show (i think) - its about Romann politicks aorund the time of cesaer. I think they've now made it into a series. I firsts aw it here on the BBC but missed some episodes. It's good.

omohemi Benson said...

Lol,it is not a funy issue at all!
I know I would not stop,if a see a couple of naked bodies,walking on the highway.

But like you am wondering what will the people do?

Bella Naija said...

I know it is not funny but I cant help but laugh....
I dont even know how to answer *shudder*

DiAmOnD hawk said...

men i cant even laugh at this one... i will NEVER experience such in Jesus' name... AMEN AMEN AMEN..

Mona said...

LOL hmmmm....I wonder if they would have stripped a pregnant woman naked as well or took pity on her. God help us Nigerians and God help Nigeria

Anonymous said...

At that point in time, you will have no concerns about decency and will not hesistate to jump and wave any car that comes across down.

It is only when you are safely inside a car and once someone has given you something to try and cover yourself that you will start wondering at having been indecent