Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Betty Wright - No Pain, No Gain

Let me school you guys on one of the greatest vocalists in my book. Ms Wright is one heck of a storyteller with her songs as well. I bet you guys have heard her without knowing it. One of her hits - Clean up woman has been sampled by some popular atists: Its guitar riffs were used in a remix of Mary j Blige's "Real Love", sampled by SWV in "I'm so into you" and even influenced Africa Bambaataa among others. She is a grammy winner, business woman (becoming the first woman to have a gold record on her own label).

I fell in love with this woman cos my dad and mom loved and used to play "Tonight's the night" over and over again. My dad still plays this song very loud on some sundays and my mom sings along. Yummy.

Anyway, i realised that someone i consider my kindred spirit sent me this song and even though i already had this song, her value went up many many points in my book. To appreciate Ms Wright is to appreciate music.

The words to this song are cute. I love it. The difference between real relationships and infatuation. What real women should do - being a lady but a freak. The difference between the "young" ones and real women....

I might just do a Betty Wright theme for a whole week....Enjoy!

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LondonBuki said...

Hey... please send this to me... :-)

ababoypart2 said...

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest ‘old schoolers’ of our time.

Add Clean Up Woman and Tonight is the night(In the day, no jig was complete without this all season jam)to the mix

Anonymous said...

oh i would love this song... I don't know this woman(except she's one of the people I hear but don't know their name)

Soul said...

oh my gawd! how did I miss this song!.
Uzo..... you are the best!
When I say betty wright people look at me like i'm insane.

Gosh even Queen Latifah covered Betty wright (Mr Big Stuff)..

Oh and you know she and angie stone did backing for Joss Stone's first album, cos when I heard Joss Stone I thought.. this girl sounds familiar..
Iknow she sounds like Betty Wright! and lo and behold... Betty Wright really was on the track.
Uzo... you are one hot musical encyclopedia..
you are fire baby!